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corbyn\'s sweatshop t-shirts: poverty-stricken workers paid just 49p an hour making clothes that boosted his coffers by £100,000

by:QiMeng     2019-10-02
Jeremy Corbyn won a big victory with the cash support of selling T-
Shirts produced by factory workers earn only 49 p per hour.
The fighting fund for the Socialist fire brigade gained a £ 100,000 increase from the \"corbyn team\" costume, which sold out on his official website.
Shortly after taking over the Labor leadership, Corbin spoke in his impassioned victory speech about his determination to eradicate poverty and inequality.
But a survey by The Post on Sunday showed dozens of workers in Nicaragua and Haiti working hard to produce T-
A shirt for £ 10 plus £ 3. 50 postage.
In his speech yesterday, Corbin was eager to stand as an activist for the rights of the poor and workers.
He said: \"We have made great progress because there are so many ordinary people who have hope for different Britain.
They are tired of inequality, injustice, and unnecessary poverty, adding that the party should be a \"force for change in the world \".
The factory is run by Canadian clothing giant Gildan.
In Nicaragua, workers are paid £ 101 a month for shifts, allowing some workers to work more than 12 hours a day in the factory and have breaks.
According to information from workers and union officials, most employees work 48 hours a week and 48 hours a week. 5p an hour.
In Haiti, workers\' wages are based on how many shirts they produce-some earn only 39 p per hour.
One lady told us that her income for six people was about 20. day week.
Our latest survey has striking similarities to last year\'s disclosure of £ 45. \"This is something that feminists don\'t seem to like\"
The shirt produced by Ed Miliband, made by women, works in a sweatshop in Mauritius and costs only 62 p per hour.
Nicaragua\'s ruling socialist Sandino party is a celebration of the British left.
Winger in his 80 s
During his career, the 66-year-old Corbin has been supporting the poor and oppressed in Latin America.
He wrote on his website: \"Since the liberation of 1979, Nicaragua\'s heroic Sandino government has finally been defeated by the United States --
Opposition and economic killing.
Nicaragua is now the poorest country in the region.
Gildan has three factories in the country.
Our investigator visited a man named Annic at Masatepe. Single mother-of-
Margarta Roberto, 37, told us: \"I\'m angry.
I make too little money-I can get ten Jeremy Corbyn for a month\'s salaryshirts.
I have to make sacrifices for my children and sometimes I can\'t afford their food or clothes.
Another worker poked his finger and said, \"Jeremy Corbyn needs to know about our living conditions.
I can\'t support my child, but he should help the poor.
All the workers we talked to made £ 10.
A month\'s salary is several pence higher than the country\'s minimum wage. 95.
An administrator at the factory confirmed the monthly salary.
Emma marters, secretary of plant Sindicato 2 de Julio union, said: \"It is common for members to tell me that they do not have enough money to eat or feed their children.
If they don\'t reach the goal, the manager will also yell at them because the goal is too high.
I know Corbyn is fighting for the poor, but what about us?
It is also a sad sight in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
The workers there told us that they were unable to pay the bills and that they often struggled to make a living on days without food.
Carla Benoit, 38, has three children and another on the road.
Her husband is dead and she lives in a small room in a slum without electricity.
She said: \"I can\'t live on this salary.
\"I couldn\'t eat at all some days.
It is not easy in the factory.
It\'s too hot. there\'s no safe water. ’The T-
The shirt is labeled \"Jidan Nicaragua\" or \"Jidan Haiti\" with the tagline of Corbin.
A Gildan spokesman said Gildan is committed to complying with international labor standards.
He said that our salary is higher than the minimum wage in the industry, and we provide 24/7 of on-site medical clinic services, as well as bonuses for food and transportation.
Last month, the paper disclosed that Corbyn\'s wife, Laura Alvares, was selling 10 pounds of imports. a-
Bottled coffee grown by Mexican farmers is paid less than the country\'s minimum wage.
Mr Corbin did not respond to our request for comment.
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