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dentists win lacoste crocodile logo battle

by:QiMeng     2019-08-28
LONDON (Reuters)-
The government\'s trademark agency said on Thursday that two dentists had won a second legal battle with French fashion giant Lacoste for the right to use tooth crocodiles on signboards outside the surgery.
Dentist Dr Simon Moore and Dr Tim Renney said they chose the crocodile for their logo because the reptile is known for its full mouth teeth.
But Lacoste believes that the dentist\'s logo is too similar to their own, a green crocodile decorated with millions of polo wholesale t shirts wholesale around the world.
After losing the first round of trademark battles last year, Lacoste appealed to the British Intellectual Property Office in London, the official agency responsible for patents, trademarks and copyright issues.
The office supported the initial decision, saying it was unlikely that consumers would confuse dental clinics and clothing companies.
The dentist\'s logo includes the words \"dental clinic\" and does not share the crocodile\'s back and red tongue with the crocodile.
The Lacoste logo comes from French tennis player Rene Lacoste, who was nicknamed \"crocodile\" or \"crocodile\" in the 1920 s \".
He reached an agreement with a manufacturer that produced crocodile logo clothing.
Dentists from Cheltenham, south-west England, say lacoster\'s action is like \"beating nuts with a sledgehammer \".
\"We like the design of the crocodile because it has a natural connection to the teeth,\" Dr. Moore told The Times . \".
\"They have birds that pick out pieces from their teeth.
Lacoste was ordered to pay a total of 1,450 pounds legal fees.
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