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circuit city chases service with new firedog brand

by:QiMeng     2019-09-09
NEW YORK (Reuters)-
On the second floor of the Circuit City (CC. N)
A store in Union Square, New York, near laptops and accessories, is a counter dedicated to bringing new hope to the retailer\'s service business: Firedog.
Firedog is consumer technology.
Support service brands, no. 2 U. S.
The e-retail chain launched in September is now being promoted through advertising.
\"We have a vision to be a service company with a retail foundation,\" said Marc Sieger, senior vice president of Circuit City Services . \".
\"Service will be a huge game that people want.
Fire Dog push in Circuit City
The staff wore a bright green polo shirt with the slogan \"We let technology shake its tail \".
At the same time, e-retailers are trying to increase profit margins by having consumers pay extra for installing, using or repairing their new equipment.
Firedog is also the answer from Circuit City to Best Buy Co. , Ltd. ’s (BBY. N)
The Geek Squad that provides computer services and its Magnolia home theater installers.
It also replaced Circuit City\'s previous PC repair service called IQ Crew, which said shoppers thought it was arrogant.
According to Circuit City estimates, the market size of consumer home theater installation and computer services is currently $20 billion, growing twice as fastdigit clip.
Firedog will provide all the help for Circuit City shoppers to install the apartment
The flat-screen TVs on the walls can set up their home computers to allow digital cameras to work on their PC and TV.
Circuit City and Best Buy focus on services to differentiate them from discount retailers such as Costco Wholesale(COST. O)and Wal-Wal-Mart Stores Ltd. (WMT. N)
They sell more brands-
Name of electronic product.
Unlike Best Buy\'s double geek lineup and Magnolia brand, Circuit City sees Firedog as an \"umbrella brand\" that can accommodate multiple services \".
\"It\'s broad enough to allow us to add new services under the umbrella without having to create new brands every year,\" Sieger said . \".
For now, Best Buy is up 1 feet in Circuit City with its geek team business, which was acquired in 2002 and has been developing for the past four years, analysts said.
Best Buy has about 11,000 Geek Squad agents and 1,900 home theater installers, while there are about 3,000 Firedog employees in the Circuit City where the water is still being tested.
\"In general, Best Buy is a very difficult competitor for Circuit City.
Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andy hargref said: \"They have a wider distribution range and more marketing money, so Circuit City is fighting a difficult battle to some extent.
But analysts say the service market is so large and fragmented that it leaves room for successful competition from other companies such as Circuit City.
\"There is a huge demand in the market, so a company will not meet all the demand,\" said Scot Ciccarelli, RBC Capital Market analyst . \".
Best Buy and Circuit City did not disclose how much revenue the service generated, and analysts said it was too early to judge whether the investment needed to establish these services would be rewarded.
But they also believe that it makes sense to aim for service.
\"I believe this will be the driving force for future revenue and profit, but the main purpose now is to help with your product.
\"Ciccarelli said.
\"It\'s hard if you just sell widgets.
\"The need for help with new technologies should last until after the holiday season early next year, when Microsoft(MSFT. O)
Vista operating system.
\"With Vista coming up, you\'ll see a lot of people who don\'t want to solve this challenge on their own,\" Sieger said . \".
\"They would say, \'Could you help me not only load the OS, but also tell me how to migrate data from old computers to new ones?
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