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cockney rejects

by:QiMeng     2019-10-03
Not many fans can say they have recorded the popular cover of their team\'s national anthem, but London has rejected lead singer Jeff Turner, who has achieved this achievement.
West Ham supporter Turner admits that \"the greatest day of his life\" came back in 1980, when the hammer celebrated the FA Cup title with the soundtrack of the rejected punk cover \"I\'ll blow bubbles forever.
About thirty years later, with the passion of the lead singer for his beloved club burning, it\'s not surprising that the East London punk hero is still closely intertwined with Claire and Bruce.
With the \"rock\" East End of Babylon, the story of London\'s London rejection will premiere at KOKO Club in London on Thursday, and Sky Sports interviewed Turner about the highs and lows of being a hammer fan.
I was born in customs about a mile from the ground so it\'s in your blood.
My grandfather played for West Ham. I think it\'s about 1912-
1914. He made 31 appearances.
His name is John Geggus, but they call him Jack.
He is useless, according to all, so there is no change.
When I am 10 or 11, I will meet my friends at the top of my way, and in those days you can walk to the ground and line up to pay, you only got there in the past 1: 00, standing on the north shore.
We recorded bubbles on 1980.
We were lucky because we only existed for 12 or 13 months, but everything happened very quickly.
It was clear that we entered the World Cup final that year and it really went global and it was still a standard until today.
I have always been proud of it. it must be the greatest day of my life.
How do you rate your promotion opportunities?
To be honest, I don\'t think we will go up again this season.
I know it\'s pessimistic, but every time we come down, I remember we were demoted in 1978 and it took us three seasons to get up.
I remember demoting again in 1989 and it took us two or three seasons to get up and then demoting again in 2002 --03.
I think we \'ve given up our chances and honestly if West Ham does go, despite the fan base and everything has the structure of the Premier League team, the players --
It is wise that we cannot cut it.
Sometimes I think when you get information from Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham every week, what\'s the point just to get paid?
We should be a Premier League team, but I know that there are two players in their team who may be eliminated in the Premier League.
It will be a struggle, but I have now accepted our destiny.
If you don\'t expect anything you\'re not disappointed.
When I was seven, when West Ham was painting with Chelsea, my dad took me there.
I think it\'s 1970, it\'s 2-2 draw.
In those days, you can bring a beer box and have your child on it --
You will never be allowed to do so now.
All I remember was we went-
But they have just signed a Chelsea player named Keith Weiler.
They signed him from Milwall, which hurt him.
He made his debut for Chelsea that day and he came back and scored two goals.
I don\'t remember who scored for us, but I think Clyde is better off scoring.
They were on us in the second half.
My first hero was obviously Bobby Moore.
There is nothing better than this.
I may be biased, but he is the captain of England, the top ambassador of the game and a good player.
Then the first player who really caught my eye was Trevor bruggin, and I thought how good this guy was.
He is worth 30/40 now.
The nearest player I \'ve seen, maybe a player more like him, is Zidane.
Bruggin\'s pace is so fast, his technology is so great.
Then into late 1970, early 1980, my favorite player was Alan Devon-
He is a very good player.
Obviously, Billy Bond is probably the greatest player who has never won the England national championship.
To be honest, in my 1970 s, I loved a lot of players, even tough guys like Chelsea\'s Ron Harris and Norman Hunter, all of whom were old-fashioned.
An old-school but useless man, I think, is Winnie Jones, but he wears his heart on his sleeve.
I can\'t stand Robbie Savage, and now I can\'t even watch him on TV.
I think he is a rubbish player, he is a very cunning player, always complaining and diving.
I don\'t know what he\'s doing as an expert.
They should take him away and put me there.
I appreciate the artists of the time, like Stan Bowles, Frank Worthington and the rest of the players.
They brought a little magic.
When you think about it, they don\'t make more money than a brick --
So you can have more contact with these people.
I think one of my best memories is traveling when I was 15. year-
Old FA Cup semi-final-
In the final game on Elland Road, we played Everton.
We\'re at Villa Park 0-
I can\'t go there because I think the band is performing.
But I went to the replay three days later.
Then they played directly.
We \'ve been driving a Mini car to Alan road.
The atmosphere is better than the final. It was 1-
1. we are the second team, and in the extra time, I think Lampard for the 500 season-
West Ham made 600 appearances, scoring as normal as ice age, he fell in the restricted area, the ball hit his head, got into the net, we won 2-1.
It\'s exciting and I know I also recorded the single bubble and we are ready and we are in the final and it\'s great.
My worst memory is going to Cardiff in 2004, showing shocking performance against Crystal Palace and losing the game in the game --offs.
We are rubbish.
Terrible, no promises, nothing, defeated by Crystal Palace, no disrespect, I find it hard to accept.
There are ups and downs, more than ups and downs, but you have to try to remember good times.
I played a lot of football.
When I was young, I played for the team on Sunday.
I don\'t think I\'m bad.
When I was 14 or 15 I played for a senior team called Tarana who were all like 2630 years old.
I used to play the frontcourt and it was fast and I would have scored a few goals but unfortunately I did have some bad performance at that time.
I\'m not the best teenager, I do have a lot of letters to send.
One time a guy in Millwall was talking about me and maybe there was a trial for them, but to be honest, I wasn\'t good enough in my heart.
I absolutely like it though.
Once again, I love all sports.
I also played a lot of cricket as an amateur.
I have two boys aged 14 and 15 and I am proud of them because they play rugby, cricket and football.
They are not the greatest, but they play well and they are really engaged so I will look at my lads as well.
You didn\'t have the West Ham store at that time, but the Bobby Moore store was a small ground-facing shop where you could go in and get your kit.
I think this is the only place you can go.
You can play with your school on Saturday morning with your glove boots and stuff like that.
On my 8 th birthday, my first gear was about 1972.
You will wear your gear, go to your little back garden and put it on there.
Kids are not used to walking around in a West Ham shirt and you don\'t go to the game in a shirt.
In the Premier League, it was only one thing that happened later, and I remember people wearing their shirts.
I think I\'m 11 years old, so it should have been the Queen\'s heart attack in 1976.
I think it was released in 1974, but I actually started to realize the heavier side of the rock at that time.
Queen, they were heavy at the time, and I remember listening to Brian May\'s guitar and the sound of Freddy Mercury, thinking it was great.
You save pocket money and take a bucket out to clean people\'s cars so you can make money to go to the record shop.
After that, I boarded the Zeppelin, The Black Sabbath and the Gram Freud.
I still have a bunch of wine, all my hard rock stuff.
For more details about \"Babylon on the East End\", visit the band\'s official website, a story that Londoners have refused.
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