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donald trump’s new normal: campaign rallies where chaos is expected

by:QiMeng     2019-09-28
On Saturday afternoon, hundreds of police officers, secret service agents and private security guards in cars, hiking and horseback riding covered the area around the Donald Trump campaign rally. CLEVELAND —
On Saturday afternoon, hundreds of police officers, secret service agents and private security guards in cars, hiking and horseback riding covered the area around the Donald Trump campaign rally.
Dozens of protesters will soon be expelled from the event.
This is the most peaceful rally in the past few days.
Republican presidential nomination.
Welcome to the new normal of Trump.
Trump has spent months inciting protesters and seems to encourage violence, but his raucous rally has evolved over the past two weeks into what is expected to be a chaotic event.
The real estate tycoon is often unable to deliver uninterrupted speeches, and a lot of security is commonplace in the growing conflict between protesters and supporters.
Friday, well group-
Organized students successfully prevented Trump from taking the stage at the Chicago rally.
The next morning, at a Trump rally outside Dayton, a protester rushed onto the stage, forcing Secret Service agents to jump on the stage and form a protective circle around him.
\"Frankly, I was a little shocked at how we got there, and I was shocked at that,\" the governor of Ohio said . \".
John Kasic is competing with Trump to win the state\'s title --take-
All primary elections on Tuesday.
He said: \"We can\'t create a toxic environment in this country, where people throw it out at campaign rallies and think about it, these pictures are spreading around the globe.
The Trump incident has been fierce.
In his speech for months, he added the interruptions of the protesters, growling \"let them out! ” —
When he did, the audience burst into cheers.
While Trump sometimes seems to be angry at these disruptions, he also accepts them and uses them as an opportunity to lead his supporters to shout \"America, America \".
He also joked about how protesters forced TV cameras to play in the crowd and showed how big they were.
But the confrontation began to escalate this month, especially in the Trump incident in New Orleans.
A steady stream of demonstrators interrupted Trump\'s speech, including a group of black life activists who locked their weapons and asked security officials to remove them.
There was a small conflict throughout the speech, mostly pushing sho to push sho, and although someone bit someone in the video, one person was caught.
This week, an older white Trump supporter beat a young African in the video --
Police led protesters out of a rally in North Carolina.
The later accused supporter told reporters the next time he faced protesters, \"we may not have to kill him.
\"Two days later, police arrested nearly 30 people and gathered in St.
Louis was interrupted many times by protesters, and Trump joked about how long it took him to finish his comments.
Hours before Trump was scheduled to appear at the University of Illinois in Chicago on Friday night, the atmosphere on campus was chaotic, with protesters and supporters shouting back and forth, their arms lifted and shouting on each other\'s faces.
Some protesters say they support Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, who plans to rush to the stage as Trump comes out to speak.
They didn\'t get a chance because Trump canceled the rally even before arriving at the venue.
\"It feels great and everyone is coming together,\" said Kamran Siddiqui, 20, and a student at the school . \".
\"That\'s what people can do.
Now, people have to go out and vote because we have a chance to stop Trump.
The next morning, Trump
A man who was later identified by authorities as Thomas Dimassimo in Fairborn, Ohio, skipped a roadblock and rushed to Trump.
He was able to reach the stage before he was caught by security officials.
Trump laughed, but later that day he began his long-standing argument that he should not be held responsible for his events.
\"My people are free of violence,\" Trump said at a rally in Cleveland . \".
\"These people came in.
One thing my people want to do: Make America great again.
This is one thing they want to do.
At a rally in Cleveland, more than a dozen police officers on horseback were patrolling outside, and police helicopters buzzing overhead.
After the event, hundreds of police officers gathered inside to block some exits and sweep the audience out.
More than 50 protesters, including a doctor, took off their jerseys to reveal a white T-shirt.
The shirt printed with \"Muslim doctor save Cleveland\'s life\" was told to leave.
After he lifted the sign, Brandon said, he was repeatedly punched with the words \"Trump: Make America a racist again. ” His 17-year-
The old son Logan\'s cheek had just been scratched and he said it was a punch on his face as he tried to help his father.
\"The hatred there is so obvious that Trump has not taken any steps to stop it,\" said Sean hurana, 23. year-
Old Khawa community college students in IndiaAmerican.
He said he was called \"ISIS\" when he was in line \".
\"He started it.
Meanwhile, Trump celebrated a successful campaign day on Twitter.
\"I just finished my second speech,\" he wrote . \".
\"20 K in Dayton and 25 k in Cleveland-
Perfect crowd. Thanks-
I love you, Ohio! ” ———
Colvin reports from Chicago. ———
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