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duluth trading company might be growing too fast

by:QiMeng     2019-09-22
Duluth holding company, headquartered in Belville, Wisconsin, is also a 30-year-
Old lifestyle brands for casual wear, work clothes and accessories for men and women.
It has just announced sales and revenue for fiscal 2018.
Net sales increased by 20. 5% to $568.
$1 million, $471.
4 million fiscal year 2017.
Net income was $23.
3 million, or $0.
The fully diluted stock per share is $72, which is basically the same as $23 in the previous year.
4 million and the same $0.
72 per fully diluted share.
The rapid expansion of the company has weakened any profit growth.
Home Depot grew by more than 40% in the first few years.
I suggest that the management do not do this again, and maintain a growth rate of 25% for success.
The rapid expansion requires additional regulation and often misses additional items and opening targets.
Therefore, there may be a shortage of income.
The pressure of management is too great.
The management of Home Depot agreed that the subsequent success was based on disciplined expansion and strict cost control.
During the fiscal year, Delos trading opened 16 retail stores with a total area of about 250,000 square feet.
At the end of the fiscal year, there were 46 stores.
This is a growth of up to 53%.
It laid the foundation for another 15 stores that will open this fiscal year.
This will add another 33% to the store location.
In addition, the company is developing a full range
Channel model and more \"overall\" efforts to engage customers across all channels. Holistic?
Definition: things should be studied as a whole, not just the sum of their parts.
I think it is important to understand the customer, to serve them and to be friends with them.
The company should be realistic, not trying to be holistic.
The Duluth deal is certainly my friend.
Its advertisement is very humorous because it thinks that customers are smart and like to tell stories.
High quality goods, outdoor-
Strong, waterproof.
Its catalogue is bold.
It features buck naked underwear for men and women, handmade cannabis tops for women, long tail sleeveless T-shirts, and none for women
In addition to other options, there are Yank tanks.
At 2018 Winter Olympics, Duluth Trading Company was selected as the official OTC trading company\"
According to Wikipedia, the sled athletes of the US Olympic Committee \".
Bob and Dave Fierek started the Duluth Trading Company.
They initially made and sold a fee organizer called \"Bucket Boss.
Its company is based on a barge and is actually a water store on Lake Superior.
Dulus was eventually acquired by Fiskars in the 1990 s.
The company has been owned by Steve Schlecht since 2000;
He is now the executive chairman of the company and the founder of the company\'s presence today.
Stephanie puglize joined the company in 2008.
She joined the company after holding a senior position at Landes and Ann.
She has held several positions in the company and became president and CEO in 2015.
Today, Duluth Trading Company stores are located in western Colorado, Virginia, Pennsylvania and eastern New Jersey.
Dulus has gained strong momentum in entering the retail market.
I think they have a loyal customer base.
The company cares about their shoppers.
However, they must pay attention to their investors, who are shocked by the lack of profitability.
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