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custom t-shirts with heat press vinyl

by:QiMeng     2019-09-11
There are specific vinyl that can be used to create your own custom t-shirts!
I \'ve always loved this material since it came into our makerspace, so I wanted to share how to make your own custom shirt with a hot press (
A bit like a huge iron that can reach very high temperatures and can even provide heat and pressure on the surface)
Then heat the ethylene.
Thermal printing, also known as thermal transfer printing, is the process of applying thermal printing.
Application materials for various items (i. e. , substrates)
Hot Press. Heat-
Application materials contain heat-
Sensitive Adhesive on one side;
When the heat press applies the heat to the material, the material is attached to the substrate where the heat is applied.
The final result was a decorated dress.
Create custom t-
Shirts with hot press vinyl mainly need some kind of Hot Press (
In our case, the MAXX Hot Press for stahls)
, Of course, vinyl and vinyl cutters for Hot Press (
We used Roland G. 24).
Hot Press vinyl is just a material sold by multiple different suppliers of different material specifications, so be careful what temperature they should run at and how long they will run.
More specifically, if you choose from the CAD classification of stahls,
Heat cut press vinyl and you want to double check their user guide to see the temperature and time specifications.
The three key components to be considered when decorating with a hot press are: time, temperature and pressure.
I want to be a \"stay calm. . .
\"The shirts of one of our makerspace staff members, so if students need them, they will know to ask him for help.
So I imagine-
Tracked a picture of his face and then included the text of keeping calm with \"keep calm, ask Gary. Important!
The file must be reversed so that it is a mirror image of the original design.
This is due to the manufacturing and transportation of CAD heat transfer film (
Think of it as good. down vinyl).
To do this, highlight your design and right-click and select transform \"-
> Reflection in Adobe Illustrator (Or find the object> Transform -
> Reflection at the top of the window).
Then adjust your color according to your vinyl cutter (
In our example, we use the black vector contour).
In the reflection dialog, make sure you select vertical and set the angle to 90 degrees.
Confirm the conversion by OK. (
It\'s also a good idea to select a preview to double check if the mirror is correct. )
Once your design is cut on the vinyl cutter, you will have to clear your design.
This is a process of removing excess vinyl that does not belong to your final decals and isolating your cuts.
Hot Press vinyl is thicker than normal, so it\'s actually very easy to complete this step without extra tools!
You will then want to follow the material specifications and set the hot press to the correct desired temperature (say, 320 F)and time (say, 15 secs).
You drop the handle and let the heat transfer the hot press vinyl to the material of the shirt, then release it and let it cool before you try to remove the plastic cover.
Here are some useful videos if you need more information! Viola!
You have a custom t-shirt.
Many very cool designs are possible, and The Hot Press and vinyl cutter allow you the freedom to create your own completely original design!
Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.
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