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custom t-shirt painting

by:QiMeng     2019-10-11
This summer, I\'m going on a Disney cruise with my 6-person family, so my mom thinks if we do T-on our own-
Shirt for \"pirate night.
\"Pirate night is on a cruise ship when everyone is dressed up as a pirate, so we think we will make our own outfits.
Because it was a Disney cruise, we tried a design that incorporated Mickey into it, and as you can see in the picture, we found the perfect design. Painting on T-
Shirts of this method are easy and do not require special skills.
The material you need is fabric paint of any color, normal T-
Shirt, Renault frozen paper, iron and paint brush.
You basically have to print out the design of your choice on the frozen paper and cut the design so it\'s like a template (
Look at the second picture and you will see what I mean).
Then you iron the paper on the shirt and draw the design.
You may need to do multi-layer paint to get the best results.
To speed up the drying of the paint, we used a hair dryer between the coatings, which undoubtedly saved time.
By using this painting method, you can make custom uniforms, party shirts, 5k shirts, and even machine-washable shirts!
Also, drawing your own shirt with your friends is more fun than paying more money and waiting for them to get an email.
These T-
The shirt is awesome because you can choose any color for the T-shirt and paint, which makes your imagination the limit you can design.
You can even make a shirt for your favorite sports team at a price of just a fraction of the online or merchandise store.
Don\'t spend more money on custom shirts than you should, just do it!
I hope you enjoyed my guidance and please post below if you have any questions or comments. Thanks! -
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