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china impounds foreign goods amid us probe against alibaba - times of india

by:QiMeng     2019-10-06
Beijing: Chinese officials have rejected or destroyed a large number of foreign tourists.
Make children\'s clothing, toys and diapers with famous brands because they are below standard.
The goods were seized at the quarantine station in Shanghai, with several shipments carrying famous brands such as H & M, Armani Junior and Polo Lauren.
Seized products fail to meet quality and safety standards in formaldehyde, pH and color fastness
Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said.
It says 3,900 T-
H & M shirts made in Turkey were destroyed after they were found to be unqualified in dyeing properties.
Quarantine officials also found that nearly 300 kg of babies
The pH value test of a single piece of clothing was unqualified, and the formaldehyde content test of 1,000 scarves was unqualified.
Most of the seized goods were shipped into China through the Port of Shanghai, and the rest were shipped by air.
The announcement was made in a survey of e-commerce in China.
In the United States, Alibaba is accused of using its shopping platform to sell goods or fake labels.
Alibaba has moved from Washington-based International Counter
Counterfeit (IACC)
This is an industry-driven regulatory group that is looking into its business practices.
Alibaba did not question the IACC dispute, but said it had closed more than 5,000 online stores on the platform after joint monitoring with IACC and product manufacturers.
It also agreed to fight spoof while claiming it was an industry-wide spoof covering many e-commerce
It is not limited to Alibaba\'s commercial companies.
Analysts say Alibaba\'s response is trivial given the large volume of goods sold on Alibaba\'s platforms, which have thousands of online stores.
In 2015, a total of 0. 423 billion shoppers visited the Taobao Tmall shopping platform to view the list of billions of products.
For a long time, the company has been saying that it is trying to get rid of frustrating businesses, but nothing has been made, Jiang Zhengwen, a marketing professor at China Europe International Business School, told TNN.
Michael Evans, president of Alibaba Group Holding, said recently about commodities, \"We are 100% committed to this battle \".
He also tried to defend his company, saying, \"This happened on our platform and on other e-commerce platforms.
Global business platform.
It is happening all over the world, not just in China \".
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