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darpa and the new arms race

by:QiMeng     2019-09-14
Nick Turse\'s new book is \"reasons for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan\" (Verso Books).
He is also the author of the book Complexity: How the army invaded our daily lives.
This one first appeared on TomDispatch.
In the future, the power of magnetic will be used to make today\'s high explosives look very weak, and the \"bullet\" will make the current sniper feel ashamed and new.
The missile will strike the target from high altitude in an instant. flying drones.
At least that\'s part of the Pentagon\'s vision for tomorrow\'s battlefield.
Usually, planning for the future is not American. S.
The strength of the government
Just a glance at the country\'s debt, which is now about $14 trillion, is still climbing, or two recent studies show that China\'s green technology investment has surpassed that of the United States. S.
This fact should be worked on.
But there\'s a government agency that\'s always moving forward.
Look, the blue sky research department of the Ministry of Defense and the Defense Advanced Research Project Bureau (DARPA).
Popular news Google Cloud failure missing connadik state mother Virginia Beach shooting protesters interrupt Harris was born in the United States after 1957 Soviet satellite launch panic, DARPA will try to keep the Pentagon ahead of potential rivals in technology.
It counts the Internet and the Global Positioning System as its victory, and counts spiritual spies and mechanical elephants designed for the jungle in Southeast Asia among the many failures.
It also has a long history in creating and enhancing deadly technologies, including M-
Rifle, Predator drone, stealth fighter, Tomahawk cruise missile and B-
52 bombers used in global conflict.
Today, DARPA is working on more than half ofcentury-
Through a series of projects that take into account war, death and destruction, the old tradition.
Its annual budget of approximately $3 billion and its huge investment in future weapons and other military technologies will undoubtedly help to advance the arms race in 2020 and 2030.
While the United States seems content to give China the lead in green technology, some of its future weapons seem to be considering countries like China.
However, all of its plans are covered up by obvious secrets.
Ask about any weapon systems it is exploring, and a bunch of excuses to tell you that nothing has happened ---
A project is between managers, classified, or is only now in the process of awarding a contract.
The speakers and project managers of DARPA are not even willing to clarify or explain the public information.
Nevertheless, it is possible to provide a sketch of some of the future weapons that the Pentagon is developing and catch a glimpse in the process of what information it sends to the rest of the world.
Even in military culture, there is no confusion of \"Y\", the DARPA project stands out, and in military culture, the mysterious, clumsy or sometimes witty initials acronyms is a dime.
Sometimes it looks like the agency came up with a particularly bad --
Name it first and then create a suitable weapon system.
For example, an explosive ammunition or--wait for it --MAHEM.
This project, launched by the DARPA Tactical Technology Office, aims to \"demonstrate the compressed magnetic flux generator (CMFG)-
Driven magnetic fluid dynamic forming metal jet and self
Forged armor piercing bombs (SFP)
Compared with the jet formed by the explosion, the performance is significantly improved (EFJ)
\"There are also fragments,\" according to the agency\'s website . \".
If you\'re scratching your head for what that might mean, don\'t ask DARPA.
When I asked about the basics of how weapons would work, a simple non-professional definition was provided for those who paid for this miracle --weapon-to-
Spokesman Richard Spelman insisted that \"sensitivity\" prevented him from providing me with any further information.
However, as you can tell, you should imagine an-
Tank wheel with strong magnetic field.
After the impact, it will use the magnetic force to spray the molten metal into the target.
In theory, this will bring more impact to today\'s highs. explosive-
According to DARPA, the shells and lead were pushed forward to \"improve the accuracy of lethality \".
In Science 2003
The sequel to the novel Terminator 3: The Rise of the machine, or T3, comes from the metal monsters of the future, the Terminator, in order to ensure that the future machines rule the world, humanity faces extinction and is sent back to change the present.
Today, DARPA, the Air Force and some defense industry giants are trying to change the future of ammunition with their own monsters. -
\"A high speed, long
Long-range missiles that can be combined with air, cruise missiles and air defense targets.
\"The name of the show?
I won\'t lie to you: The Triple Target Terminator (T3).
Designed to be launched by a manned or unmanned aircraft, the triple-Target Terminator attempts to \"increase the number and variety of targets that may be destroyed in each flight\" by allowing the aircraft to participate in air activities\"to-
Air combat or air combatto-
Ground attack with the same weapon
What is America\'s future air force? S.
The military thinks attacking yourself with this weapon is not something you will find from DARPA.
Spokesman Spielman told me that \"sensitivity\" again prevented him from explaining the fundamentals of the system or the future use.
\"A large part of the project itself is confidential,\" he assured me . \".
Last fall, the National Defense Industry Daily reported that Raytheon received $21.
3 million Triple Target Terminator contract (T3)program.
A few weeks later, the same amount was awarded to Boeing for the work of the project.
These contracts are the original contracts.
A one-year attempt to design a missile that meets the \"planned target\" will lay the foundation for future efforts.
DARPA announced in a prepared statement to TomDispatch at the end of last year: \"Depending on the successful phase completion, the follow-up efforts will continue in two phases
Demonstration of technical risk reduction, including live firing of tactical aircraft.
The structure of the project lasted for three years, and the test demonstration in 2013 reached a climax. \"Anti-
A long time ago, in the war on the high seas, the shape of the ship, the wide side and the boarding side were typical wars.
In the days to come, AmericaS.
The military is aiming for something slightly high-tech.
For this, DARPA is now working on a remote-Ship Missile (LRASM)
This is trying to provide \"a dramatic leap in the United States. S.
Ground combat capability.
In order to escape advanced enemy counter-measures,
Smart weapons should allow \"high probability targets to be identified in dense transport environments and targeted precisely with maximum lethality.
\"DARPA did not talk about the project either.
Spielman told me on December that LRASM was \"in the final throes of getting all the contracts \".
Before this happens, we have an official statement that I cannot arrange any media events on this issue. \"By mid-
In January, when I followed up, the final pain had not stopped, but just a few days later DARPA awarded two contracts to the military, totaling $0. 218 billion.
Company giant Lockheed Martin works on two different LRASM missiles.
Honcho Glenn Kuller, a tactical missile from Lockheed, announced: \"Lockheed Martin is proud to provide our technology for naval solutions . \".
\"These LRASM contracts will show two mature tactical missiles for the new generation of anti-missiles.
Capability of ground combat weapons;
One low stealth, the other high stealth and fast stealth.
\"This is the farthest thing from fair competition.
A man watches through advanced telescopes.
He aimed at his prey, a character who had no physical opportunity, and he did not know that he would be the target of death.
The sniper who stole 30 lbs.
In order to kill with one shot, the 50-caliber rifle breathe slowly and steadily, focuses, waits, waits, and finally pulls the trigger.
The breeze he never felt, somewhere 4,000 feet between him and his target, set him off course.
The sniper did not record another killing.
The goal of mankind has lived another day. To the U. S.
Military, it\'s a very sad story, so they turned to DARPA to find a happier ending-
In this case, through extremely precise tactical ammunition or the EXACTO program, which is designed to allow \"snipers to sue moving targets even in windy conditions, such as those common in Afghanistan.
DARPA\'s scientists plan to develop the first ever guided bullet.
\"If you ever watch a hit
In the crappy 1980 action movie, seek a missile to follow the fighter (
Or a smart bullet from 1984 Tom Selk sci.
Disaster out of control)
Then you understand.
DARPA focuses on the manufacture of motor bullets (
Controlled by the boot system)
It moves with the target, adjusts to slam the head of the person during the flight and turns it into a red fog-
Write an optimistic ending for tomorrow\'s sniper story.
When asked for more information
Spielman told me on December, \"PM [Project manager
Because EXACTO is transitioning his replacement to DARPA, it makes it impossible for them to be interviewed.
About a month later, the new project manager still didn\'t keep up with the progress, so neither official was able to comment, he said.
During World War II, when the Nazi air force bombed London, British Prime Minister Churchill lived in an underground bunker.
Today, the leaders of other countries have a bigger, stronger bomb shelter than Churchill and the United States. S.
The military wants to destroy them without generating negative news that the use of nuclear weapons may bring.
In order to destroy these bunkers, DARPA\'s strategic hard facility failure plan is investigating nuclear weapons --free, earth-
Penetrate the ammunition in response to the threat that \"our opponents use hard and buried deep targets \".
\"Senior leaders, command and control functions, and weapons of mass destruction\" specifically used by \"rogue\" countries, these powerful, high
Before the explosion, the impact weapon will be designed as a tunnel into the earth.
Not all DARPA projects are designed to kill and destroy hard targets at night.
Some people aim to provide manpower, supplies and robots to replace the work.
Other targets are intrusion monitoring, network
War, or silver.
Screen dreams come true. One long-
Military futurists and DARPA scientists have been paying attention to the \"urban environment \". \" (
Think about it: billions or more of poor and potentially rebellious people already living in slum cities on our planet. )
For example, the Urban Ops Hopper project is trying to develop small robots or semi-robots
Unmanned aircraft-
Military Unmanned Ground Vehicles or unmanned vehiclesspeak --
Can \"really adapt to the urban environment\"
Time and provide the delivery of small payload to any point in the urban jungle while maintaining lightweight [and]
Minimize the burden on soldiers.
\"Yes, they can even jump.
For years, the Pentagon has dreamed of constant surveillance of planetary hotspots, such as the development of drone technology to act as a spy in the global sky.
In 2003, Noah shattman, who wrote for the voice of the countryside, described the military\'s combat zone, the CTS Project.
The reason for this effort, he wrote, is \"to protect our forces in cities like Baghdad. . .
The fleeting attackers have killed American fighters in one and two.
However, he added: \"[D]
According to Efense experts, there is a second more evil purpose in surveillance: to put the whole city in a state of omnipresence and no blinking.
\"These years have passed and Americans are still in Baghdad, where they are still regularly besieged, and as far as DARPA is concerned, they still dream of prying out the whole city.
There\'s an acronym that reminds me
Large area optical search by DARPA-reasonably priced polo shirt, preppy on the tennis court and an angry little crocodilewhile-
Track and engagement, or the LACOSTE program is committed to fulfilling CTS\'s dream: imaging technology will allow \"single-sensor day-and-night continuous tactical monitoring\" of all mobile vehicles on the large city battle field \".
\"Think of it as putting the whole city in a prison where people have real knowledge.
DARPA also, through its tunnel exposure or the gravity anomaly of the gate program, developed technologies that one day allow drones to fly overhead, \"look\" under the surface of the Earth and identify areas with underground tunnels.
Just this month, DARPA launched a new project called the eye of the heart, which aims to develop visual intelligence capabilities for driverless systems.
\"IRobot and long-with defense giant General Power, Roomba vacuum cleaner manufacturers-
Time Pentagon contractor Toyon Research and scientists from the military
Academic institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University, MIT, UC Berkeley and the University of Southern California, the Pentagon is exploring the idea of making robots with artificial intelligence that can roll before infantry patrols, scan the scene, analyze the scene, and figure out what to do next.
In other words, the task of building robot point man will now be joining a series of DARPA projects that will certainly spark fears about the future of the Terminator movie.
In 1977 \"Love my spy\", The Lotus Esprit sports car of secret agent James Bond became a mini sports carsubmarine.
No one ever makes an old silver
DARPA is now trying to make a screen dream come true --up 007.
Through its submarine aircraft program, the agency seeks to \"combine the speed and range of the onboard platform with the stealth of the underwater vehicle by developing a vessel that can both fly and sail.
\"Revolutionary it may be a machine, but the reason for creating it is still entirely predictable:\" Insert and extract the expeditionary force on a larger scale \".
\"In other words, it is to facilitate the deployment of troops overseas, perhaps for the next war in Iraq or Afghanistan.
DARPA and new weapons, the unveiling of China\'s first stealth fighter by some military experts, and the Chinese military\'s claims that it is developing a \"carrier killer\" missile, have been mildly hysterical.
It doesn\'t matter, jets and F-
22. relatively useless fighter jets in the United StatesS.
Arsenal, a few years from production.
It doesn\'t matter, the guy who won the headlines for the plane-
Aircraft carrier story, General Robert Willard, the alarmist commander of the United StatesS.
The Pacific Command said the intelligence service only said\"
Ship ballistic missiles have been developed and tested.
Still, progress like a prototypeplane and not-yet-
An effective missile creates a huge exaggerated copy for the military.
Company Complex
Some authorities even suggested that the United StatesS.
Asia\'s military weakness has emboldened China.
From the Chinese point of view, it seems completely different without a doubt.
After all, AmericanS. has all-but-
Surround China with military bases, locations and facilities-
There are more than 100 people in Japan, about 85 in South Korea, and even a few in Central Asia ---
Some 50,000 soldiers were deployed in East Asia and the Pacific, another 100,000 or more soldiers were deployed in South Asia, and the largest navy on Earth was patrolling offshore.
As for the future, maybe the Chinese don\'t quite believe the remote counter of DARPA.
Ship missiles are used to eliminate Somali pirates or to deal with al-
Al-Qaida Air Force (
This seems to be mainly caused by illness.
Built bombs
Underwear and explosive printer cartridges on commercial aircraft)Or America. S.
Military plans to deploy an explosive ammunition with magnetic fluid dynamics to counter non-
Taliban tanks.
When talking about the new arms race, the American people should learn more about what their billions of dollars in taxes are for and what message they are sending to the world.
Beijing\'s investment in the United States is close to $1 trillion. S.
Debt, both countries are unlikely to have actual military designs.
Such a DARPA project is more likely (
And expert military knives. rattling)
Will only lead to unnecessary spending on weapons designed for warS. won\'t fight.
Finally, if history has any guidance, many of these weapons will become high-priced means of killing heavily armed men and unarmed men, women and children in a poverty --
In the coming decades, the affected countries or other countries will be affected.
Unfortunately, until DARPA clarifies their billions of dollars in tax spending, Americans cannot start an honest conversation on these issues ---and why.
Only in this way can taxpayers begin to consider what message their future weapons program has conveyed to the world and whether or not the United StatesS.
It\'s really time to spend more and more scarce money on making MAHEM.
The views expressed in this review are only the views of the author.
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