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cheapseats: appearances can be deceiving, blues say

by:QiMeng     2019-09-24
ST. LOUIS —To the St.
Louis Bruce, it\'s not as bad as it looks.
They were not discouraged. Far from it.
They believe they are still alive in the Stanley Cup final against the Boston brown bear.
\"We don\'t think this is a 7-
Two games, \"said coach Craig belloub the morning after the Blues were two games behind. 1 in the best-of-seven set.
\"I mean, yes, but look, our team is confident.
We are confident today.
\"In these three series, we all lost the third game and responded very well when we came back.
I don\'t see any difference.
When it was mentioned to Brayden Schenn that it looked like the Blues were dominant in the last 50 minutes of the third game, he objected.
\"I think we feel different in the locker room,\" Schenn said . \" Then he turned to the key to the problem.
\"Before they got the first one, I felt like we had a good start.
Obviously, there is energy and emotion in the building . . . . . . I think we\'re fine, you know. on-
We all did a good job.
But then we got a penalty.
It\'s taken from our bench and from getting players involved in the game.
We must do better in getting out of the box.
Never said anything more real.
Brown bear is 4-for-
About the Game of Thrones.
\"You can\'t do better,\" winger Marcus Johnson decided . \".
They scored six goals on 14 people.
Advantage opportunities in the series.
Really, you can\'t do better either.
The problem is that the Blues don\'t think they should spend that much time in the box.
It\'s not Saturday night, it\'s not a series.
When asked about his team\'s sudden lack of discipline, Berube accused the referee of failing to cross the line and fine.
\"In the first three rounds, we were the team that received the least penalty in the league, and now all of a sudden we were punished 14 times in a series,\" he said . \".
\"So I don\'t know.
I honestly don\'t believe all of this.
I think we will definitely be more calm after the whistle.
So we will definitely clean it up.
But like I said, we are the team that gets the least penalty in the league.
I don\'t agree with all the calls.
\"One of the main team\'s players went to the restricted area seven times on Saturday, and for that, the active atmosphere could be partly wrong.
In the evening, the Blues won the lead in the series for the first time in the Stanley Cup final.
Fans are crazy.
Senior sports writers say it\'s one of the top five playoff audiences they \'ve seen.
In the days leading up to the third game, the media asked the Blues over and over again if they really realized how important the game was for the city and the community.
No wonder they are a little casual.
\"Obviously everyone is excited,\" Schenn said . \".
\"There are a lot of emotions in these games.
But as a team, we have to do better, whistle, play hard between whistles, and don\'t worry about things after that.
\"When we do this, I think we are effective.
Just worry about playing hockey instead of the extra stuff and really focus on that.
\"For the fourth game on Monday, they should be more like themselves.
Is this enough to win from what is essentially a must?
Win situation, well, now no one has a strong feeling about the development of things.
The Blues will eagerly welcome the return of Oscar Sandwell, who is on Saturday for his one-
The game of illegal hits is suspended.
\"He is a huge highlight in our team,\" Schenn said . \".
\"He is an unknown hero to us.
\". . . Schenn did not acknowledge the attempt to convey a message when he only managed to get one from David pastrak, which would be a huge inside the Blues in Phase 1.
\"I just saw him go through the center of the ice and lower his head,\" said Shane . \".
\"He saw me in the last second. He dodged it.
That\'s all.
\"I think, I want it to go through the middle,\" said Pastrnak.
I have to be ready in this game.
Led by Torey Krug\'s goals and three assists, on Saturday, Bruins scored seven points and 12 players.
\"This is what your team needs to win at this time of year,\" Krug said of balance . \".
\"This is no longer a secret.
That\'s why the Blues are in their position.
That\'s why the Boston brown bears competed for the Stanley Cup in the final.
We need to move on.
Asked what it would mean for him to score 4 points in the playoffs, Kruger was humbled.
\"I will say, ask me again about a week later when I can really look back and accept it all,\" he said . \".
\"Bobby Orr is probably the most influential person in hockey.
You really can\'t compare with him in any way, shape or form.
Ask me again in a few weeks.
Players in Bruins wear T-\"bet us-
Shirts given to New England Patriot receiver Julian Edelman.
. . . . . . When some of the questions on the podium were finally directed, Vladimir Tarasenko was in a rather violent mood.
He said, do you feel that your lines are generating enough offense, \"Obviously, from the point of view of the score, we are not generating too much offense . \".
He said, is the game even more disappointing due to high expectations for the game? \"The game was over yesterday . \".
\"We are also looking for a victory.
I know the fans may not be happy either, but we need to stop and get ready for the next game.
The next game will be huge.
We have a chance to bounce back and match the series.
That\'s what we think now.
. . . . . . Belubu said it will decide later on Sunday whether Defense Department goalkeeper Vince Dunn and Robert Thomas will be able to play the fourth game.
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