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children\'s remains found in mexican mass graves

by:QiMeng     2019-08-24
Little pants for babies no more than six months and shiny pink sandals for toddlers are one of the personal items that appear in the collective graves of the Gulf Veracruz state, driving home amid escalating violence in Mexico.
A person familiar with the investigation confirmed on Sunday that Mexican authorities had found the remains of children and adults in secret cemeteries.
Each dress was either found near the body or cut off from the body.
The official declined to be named because they had no right to discuss the details publicly.
The National Committee for Missing Persons released hundreds of clothing pictures online on Friday, providing family members with a tool to identify missing loved ones.
The pictures include polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, socks, shoes, colored flat-angle underpants and Lady underpants that are still intact. One T-
There is a photo of a young woman and flowers on the shirt that says \"free life \".
The photos also show a variety of children\'s products, such as small sweaters or T-shirts.
Shirt with pictures of Tinker Bell, birds and Pokemon.
After counting 166 skulls, authorities announced the discovery of collective graves in early September.
The Interior Ministry said Friday that the number of bodies has risen to 174 since then.
The website continues to dig and the picture catalogue will be updated as more clothing is found.
It is unusual for Mexican authorities to share forensic evidence from ongoing investigations.
But thousands of Mexicans are clamoring for information about relatives who have disappeared since the government declared war on drug cartels more than a decade ago.
In recent years, criminal groups have reportedly detained a full vehicle of passengers in Veracruz, sometimes robbing passengers and sometimes taking them away.
Security experts say these clothing images are helpful,tech.
\"There seems to be animus to clarify what happened.
But the fact that the photos have to be placed on the Internet shows that there is no other possible way, \"said Carlos Villata, a criminal scientist at the Center for Geographic and geographic information research in Mexico.
Vilalta said Mexico should have set up a national DNA database for a long time, and family members can provide samples to help identify missing persons.
It is also unusual to find children\'s clothes and bodies in mass graves.
In the past, criminal gangs had given freedom to many women and children.
\"We have reached the point where violence affects anyone out of the way,\" said Luis leehler, a security analyst based in central Mexico . \".
Veracruz\'s collective grave was brutally attacked this month at a tourist attraction in Mexico City, with attackers dressed as Mexican music artists and angry at Guadalajara, a wandering truck carrying 273 bodies
\"We were caught in Surrealism and violence didn\'t impress us.
This is worrying and outrageous, \"Leal said.
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