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correction: gay pride-police uniforms story

by:QiMeng     2019-08-27
In a June 4 report about banning uniformed police from participating in the Sacramento Pride Parade, The Associated Press relied on information from a non-profit organization for lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, los Angeles police assistant director Beatrice Girmala was wrongly reported as gay.
The corrected version of the story is as follows: Organizers of the Sacramento Pride parade banned uniformed police from participating in the parade and other festivals this weekend
RODRIGUEZAssociated Pressan Francisco (AP)-
Organizers of the California Capital Pride parade banned uniformed police from taking part in the parade and other celebrations this weekend.
The Sacramento Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center said it asked city officials not to take part in uniforms in honor of \"The suffering and marginalisation of community members who have been hurt by police violence \".
In a statement posted on social media on Friday, the center said police could wear plain clothes and noted that uniformed police would be on duty during celebrations on Saturday and Sunday.
The center said the event organizers had been discussing with the police for some time and it was a compromise to allow the police to attend in plain clothes.
\"Refusing to compromise does not recognize the pain and historical abuse that police agencies have caused to the most marginalized people in our community,\" the report said . \".
Kryomipeak, spokesman for the Sacramento LGBT Community Center, did not immediately respond to phone messages seeking further comments.
The Sacramento Police did not participate in the incident last year, which occurred 22-year-
Old Stephen Clark is in Grandma and Grandpa\'s yard.
Clark\'s death sparked strong protests as demonstrators shut down the highway ramp to stop fans from entering the downtown arena where King Sacramento\'s professional basketball team is located.
It has also attracted the attention of civil rights activists.
Al Sharpton and Ben Crump are known for representing young black families killed by police.
In a statement, the police department said the LGBT center was \"disappointed that our officers were not expected to wear uniforms to attend upcoming public community events.
\"We support our LGBTQ officers who are proud to serve our community every day,\" it added . \".
Police officer Jeff Culman, who is openly gay, said being a police officer was a childhood dream and he worked to eliminate stereotypes.
Kuhlmann told KOVR: \"By letting us wear uniforms, it can show that this is us, people can come to us and talk to us. TV.
\"But if we wear plain clothes or polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, it\'s not us.
\"In Los Angeles, a pride celebration will also be held this weekend, and the Los Angeles Police Department will have a team, including police chief Michelle Moore and assistant director beicui Gemara, estevan Montemayor, president of Christopher Street West, a non-profit organization, said the department\'s liaison with the LGBTQ community organized a pride celebration.
The Pride weekend is about celebrating and gathering together to show the image of unity and inclusion, says Montemayor. \"Forty-
Nine years ago, we couldn\'t get permission for the parade from the Los Angeles police station . \"
\"Today, they are moving forward side by side with us.
In San Francisco, where police distribute colored stickers and beads to the people who took part in the parade, the police department issued a \"proud patch\" for their officials \", include city signs surrounded by rainbow colors.
Officers are encouraged to wear, but not required.
The department also said a pride-themed patrol SUV would push the streets to \"encourage positive dialogue between officials and the community \".
The department said the project \"aims to demonstrate support for the LGBT community in San Francisco and highlight the inclusion of the SFPD \".
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