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critics split on amy winehouse-inspired fashion show

by:QiMeng     2019-09-08
Fashion critics have mixed reviews of designer Jean Paul Gaultier\'s latest series, inspired by the late Amy Winehouse.
The show features huge honeycomb hairstyles, exposed chest straps and pencil skirts.
Suzanne Frankel of The Independent said: \"This is not the most successful collection he imagined.
But Suzy Menkes wrote in The New York Times that it was an \"extraordinary\" performance.
The late pop singer\'s father, Mitch Winehouse, criticized Gautier for saying his fashion show was \"poorly savored \".
The taxi driver told the Sunturned-
The singer said: \"The whole family was upset when they saw these pictures and they were completely shocked.
\"We are still sad for her loss, and we have had a hard week with six people --
One month anniversary of Amy\'s death
\"Seeing her image elevated to the point of wholesale sales of clothing is a wrench that we didn\'t expect or haven\'t consulted.
During the Paris Fashion Week, Gautier launched the series.
The French fashion designer admitted backstage that while he had never seen the star, their style was \"always similar \". \"The 59-year-
Old told the New York Times that he thought Winehouse had never appeared on the cover of any fashion magazine, a \"scandal \".
\"Her style is very unique;
How she keeps her body
The way she was dressed, mixed with different clothes for decades.
The star with a heavy tattoo is known for mixing 1950 pieces of clothing with modern shirts and high heels.
The Associated Press news agency said, \"the concept of this program is very difficult.
The feminine temperament on the edge, dressed in the iconic androgyny \"of Gautier \".
The sisters were played by a barber shop on the T-stage, including the rehabilitation of \"returning to the black.
Godfrey Deney of fashion connect Daily said: \"It was a generous return for goltier, and it was an odd return to the troubled London chanteuse and her
Winehouse died on last July at the age of 27.
In November, she wore a polka dot chiffon dress on the cover of the hit album \"Back to Black\" and sold it at auction for 43,200.
Last year, the clothing brand Fred Perry released a series of clothes designed by Winehouse itself.
The singer likes the tennis brand and often uses a tight pencil skirt with a polo shirt.
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