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comfortable and flattering: woman discusses wearing men\'s clothing for a month

by:QiMeng     2019-09-21
Nowadays, gender duality is becoming more and more irrelevant, but despite this, many of us are avoiding trans-gender. Gender dress.
Of course, Jaden Smith may be wearing a skirt, and designers are increasingly sending sexless clothing on the runway, but, in real life, how realistic is it for women to wear men\'s clothing?
Lucy Rycroft, a writer.
Smith decided to find out and record her experience for feminists.
She was inspired by the \"octieber\" challenge-a month\'s tie dress celebration-and wondered, \"What happens if I wear a tie every day?
Work in big cities, work 4 to 5 hours a day, side by sideto-
Suit shirt, leather shoes, three-piece shoulder with men
Debris and everything will not be a great feat.
But technically, although the Tailor may be \"male\", Lucy finds comfort in the men\'s clothing she has never touched before.
Although Lucy proves that formal dressing up as a woman usually means flashing more meat, tight-
Dressing like a man provides her with a sense of indifference.
She found that if she faced a choice of clothing in women\'s clothing, such an option beyond diversity would not exist.
Here, make a decision between a few suits, a few shirts and a few ties.
These differences also extend to footwear as Lucy does business in shoes that are more comfortable than she used to be.
30 days after wearing the men\'s wear, Lucy became an avid Men\'s lover, giving up her bra and changing shoes with high heels, but when she found comfort in her suit, this made her unhappy with the outdated standards of women.
\"I \'ve never worn clothes that make me feel so comfortable, make it easy for me to adjust the temperature, and have never been so simply flattering.
\"Putting on Lady-made pants today-and at first glance it seems to be very similar to men-makes me notice how tight and ruthless the cut is.
\"We may have no gender at all, but super
Women no longer have the same qualifications as before, especially in the field of contemporary fashion.
While the double trend has previously focused on women wearing male silhouettes, you can buy them directly from the men\'s department, so, what should you buy?
In addition to the suit, the men\'s shirt is more structured and will make you look cooler.
For extra style points, do half a tuck to show a little shape and the rest remain loose.
Again, when it comes to denim, the trend of easing
Recently, the style of fit has surged, so replace those \"boyfriend\" jeans with real men\'s jeans.
At this time of year, heavy and oversized clothing is also needed, so it will not only be great to choose men\'s knitted, jacket and comfortable T-shirt
Comfort, but also brings a big boost to your style certificate.
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