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dude, where\'s my comedy? \'four kings\' falls flat.

by:QiMeng     2019-09-17
What is \"four Kings\" about?
Pure and simple guy.
Every sitcom audience has met. -
A few horny guys in the New York City machine
As they say in the four kings, shooting chickens jokes and comforting each other \"it\'s brothers and not houses \".
\"One of Peter Pan must be a fool.
The other is required to be romantic;
And a lot of crazy girlfriends, gay. but-not-
Homophobic Jokes, alternative hairstyles and cool T-shirts. Stupe-
No cool T-shirts.
The \"Four Kings\" premiered on Channel 7 at 8: 30 tonight is a bit strange.
Recently, NBC comedy has taken a step forward in creative programming such as \"My Name Is Earl\" and \"Office.
But the \"Four Kings\" can be traced back to the most exhausting days of the network \"must\"
See the \"lineup, those 1990 strings of cookies-cutter single-
For example, oh, a sitcom like \"Single Man.
\"There\'s nothing original about it, because four city men make fun of, look for and flee women all day long.
From the creator of \"will & Grace\" it\'s just another blow --line-driven half-
Stayed in the overpriced apartment for an hour.
Well, the \"Four Kings\" are not the worst type because some jokes are up to their standards.
Even in the worst case, \"will & Grace\" offers a good zinger or two.
The \"Four Kings\" quartet insults with the same joy as the \"Will and Grace\" Quartet, and each time there is a little bit of transcendence, such as the routine of \"slow applause ---
That annoying gesture of modesty
But most of the humor is from the Neanderthals and extremely active.
When these guys make fun of each other, their punch line disappears after a millisecond, making room for the next punch line.
The main character is Ben, the sincere magazine writer played by Josh Cook of Ben Stiller
Great promise from the late esque actor.
\"This is a decent person for the show, Kelly Bradshaw, male in Sex and the city, and his friends forced him to be more irresponsible to women.
In a future episode, they helped him lose one of his episodesnight-Keep your virginity.
Ben inherited his grandmother\'s apartment and three of his good friends moved in.
They are his court clowns.
Seth Green plays Barry, a kid obsessed with the luck of Ben and the ladies. Jason (Todd Grinnell)
Looks like Potsie in Happy Days, an ambitious businessman who is obsessed with working out in the gym. And Bobby (Shane McRae)
It\'s stupid.
He played a game called Chest with Jason, in which they punched and kicked each other. -wait for it --chest.
It is not clear what NBC thinks about the \"Four Kings.
\"The network is moving its great comic hopes,\" My Name Is Earl \"and\" office \"to Thursday tonight, and then destroying them with a weak lead --in show.
Give the count a bad launch pad. -
What kind of karmic gesture is this?
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