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chillar party - look! cute kids doing cute stuff

by:QiMeng     2019-10-10
When ministers across the country make millions or even billions of dollars through one scam or another, poor minister Bhide sits on his doctor
The throne of evil, putting his little finger on his lips with evil, said: \"I want to destroy stray dogs, especially a dog called Bhidu . . . . . . .
Because he bit my assistant.
Wait, he\'s not. But never mind.
I\'m the evil minister in a children\'s movie.
\"Exclusive interview excerpt: Q: Your evil, why not take over their playground to build a diverse thing?
At least the children have reason to protest because their urchin friends live in a temporary home, the occupation of an abandoned car . . . . . . This also makes it a subtle metaphor for slum cleanup issues and your political subtext.
A: The older children of Khelein Jee Jaan Se have done so, though not for diversity.
Q: This is unique because we have not yet seen a group of aimless children participate in politics, participate in the system or losers to win cricket with the help of Dalit, and let the community be the epitome of the country.
Nor did we see Gandhigiri explained in Tapori. speak?
But De Basanti has grown up.
Children who go to college
This is the Lagan youth team under the guidance of monabhai.
Basanti and Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se lead the deaths of the next generation.
We only show them the right path.
The solution is underwear activism and then open debate on TV.
But wait, when a conversation of emotional manipulation is followed by a clapping, and then a collective applause, why doesn\'t anyone ask Rajkumar Hirani anything? Next is watching TV all over the country to erase tears of joy?
Also, there is no Aamir.
Yes, you\'re right.
The bad thing is that Amir has not been able to graduate from college since 1988.
It would be scary to see him play younger and take part in the \"Chadi parade\", \"and it became very energetic again, because the old man in monabhai did not undress until his underwear received the pension.
He did not wait.
A: Arrey, this is a children\'s film recognized by Salman Khan at one end of the spectrum and Anurag Kashyap at the other.
Why are you trying to find something new inside?
Also, look, cute kids make cute things. Have a heart. Q: Yeah, ok.
The children are lovely.
Especially the Jhangiya kid got the roof down with his filmi antics.
Yes, when people can throw away their hard --
Watching Salman take off his shirt and make money, can\'t they see a group of kids in underwear for blind entertainment? Q: Yeah.
Is the epic stupidity that you have such a trivial agenda in a movie related to the fact that this is a children\'s movie? A: Yes.
Q: Do you mean that children who watch the film will not understand or can\'t deal with bigger conflicts than dogs in danger? A: Yes.
Q: So are you part of a child movie that thinks kids are stupid?
Well . . . . . . But look, lovely kids who do cute things. Q: Yeah, ok. Fair point.
Finally, why do you look like Sanjay Leela Bhansali?
A: Maybe at least one producer would say it\'s A fancy thing.
Chillar partyre type: drama director: Vikas Bal and Nitash tivalis: Irrfan Khan, Sanath Menon, Rohan Grover, Naman Jain storyline: an evil minister plans to send a hybrid to the dog pound, but a group of children in underwear nearby will stop him.
Bottom line: criticsproof!
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