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custom embroidery terms and buying tips

by:QiMeng     2019-08-28
\"All I want is some hats, polo t shirts wholesale and bags with my logo on them.
It sounds simple, right? Wrong!
When purchasing custom embroidery for wearable promotional products, buyers may face countless confusing terms.
If they do not understand the meaning of these terms and what they are buying, they may incur some huge expenses.
Let\'s introduce some basics of custom embroidery. . .
The simplest items of custom embroidery are those simple texts.
The buyer only needs to select the text to be stitched, the type of font to be used (
Typical options include script or block fonts)
Where it should be sewn on the clothes.
The embroider then programmed the text into a sewing machine that applied embroidery.
However, the signage brings additional challenges.
To start the process of logo embroidery, please clean the art vector-
Based on the manuscript file, such as the package PostScript (. eps)
File or Adobe Illustrator (. ai)
In order to incorporate the best interpretation of the logo into the design of the stitching, files are usually required.
Other files can be used;
However, please note that a promotional product dealer or decorator may assess the additional cost of cleaning up and converting artwork that does not meet the specifications.
Then logo drawings must be digitized.
Digitization is the process of converting the logo into an electronic design file that the embroidery machine can read and interpret as a series of stitches.
Not all embroidery machines are the same.
When creating a file, the file is created for use with a specific commercial embroidery machine brand.
Typically, these files cannot be read by most computer users.
But there is really no need to do so.
Promotional product dealers, decorators, or suppliers will Upload these files to their system to create sew-
Proof of the logo. A sew-out is a one-
In the embroidery machine used for the whole project, the test run is carried out.
These proofs are usually carried out on discarded fabrics or materials for the buyer to review and approve before production.
The evidence can also be emailed to the buyer today for approval.
Sometimes, digitized files can be reused in future projects.
There may be a limit on the time that a promotion dealer or decorator keeps these files for reuse.
If the file is not retained, the logo may need to be re-added
Digital, with a new seam.
Proof for future use.
What does the number of needles mean?
One of the more confusing aspects of purchasing embroidery is the number of stitches needed for the design of the embroidery logo.
What does this mean?
Custom embroidery costs are priced based on the machine applying the design to the full stitching required for each shirt, hat, jacket or bag.
When the design is uploaded to the embroidery machine, the machine will indicate how many needles the design needs.
The price is usually set according to thousands of needles.
For example, if a design requires 6,457 stitches, the company that makes the decoration may add 7,000 stitches at the time of pricing.
As logic dictates, the more stitches are designed, the higher the cost.
Many simple signs of hats or polo wholesale t shirts wholesale may be within the range of 5,000 to 7,000 stitches.
However, if the design is very concise, this means that the area is completely or almost completely covered by stitching, the number and cost of stitching can rise rapidly.
The location and size limit of the custom embroidery can be used to customize the area of the embroidery depends on the design, placement location of the item to be placed, and of course, the buyer\'s budget!
While multiple locations may provide additional viewing exposure for logos and messages, additional locations can also significantly increase costs.
There are several common embroidery positions on promotional wearable items and accessories, including: shirt and jacket left chest.
This is the most common location for custom logo or company name embroidery.
For adult clothing, decorators may limit the area to 3 \"square areas or less, although some may allow up to 4\" square meters.
This may sound like a small area, but it\'s huge when the wearer sees it! Right Chest.
Often embroider a person\'s name on the uniform.
Same size limit as left chest. Back.
The entire center back of the jacket is embroidered.
This is not very common on shirts as it can harden the shirts and make the wearer uncomfortable.
Due to the large amount of stitching required to fill the area, complete back embroidery items can be very expensive.
Another back trim option can be to embroider a small logo or message just below the collar.
Sleeves and cuffs.
Depending on the design, some sleeves can accommodate small logos or text embroidered near the hem of the sleeves or on the cuffs of the shirt.
These areas are usually small, but may be good for the sponsor logo.
On long sleeve cuffs and hems, this is done so that the audience can read instead of the user.
Crown hat.
The most prominent and popular location.
The embroidery area to choose from will depend on the style of the hat. Sides.
The smaller area may benefit the logo of the sponsor.
Closed above.
On a standard baseball style hat, a slogan, company name or other information can be embroidered above the closed adjustment strap.
In addition, bagito bags, business cases and backpacks can be embroidered.
The size and location of the embroidery area varies depending on the structure and material used for these items.
Please consult product information for options.
How many colors can custom embroidery use?
The number of colors that can be used to customize the embroidery design is determined by the number of embroidery heads on the machine to be used, and each head handles lines of different colors.
The machine can have 1 to 12 heads or even more.
Although there are hundreds of actual thread colors on the market, for specific items, these colors may be determined by the colors that the decoration company usually maintains.
Special requirements colors, including colors that match the Pantone Matching System (PMS)
The color is usually charged extra.
Play a supporting role. . .
Some buyers were surprised when they received the order and noticed a small piece of plain fabric on the back of the embroidery area.
This is not a mistake!
The embroidery process can cause damage to many fabrics, resulting in stretching or other wear.
This will also distort embroidery. (
People can now understand why T-shirts are rarely embroidered! )
Backing fabric is usually applied to the back to provide support for items and embroidery.
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