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dimanno: change of heart for captured libyan soldiers

by:QiMeng     2019-08-25
Benghazi, Libya-
Trophies should be appreciated and displayed. Brig. -Gen.
Mohammed henesh, a dog with a face on a cigarette provided by a prison guard, took a deep sip of his cigarette, a trophy --a high-
Senior members of Gaddafi\'s disgusting militia.
While Human Rights Watch warned Libyan arbitrary rebel authorities to respect the Geneva convention protecting the dignity of prisoners, Hnaish and other detainees marched for the media on Sunday afternoon.
It needs to be clarified that the prisoners allegedly agreed to be interviewed and photographed by journalists, and apparently they were eager to deny the regime they served a week ago and were keen to elaborate on the orders they claimed to impose on them, quoting a series of monsters that shocked their audience. Killing civilians-
They are not your fellow citizens but enemies of the country, foreigners, drug addicts and al-Qaida militants. Rape of women-
There are Viagra here, which can enhance your sexual impulse.
Defeat the rebels desperate for civil war anywhere you find
At the gates of Tripoli, there will soon be families, hospitals, even mosques, or barbarians, who will be besieged and plundered.
In a civil war, the conflict has the potential to become a part of the rebels soaring West at a breakneck pace, demonizing the \"other side\" as part of maintaining a sense of reasonable anger.
But for those who have recently tried to eliminate with indiscriminate shelling of civilians, it is obviously good to suddenly change faith.
So any epiphany they claim to have experienced must be considered suspicious.
Hnaish insists he\'s just a life-long academic-in-
The uniform is an engineer whose expertise in mines is used by a country, and yes, the country pays for his education, and he has been working since graduating from officer training in 1975
The general commanded a tank regiment, captured a week ago on Saturday when loyal troops were repelled from the Western community of Benghazi, Libya\'s second-largest city, in the first wave of coalition strikes
Listen to the 57-year-old Hnaish saying that he and his people have moved all the way from Tripoli in the past few weeks, but he has never shot at the rebels and has not issued any orders for others to do so.
\"I have not buried any mines,\" he added . \".
\"My instructions are to look for the mines planted by the enemy and clear them.
But the story of Hnaish has been changing.
When the general trotted out a few days ago to answer questions from Libyan journalists, he claimed to have been found by the rebels, he had been separated from his troops and hid in trees.
He said on Sunday that he had gone to a farmer\'s house outside Benghazi and surrendered to the frightened occupants, getting rid of his army, still in uniform, and he was relieved.
Hnaish is keen to discredit those leading militias
Last night, after a long retreat along the coastal highway, one town after another was abandoned --
Ben Javad raunouf bourega-
It is said that Gaddafi\'s own tribe reorganized and excavated without fighting when they arrived at the Sirte regime stronghold 375 kilometers west of Tripoli.
\"The army is in poor condition.
They are not organized.
Their weapons and cannons are old.
Bad morale.
Then, before being escorted out of the room, the general hurriedly added: \"The rebels were very kind to us.
I was locked up in my cell.
We were not hurt.
\"As nearly a dozen detainees, this is a surreal scene --
Some people in rubber flap
Flip-flops and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale, some in camouflage
In the administrative building, which used to be a youth detention facility, they took seats in front of a group of journalists.
\"I\'m from Chad,\" explains Ali Mohammed Hussein, 20. year-
Captured outside Ajdabiya, the place where the rebel movement first occupied
After a fierce all-night battle, the weekend won.
\"I got Libyan citizenship four years ago and recently I just joined the army because they were willing to pay me $10,000 (U. S. )
Fighting rebels for a month
\"It\'s an amazing number and it\'s obvious nonsense.
\"We were told the rebels were taking drugs and they were drinking,\" Hussein continued.
Our instructions are to kill a man and rape a woman.
They gave us all Viagra and said to all the women you can handle, accept as much as possible.
\"Mohammed Mansour is a regular Army captured on Sunday at Ras Lanouf, an oil town that the militia did not try to fight for under rebel control.
\"Our commander told us that the revolutionary is a foreigner, a mercenary in any case.
I realize now it\'s not true.
\"One by one, these detainees have played the same elegant note: they do not appreciate the legitimacy of the free movement, do not understand the justice of the opposition, and are not fans of Gaddafi; simply foot-
Soldiers deployed as feed.
Al-said: \"I am from Sirte and have fled my troopsIslam.
\"I ran away because I didn\'t want to be in the Army anymore.
But I got caught and they threw me in the military prison.
Ten days ago, they came and said I had to go to the front line of Las Lanuf to fight.
I surrendered to the rebels for the first time.
\"A captain claimed that when he was deployed to Ras Lanouf on February, he refused to shoot at civilians. 18.
\"I saw children and young people shot and killed without weapons.
A lieutenant admitted that he was one of the militia forces that opened fire on peaceful demonstrators in Benghazi at the beginning of the revolution.
\"I regret what I have done, but it is against my will.
The other stressed the kindness of the kidnappers.
\"Our treatment is very good.
We were not beaten, we were not even spanked.
\"Of course, no external evidence of any abuse has been shown.
Several people claim that they have withdrawn from the battle and are now on the revolutionary side of the front line.
The front pushed the renewed suspicion, which had been occupied by rebels a month ago, to the West and gave up when Gaddafi\'s forces flooded inexperienced rebel fighters with tanks and high artillery.
Once again, the momentum turned around, and the rebel factions recaptured the initiative, now taking control of territories including key infrastructure, refineries and pipelines.
However, only the coalition air force strikes the civilian barracks, it is possible to make extraordinary progress this weekend.
It\'s not clear how far the alliance is.
Or its political master.
Willing to help the rebels move forward, especially under the command of NATO to take over the mission.
Member States have been divided over the interpretation of UN Resolution 1973, which supports foreign military intervention to protect civilians.
At this point, there seems to be a different goal in the fight against forces that have not attacked the population: either direct propaganda of the rebel agenda or-
As President Barack Obama and other world leaders insist, this is not the case --
Regime change in Tripoli.
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