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deadly bangladesh factory fire sparks calls for justice for garment workers

by:QiMeng     2019-08-26
DHAKA, Bangladesh
Fire alarm: the manager waved.
Exit Door: locked.
Fire extinguishers: not working, apparently \"just to impress\" inspectors and customers.
A fire in Bangladesh killed at least 112 people, the clothes the survivors drew --
A fire broke out at the factory on Saturday, killing 112 people in despair or jumping off a building.
For Bangladesh, such factories often ignore safety when rushing to produce products for retailers around the world, a tragedy that is just unusual in scope: more than 200 people die from clothing
Factory fires have occurred in the country since 2006.
On Monday, about 15,000 Bangladeshi workers protested the burning blocks, demanding justice for the victims and improving safety.
The day after the protests erupted in Savar, a suburb of the capital Dhaka, about 200 factories were closed.
Protesters blocked a major highway, some throwing stones at the factory and smashing vehicles, but did not arrest and clashed with police. Maj.
Mohammed Mahbub, director of operations of the fire department, said investigators suspected that a short circuit had caused a fire in the plant, which made T-
Shirts and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale.
But Mahbub says it\'s not the fire itself, it\'s the lack of safety measures for eight people
The story building that made the fire so deadly.
\"If there is at least one emergency exit outside the factory, the number of casualties will be much lower,\" he said . \".
He said firefighters found at least 100 bodies from the factory, and 12 others died after jumping off a building in the hospital to escape.
The government is unable to identify many of the victims because they have been burned beyond recognition;
On Monday, they were buried in a grave outside Dhaka.
The government has announced that Tuesday will be a national day of mourning, with the flag flying half a flag.
The mast honoring the dead.
As many as 124 people have been killed and about 100 injured in the fire, local media reported, and are currently being treated in more than a dozen hospitals.
Many people were injured as they jumped out of the flames.
Survivor Mohammed Lipp said Monday he tried to run out of the building when the fire alarm sounded but was stopped.
\"The managers told us, \'nothing happened.
The fire alarm just broke.
\"Go back to work,\" Lipp said.
\"But we soon learned that there was a fire.
When we ran to the exit point again, we found it locked from the outside and it was too late.
Lipp says he\'s from the second.
Windows and minor injuries.
Yeamin, another surviving worker who uses only one name, said that fire extinguishers in the factory did not work, \"so these fire extinguishers are only intended to impress buyers or authorities.
Television footage showed that a group of investigators found some unused fire extinguishers in the factory. The garment-
The factory fire was the deadliest in Bangladesh\'s recent memory, but several major factory fires have occurred in recent years, including a fire that killed 63 people in the southern town of Chittagong on 2006.
Labor leaders hope that anger at the latest disaster will prompt change.
Tahmina Rahman, secretary-general of the Bangladesh Garment Workers Federation, said the organization wanted the government to work harder to punish factory safety mistakes.
\"The owners are not punished, so they don\'t care about installing enough security facilities,\" she said . \".
\"The owner should take responsibility and be sent to prison.
\"The factory in the fire on Saturday was owned by Tazreen Fashion Co. , Ltd.
A subsidiary of Tuba Group that produces clothing for Wal-Mart
At least in the past.
Officials from tazrennes and Tuba Group could not be reached for comment.
Tuba Group is a major garment exporter in Bangladesh, and its customers include Wal-Mart.
According to its website, Wal-Mart, Carrefour and Ikea.
Its factory exports clothing to the United States. S.
Including Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands.
The Tazreen factory, which opened in 2009, employs about 1,700 people to produce polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, wool jackets and T-shirtsshirts.
Tazreen received a \"high risk\" security rating in May 16, 2011 and was audited by Wal-Mart\'s \"ethical sourcing\" assessor
According to a document published on the Tuba Group website, Wal-Mart.
It does not specify the reason for the rating. Wal-
Wal-Mart spokesman Kevin Gardner said online documents showing orange or \"high risk\" assessments after the May 2011 inspection and yellow or \"medium risk\" reports after the August 2011 inspection appeared to be related to the factory.
The letter dated August 2011 stated that
Wal-Mart will conduct another inspection within a year.
It is not clear whether the inspection was carried out or whether the factory is still producing products for Wal-Mart, Gardner saidMart.
If a factory is named \"orange\" three times in two years\"
Mart will not place any orders within a year.
The May 2011 report was the first orange rating for the plant.
\"Our thoughts are with the families of the victims of this tragedy,\" the retailer said in a statement . \".
\"When we try to determine if the factory has a current relationship with Wal-Mart --
Wal-Mart or one of our suppliers, fire safety is a vital area for Wal-Mart
Mart\'s factory audit program, we have been working in the apparel industry to improve fire safety education and training in Bangladesh.
Wal-Mart in its 2012 Global Responsibility Report
Mart said that due to fire safety issues, it stopped working with 49 factories in Bangladesh in 2011 and is working with supplier factories to phase out buildings considered to be at high risk.
Bangladesh has about 4,000 garment factories, many of which do not have proper safety measures.
The country earns about $20 billion a year from clothing exports, mainly to the United States. S. and Europe.
Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association said it would support the families of the victims and provide 100,000 takas to the victims ($1,250)
To every family of the dead.
The owner of Tazreen met with the group\'s representative on Monday afternoon.
\"We will discuss what we can do for the families of the deceased,\" Siddiqur Rahman, acting president of the association, said on the private TV station Rtv on Sunday night.
\"We are worried about what happened.
We hope to discuss everything in detail at that meeting.
On Monday, 12-
There were four garment factories, but the fire department said it was soon doused and there were no casualties.
AP video reporter Al Imran Garjan contributed to the report.
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