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dog toys made from old t shirts

by:QiMeng     2019-10-02
Do you have old T-shirts that you don\'t wear anymore but don\'t want to throw away?
Do you know that a loyal dog can use another toy?
Now is the time to recycle one to reward the other.
What does \"how do you reward a T-shirt\" mean? \" . .
Take the dog out of the recycle bin.
These toys are my entries for the dog challenge and the T-shirt transformation contest.
Cut one or more T-shirts in a pair (
Depending on how much color/pattern you want).
I used 100% cotton T-shirts because they are very elastic and that\'s how all my T-shirts are made.
No matter what material you decide to use, make sure you use the same fabric in your toy so that the entire toy is stretched the same and will be consistent when washing.
It is important to remove any seams from the T-shirt material so that the fabric can stretch normally.
Cut the fabric into strips at least 2 to 3 inch wide.
Don\'t worry if the edges are rough.
Grab the end of each strip at a time and stretch the fabric.
You can also hold one end and slowly slide your hand up the length of the strap to stretch the fabric.
In the words of the great Chuck Berry, \"live the life you want to live,\" the strap curls up from the side as it stretches.
That is normal. Don\'t panic.
Weaving tight is the most important factor in making tugboat toys.
It would be great if someone helped you.
They can grab one end when you weave the braids.
You need to be creative if you don\'t have an assistant.
Clip the fabric onto the work table or table, hang the fabric on the spikes that drive to the support column, or do what I do. . .
Grab the fabric with the grip toe.
I knit the fabric of the whole length.
Once I finished knitting, I decided where and how big the ring I wanted.
I undid the braid from the end until I got to the bottom of the ring.
Then I paired the cloth strips and made a solid braid at the end.
Once down to the bottom, I tie the cloth strips so that the dog can grab an area well.
It is easier for long double tugs.
I knotted six fabrics at one end.
I made a braid and doubled the fabric strips.
At the other end I knotted the fabric strip again and trimmed off any excess material.
I was going to add a piece of rope to the weave to strengthen the tugboat, but after a bit of testing I realized I didn\'t need it.
These tugs can support more than 300.
No, I won\'t include photos of my test process (
I swayed from the cool shed on the porch)
All you need to do is trust me :)
Show the tugboat to yoyr\'s favorite dog and let the puppy play.
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