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Dressing Right According to Your Body Type

by:QiMeng     2020-06-07
You've heard it a lot of times from friends and fashion experts, and you've perhaps read it a zillion times from fashion magazines. Be they fashion gurus or a concerned friend, they all tell you only one thing-pick the right dress for your body type. But how do you exactly determine the right dress for your body? There's actually two ways to do that: •Know your body type. Are you the pear, apple, hourglass, or the athletic type? They sound like something you eat and play with. What do these body types mean? When you are pear shaped, you are heavy at the bottom and slim on top. You likely have slim neck and small bust, but full hips and thick legs. The apple type is the opposite of pear shape. Women with this body type are heavy on top and slim at the bottom. The hourglass is said to be the most perfect and ideal body shape. Women with this shape have proportionate shoulders, waist, and hips. An athletic body has a straight line body shape with equal top, waist and hips. A woman with this shape has few curves in their middle part. •Determine your body size in terms of weight and height. Once you get to know your body type, you can now appropriately choose the style of dress perfect for you. If you are petite: 1.Avoid wearing high collared tops. Instead, wear a deep neck top to elongate your neck. There are many cheap women top these days that are designed especially for petite women. 2.Avoid wearing shoes with too much string. It would only look you shorter. Instead, wear a sandal or open shoe with just one strap to hold your toes. 3.Flatter your petite figure by wearing contrasting colors. 4.Add height by wearing a belt or scarf. If you are tall: 1.Avoid very short skirts. It will only add height to you. 2.Wear light colored tops and darker bottoms to put attention on your top rather than on your long legs. 3.Avoid the monochromatic look as much as possible. 4.Avoid high heels. Simply choose a moderate or low heel shoes. 5.Wear trousers with wide and high waistlines. 6.Avoid jeans that narrow at the ankles. Whether you are tall or petite, dressing right will help a lot in enhancing your look. But look and style aside, if you feel confident of yourself, carrying yourself will not be a problem to you no matter what body type you are. These tips will only serve as a guide. The look you prefer will still depend on you.
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