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christy turlington burns trains for ny marathon to promote maternal health charity

by:QiMeng     2019-10-09
Hey, time traveler!
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Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. NEW YORK, N. Y. -
Kristie Trenton Burns spent all her time in sports on different hats: she plans to take part in the New York City Marathon on Sunday, to raise awareness of the mother\'s health charity.
Preparation for the big 42-
Trington Burns said she found out
As a wife and mother, model, businesswoman, master\'s degree student, documentary director and philanthropist, she works on busy days.
She says it\'s one of the few things that can be done anytime, anywhere, and her thoughts on aerobic breathing are so deep that it\'s actually a little relaxing.
\"I think it may be part of my daily life right now.
It\'s part of my life and I can\'t imagine not getting up and doing it.
\"Of course, the model is her main job over the years, and she takes turns performing on every large runway and on the cover of every major magazine.
At the age of 42, she still appears frequently in front of the camera, so exercise is basically part of her job, and for 25 years, trington Burns has been a passionate yoga practitioner.
She\'s been-again, off-
Also, the jogger took her sneakers to London and Paris to take pictures, but she said she didn\'t fully appreciate the local colors you could soak from the sidewalk.
\"I think I can rediscover all the cities I walk to,\" she said in a telephone interview . \".
When the New York runner club offered her charity 10 places for the marathon this summer, she again took the challenge seriously.
So, starting from five kilometers, six weeks later, the actor\'s wife was 20 to 21 years old.
Director Edward Burns ran out with his daughter Grace and son Finn\'s mother.
In a telephone interview, she stopped to answer some of the Associated Press\'s questions. —
AP: have you adapted to the training routine?
Trington Burns: \"I prefer the morning --
After a day, I have less energy.
It\'s easier to vent as soon as my child comes in. . . .
I tried the clothes.
It was Cotton T at the beginning. shirts.
This is all I have.
But now I have a shirt I can wear.
I\'m always cold so I have to figure out how to layer and I\'m still trying to figure out how many layers I can get away.
I know I have to eat before running, so I have been eating bananas and almond butter all the time.
It\'s protein. It\'s a good fuel. \"—
AP: Did you see a photo taken by paparazzi when you were jogging in the morning?
Trington Burns: \"There are several photographers in my training.
I don\'t usually attract them, but they are near my house.
I usually just look at my feet.
This is more embarrassing than anything. . . .
But I won\'t consider them at the end of 26, I don\'t think. 2 miles. \"—
AP: How does the marathon match every mother\'s information about expectant mothers and new mothers and their children getting health care?
Trington Burns: \"There is a big difference in distance in terms of maternal health, which is the perfect way to explain this.
Five K is the minimum distance that women have to walk to the clinic in many places and many places that may be 35 K.
You will be surprised that this may be the case in the United States. S.
But many hospitals are closed. . . .
Whenever I travel, I notice if there is a paved road if there is an emergency vehicle.
Sometimes it is a bicycle with a flat plate at the back. \"—
Do you use social media?
Trington Burns: \"Social media and Twitter are very helpful for us to communicate the message.
I follow everyone I can do in my maternity.
Healthy World, I can see articles that I don\'t usually see, but I\'m not essentially a tweeter, but I was asked to start --or convinced —
Before my movie started.
\"No Woman, No Cry\"
Pregnant women at risk in four regions of the world)
Came out last year.
It took me six months and I said I would only post my question on Twitter, but now with my run, I also posted this on Twitter,
Everything is health-oriented.
I don\'t talk about my favorite latte. \"—
How close are you to fashion now?
Trington Burns: \"very, very small --
Just because it\'s time. consuming.
I haven\'t been a full time model since 95.
I need about 15 things to do-
20 days a year, when I catch up with what everyone is doing, the work comes up.
After so many years, this novelty is out of date.
I can appreciate it, but I am not greedy for fashion at all.
\"Reader\'s note: correct the name of charity for each mother.
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