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cornet forgiving but double standards remain

by:QiMeng     2019-10-09
NEW YORK (Reuters)-
Women and men may get equal pay to work on a grand slam, but there is a double standard in the United StatesS.
On Wednesday, when Alize Cornet was punished for violating the code for changing her shirt in court, she continued to spark anger at equality.
American Tennis Association (USTA)
In full injury control mode, a dispute broke out on Tuesday was resolved after the French woman noticed that she had put her shirt back on during a hot break.
When she realized her mistake, Cornet went to the back of the pitch, took off her top and briefly revealed her sports bra, before sliding it back in the right direction, drew a code violation from referee Christian Rask.
The decision to punish Cornet triggered a social media storm, with many labeling the referee\'s decision as gender-discriminatory.
Male players often change or take off their shirts between games, sometimes sitting in a chair without wearing a shirt for a long time when changing.
Cornet said she was surprised when she woke up on Wednesday --
The controversy continued and tried to downplay the incident.
\"Of course, these women are treated a little differently,\" Cornet admits . \" She finally lost her first.
Swedish player Larsson\'s round.
\"I think it\'s better, especially in tennis.
\"I want to clarify that I\'m not that bad.
I may have been disturbed for 10 seconds, that\'s it.
Although Cornet accepted the matter with great humor, others did not forgive it so quickly.
\"I believe this will never happen,\" Victoria Azarenka said angrily after her second speech --
Wednesday\'s round
\"If I say what I really feel, it\'s going to be leaked out because I think it\'s ridiculous.
\"There\'s nothing wrong with this. Nothing wrong.
It\'s not disrespectful.
I\'m glad they apologized and I hope this will not happen again.
Aware that it stepped on a public relations mine, USTA quickly issued a statement saying it was wrong to violate the code, while WTA defended Cornet, saying the punishment was unfair.
Although Cornet is willing to extend an olive branch to USTA, she is far less tolerant of her tennis federation, which recently introduced a dress code for the French web that will ban Serena Williams
\"Everyone is working in the same direction,\" Cornet said . \".
\"Then we have some people, like my federal president who lived in another era.
\"What Bernard Giudicelli said about Serena catsuit was 10,000 times worse than what happened to me in court yesterday because he was the president of the French Federation because he didn\'t have to do that.
\"This kind of person doesn\'t have the work that we\'re all doing to make women fairer.
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