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colombians take to streets in huge anti-farc march

by:QiMeng     2019-09-25
BOGOTA (Reuters)-
On Monday, thousands of columnians took to streets across the country and overseas and staged mass protests against FARC guerrillas and their hostage-taking in hidden jungle camps.
Waving a flag and wearing a white T-shirt
Shirts printed with \"no kidnapping, no lies, no killing, no FARC\", as the rally winds through Bogota to reach the main square in the Andean capital, protesters leave their offices and residences.
Recent videos show the hostages locked up and frustrated after being held in captivity for up to ten years, adding to anger at the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, which the United States and Europe have listed as a trade in cocaine from Colombia
Jaime Martinez said: \"It is no longer the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. we no longer want the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. young people must say no to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and tell them to stop the violence. A student, wrapped in the Colombian flag, painted \"peace\" on his face \".
Violence triggered by the conflict in Colombia has faded under President Alvaro Uribe. S.
Help fight the oldest insurgency and drug traffickers in Latin America.
But the FARC still holds 44 hostages, including France.
Colombian politician Ingrid betancu and three Americans are hoping to exchange the imprisoned rebels.
Officials say the rebels have held about 700 prisoners for extortion.
Guerrilla hostages are now at the center of a dispute between Colombia and Venezuela\'s rebels. U. S.
President Hugo Chavez\'s role in facilitating the release of prisoners.
Before the march, the FARC announced that it would hand over three hostages to Chavez. On January, Chavez negotiated the release of two other prisoners.
But he called for the removal of the FARC from the list of terrorism, adding to tensions with Colombia.
Chavez said in Caracas: \"We have started to engage and act without giving time --
Framework for hostage rescue operations
Local television stations broadcast images of hundreds of columnians marching in Japan in cold weather as foreigners gathered in cities in the United States, Australia, Europe and South America to protest.
Whistle, shout back
Under the slogan of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, protesters poured into Bolivar Square in Bogota, with pictures of a large number of hostages hanging in the mayor\'s building.
Photos taken from helicopters over the city show a rally on a major highway packed with parts.
The idea of the march originally came from a campaign by a group of students on social networking site Facebook who called their protest \"the voice of millions of objections,\" but the demonstrations highlighted the political divide in Colombia.
Supporters and opponents of Uribe accused each other of trying to score politically.
The families of the hostages also expressed concern about retaliation against the prisoners.
Critics say the protests should be directed at all armed groups, including the paramilitary accused of slaughtering in the name of an anti-insurgency before a peace deal with Uribe is reached.
Uribe is popular for his security crackdown, which makes cities and highways safer.
But he faces criticism for a scandal that links some of his member allies with the current former commander.
Demobilized paramilitary personnel.
Efforts to reach a hostage deal are deadlocked as the rebels demand Uribe to militarize areas as large as New York City in southern Colombia.
He declined, saying it would allow the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia to regroup, but offered a smaller area under international observation.
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