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china\'s first androgynous all-girl pop band challenges ideal of femininity

by:QiMeng     2019-09-17
\"We want the girls to break this pattern,\" the FFC said . \"Acrush\'s agent. China\'s all-
FFC-girl \"boy band\"
Acrush has more than 749,000 followers on social networking sites Weibo, even before any of their music releases.
Sports short ball, loose T-shaped
Shirt and make-up are barely available, and Acrush\'s double temperament has turned against the trend for centuries
In a society where girls try to make themselves look feminine and disgraceful, the old norms.
Football Federation by sports brand Fantasy (FFC)
Five women. aged 18 to 24 -
They held their first press conference in Beijing on Friday as their first single, action.
\"We want the girls to break this pattern,\" said band agent Zhou Xiaobai . \".
The letter \"a\" in the name of the band refers to God Adonis-
The prototype of young male beauty in Greek mythology.
This is not the first time that Chinese music agents have formed a gender concept. neutral act.
At 2005, a boy
Li won fans in her style.
She also sparked debate about how women should dress in a conservative society.
Worried about the rebound in society, the music industry has been away from the behavior of marketing \"handsome guys\" until 2016.
In 2016, Zhejiang Huadi Culture Communication Company, an entertainment startup supported by Tencent Holdings, wanted to create a girl band when the idea of double-sex co-behavior emerged.
\"It\'s quite a coincidence.
We happened to see a lot of \"Pretty Girls\" during the audition and people thought they looked good.
Wang Tianhai, chief executive of Zhejiang Huadi, told Reuters: \"Now is the time . \".
Acrush is one of several bands under the FFC brand, aiming to become a pioneer in sports and entertainment by combining sports with music and dance. All FFC bands -
Including Love-
We must learn how to play football.
Chinese President Xi Jinping supports football, which is expected to reach 5 trillion yuan. $725 billion)
Open before 2025.
Min Junqian, a member of Acrush, said: \"This is a new adventure for us and the Chinese pop music market . \".
\"I will not be afraid because I will be a handsome girl.
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