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Creative Advertising Using T-Shirts

by:QiMeng     2020-06-02
T-shirts are the top tool in Creative Advertising. Like any business or organization, you're motivated to stand above the crowd when it comes to advertising. We believe T-shirts are the way to go in any marketing campaign because they will be seen countless times for the life of the T-shirt. Every person you clothe will be a walking billboard. Think about the impact you'd make with 1500 people sporting your T-shirts at an event. How many times have you caught yourself looking at someones T-shirt? If it is something that interests you, you'll be drawn to learn more. T-shirt Designs that Catch the Eye We're not new to the T-shirt world, but you may be. We have been there for our clients' ups and downs and we know what works. Fortunately for you, we can teach you the ins and outs of smart design. For starters, you would want to use a design that is unique and that doesn't blend with other designs in the crowd. Be different and break boundaries. Use fonts that are legible and bold and try and stay away from thin cursive fonts. If you must have cursive, be sure to choose one people can read. It's smart to keep it simple. If the design is too busy, important elements may be missed. One technique that works well is using questions. This will force your potential lead to think and look a bit longer at what you're about. It will intrigue them to want to find out more. This leads us to one of the most important tips: put your website on the T-shirts! If the T-shirts are not needed for branding purposes, consider researching the current color trends according to the season. If you need T-shirts for a large event or publicity, stay away from T-shirts darker in color. Dark T-shirts are hot in heat and if your event is on a hot day chances are men will take the shirts off and roll them us to use as a bandana. No one will see your logo or design that way. Stick to the lighter color garments such as white,cream, and heather grey. These colors are typically cooler and more cost effective too which will also aid in maintaining your profit margin. What else can we teach you? Contact us if you have an idea for a blog you'd like us to write. Custom Tagless Care Tags Are A Must For Creative Advertising Nothing looks more custom than when you hand a T-shirt to a customer and it broadcasts your own Custom Tagless Care Tag. Choosing Custom Tagless Care Tags for your project will take your professionalism to the highest level. Show your target clientele that you have the upper hand on the competition. Take advantage of promoting your organization, business, or event by printing your social network domains or website on your Custom Tagless Care Tags. The recognition you will receive far exceeds the value of what you will spend on this service.
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