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christie blatchford: what scott brison didn\'t mention in his resignation letter

by:QiMeng     2019-09-21
I used to, come back in a skirt-for-
Success after 80 s, one
A liner about women who put their careers on top of their families.
\"Oh,\" lined up, sometimes at T-shirt.
\"I forgot to have children.
\"On Thursday, I thought of this when I read that Scott Brison suddenly resigned, and it seems that he is happy to realize it!
He remembers having children. now that the twins are four years old, it\'s time to devote themselves more to them.
Maybe it sounds too cynical.
Brison may be completely sincere, he is one of the few of the many politicians who suddenly packed it all in, and many are undoubtedly convenient in other key aspects, in the name of the family.
The chairman of the Treasury Board and professional politicians announced that he would step down as a member of the King\'s parliament, a move that seemed unexpected --
Hants, a major rural area in Nova Scotia, is not far from Halifax.
Brison released an almost five.
Resignation letter on Facebook.
About a page and a half is a gentle compliment to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (
\"No premier is more committed to improving the lives of Atlantic Canadians,\" and so on)and Liberals.
Brison\'s own career was given about a page and a half (
This is in the most lovely way)
For him, as gay in a government, the decision made in the House of Commons \"shaped my life \"--
Give him the opportunity to marry the person he loves and support his family while making public who he is.
It is clear that he is a Canadian who is truly proud and grateful.
There is almost one page to thank.
On the last page, he talked about \"the three main reasons why I decided not to run anymore \".
First of all, after 22 years as a member of parliament, he is proud of what he has achieved and he says he is \"about to leave.
Second, \"it\'s time to change.
As he said, he is 51 years old and \"ready to meet new challenges . . . . . . \" Third, and most importantly, my family.
\"He said the parents did not come to him and his husband, Maxime St.
Pierre, as it is for many people, is easy or careless.
\"My biggest role is to be Max\'s husband, Rose and Claire\'s dad.
As I watched Rose and Claire grow into such a special person, I couldn\'t wait to get through a new chapter in my life together. ”(
In the video version, at the last point, Max, Rose and Claire, Max\'s dimples are beautiful, the girl in a small dress looks cute, enters the field of view, joins Brison, he tells them, he is looking forward to spending \"the next chapter of my life\" with you \". ”)
Like a man who has spent more than 20 years in politics, this is an undisputed political farewell.
There is reason to accept that Brison may also have realized that he is going as far as possible politically: twice
Unsuccessful candidate for leadership, once a Conservative candidate, and then after he spoke for the Liberal Party, the opportunity for Brison to become prime minister may have passed.
As one of my colleagues in Ottawa said, the Treasury Board\'s work, while important, is a thumbs-up to various projects, and may be a little soul --
Also destroying
So this is everything.
But there is also the case: Brison is one of the core figures in the prosecution of the vice president
The second admiral, Mark Norman. in-
Military commanders accused of leaking cabinet secrets.
His name appeared on the official witness list, and when the case was tried on August, two months before the federal election, his name appeared on the witness list, even though heGarrison is deputy.
The chairman of the ad hoc committee meeting, the Trudeau Liberal party, shortly after taking office on 2015, allegedly was the \"driver\" of the Liberal decision to postpone the award of the supply ship contract to Davy shipyard in Quebec \".
He walked into the meeting with his rival Owen Shipbuilding\'s complaint letter about the contract. co-
CEO James Owen pleaded with David for a \"competitive assessment\" of his contract \".
The letter has been sent to the new minister of public services and procurement, Judy Ford, and to the new defense minister, hatgit Sayan, and copied to the finance ministers, Bill Morno and Brison.
Only Brison brought it to the meeting and he admitted to the RCMP that he had raised it there.
As Norman\'s defense counsel described in the facts of the third submission --
Party record motion resumed later this month in Ottawa, a statement by Brison to the RCMP
Norman\'s alleged breach of the contract delay was so serious that it prevented him and the government from due diligence on David\'s contact --
This is the basis for Norman\'s prosecution.
So the defense says whether Brison is based on the theory of prosecution, that is, whether Norman\'s alleged conduct is a \"serious and apparent departure\" and that he is \"not acting for the public good \"--
Presumably, by preventing Brison and the government from conducting an appropriate review of Davie\'s contract,
And criminal charges against him.
The motion hearing continued on January. 29.
By then, Brison will leave the cabinet for a long time;
Trudeau will appoint his successor at the Treasury on Monday.
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