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cop told woman to lift shirt: witness

by:QiMeng     2019-09-22
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This article is published in 22/11/207 (565 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date. A 43-year-
Old Winnipeg police officers accused of using their authority to sexually assault and harm vulnerable women are being tried in provincial courts.
From 2011 to 2013, Remi Van Den Driesch was charged with sexual assault, eight criminal harassment and two extortion and trust violations.
The allegations involved five women, some of whom were involved in sexual transactions.
The police officer was accused of using him as a police officer to force women and force them to have sex.
He pleaded not guilty, and after the preliminary investigation turned into trial, the court began hearing evidence of the case last fall.
The trial continued this week, with testimony from a former hotel manager telling the court that he saw a uniformed policeman harassing a woman living at the Sutherland Hotel on the Main Street.
The 56-year-old Robert Henry, the manager of the Sutherland Hotel and the administrator of the room rented upstairs in the hotel, was arrested on 2014 and convicted of drug crimes.
Henry, currently a prisoner at Shishan prison, testified on Tuesday that one day, when two WPS officers came in and went upstairs, he was serving customers downstairs at the hotel.
The upper floor of the hotel is a few places to live for a long time.
Henry said, rent the word r, there is a locked door in case people who can\'t stop there enter.
He testified that he heard a bang and went upstairs to see the police open the door.
\"He tore the door open,\" Henry said of a police officer he could not identify.
He testified that he looked at an officer from the corner, and another officer stood a few feet away, knocking on the door of a female resident and asking her to lift the shirt, so he can see her chest.
Henry testified: \"She asked him if he was serious . \"
\"He said he would sue her if she didn\'t do so,\" he said in response to a question from Brandon\'s prosecutor, Richard lonstrup.
\"She asked him what he was going to charge her, and the police officer said no matter what he could charge.
Henry said he saw the police reaching out to the woman before she slammed the door.
After the police left, Henry said he knocked on the woman\'s door and asked her what had happened just now, did he hear what he thought he had heard.
\"She was afraid that she would be in trouble,\" Henry said . \".
She cried, he said, and told him it had been going on for months.
Henry said he told the woman that she should \"accuse him\" and advised her to tell the police officer that \"She has AIDS\" so that he doesn\'t care about her.
Henry testified that later when he was looking for her in her boyfriend\'s suite, he witnessed the interaction between the woman and the police officer and said that she yelled at the police officer and asked him to leave and told him that she had AIDS.
One of van den Driesche\'s former colleagues
The workers testified that they went to the Sutherland hotel together and met with Van den Driesche\'s \"informant \". \"Const.
Percival Tabing testified that Van Den Driesch was his second-class field coach in November 2011, when they stopped at the Main Street hotel and Van Den Driesch asked him to wait outside, at the back of the cruiser.
The woman later stood up as the alleged victim.
Tabing told court that he accepted what his supervisor had said, the woman was an informant and recalled that Van den Driesche had sent a message to a police officer saying
Taiping said he spent five to ten minutes outside in the cold while the two were talking.
\"I don\'t see any problem between them,\" he said under cross-examination.
Review by defense lawyer Richard walsen
Tabing said that on 11 occasions he worked with Van Den Driesch, he saw how Van Den Driesch interacted with women, including street sex workers, \"nothing no. katie. may@freepress. mb.
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