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easy effortless printmaking for children

by:QiMeng     2019-09-24
Typically, the child\'s craft prints are not reserved for experienced artists who want to create an artwork.
Many different media are used.
Some people think it was invented by ancient Chinese, but it cannot be proved.
Albrecht Durer created the complex block printing edition, printed on the press and accompanied by the first printing of the German Bible during the Renaissance.
He used very sharp knives and planing tools, and he cut all the places from the wood that he wanted to keep White, leaving only where he wanted to print black.
It takes a bit of planning, time and thinking because you have to think back.
The final product will appear in the opposite way, so any letter or word must be designed and cut back to print the positive word.
Etchingsprintking is also made using sand slabs coated with a thin layer of wax.
A sharp tool is used to scrape the wax and reveal the sandstone below.
When the design is completed, the acid is applied.
Acid enters the exposed sandstone but does not enter the wax.
Later, the plates were heated to melt the wax, leaving only the etched sandstone.
The plate is then printed and the ink is attached to the etched part, not to the raised part.
Printing is still a mirror image of the original design, so you have to think back.
These etching was later done on a metal like a copper plate.
Etchings are usually black and white, although they can be painted later. Child-
As you can see, these printmaking methods are time-consuming and require intellectual effort to complete, as well as the use of dangerous sharp tools.
Over the years, this has made prints very unsafe for children.
I had to use a felt block to make a block pattern in high school, but I still had to use some fairly sharp tools to cut myself more than once.
Although felt more like a child
Friendly and convenient, still not advisable for primary school children.
That\'s why these methods are so popular.
If you want to expose your child to some interesting and different artistic performances, you have to try this method of block printing.
Creativity and fun.
They also made great plates for T-printing
You may want to make your shirt and cotton cloth into a pillow or quilt for later use.
Today, the foam block printed foam is cheap and easy to get.
More importantly, it can hold shape or press inside at very little pressure.
I have tried several sources of foam plastics.
After discussing the invention of Gutenberg and the printing press, try to show it to the classroom or your home school.
The day of hand lettering ends with the end of the printing press, but the same goes for decorative pages and lighting in addition to block printed illustrations.
My favorite is Albrecht Durer.
Material: Foam Sheet, belt
Home Box or meat pencil and paper for designing scissors bamboo ske or knitted needle thread water-
Ink pipes in printing plants, printed newspapers of any color or disposable tablecloths require hard rubber hand paper in order to facilitate the cleaning of the hand paper.
Foam plastic trays that prepare pieces of meat to come in are sometimes available, but you have to make sure that there are no designs like signs and symbols in the foam.
This makes the tray of the grocery store unusable at times. The take-
The household boxes at the restaurant are usually perfect for this use, as they are usually labeled only on one side and there is no restaurant and logo at the bottom.
In addition, the foam plastic plates you can buy at the grocery store are also cheap sources for a lot of foam.
Cut off the molded part and save only the completely flat part printed by the block.
Make sure you don\'t make any food or bells with scissors or nails as these will appear in the final design. Step 2.
Let your child or student create the design he/she likes on a blank sheet of paper first.
For this purpose, the newsprint or print paper can work properly.
Make your design with a pencil so you can erase and make it just right.
I like to track my plate on paper so I know exactly what size I have to use.
Foam board is smaller than the belt
But both boxes are placed on a plain piece of paper.
Keep the design simple.
The foam won\'t show the details very well, so don\'t bother them.
Also keep in mind that finished printing will be a mirror image of your design.
If you put your name or initials in your design, let them go backwards. Step 3.
Once you have a design that you are satisfied with, trace it to the foam plastic with a pencil or pen and then go straight through your paper.
To ensure that the paper does not slide or move while tracking, you can tape it to the back of the paper.
You can poke holes to make points if you want, or just trace them gently.
After you remove the design paper, look at the traces again and press hard to create a clear force in the foam.
For this, please use a dry ballpoint pen or knitting needle.
All the lines you press will print white, so keep this in mind.
Once all your lines are created to your specifications, you can print and print the proof. Step 4.
The launch of inkI has seen it done with acrylic paint instead of a moderator ink.
Keep the acrylic paint moist for long enough to use (
Remember, it works fast)
You should mix the same proportion of glass windows with it.
Acrylic is what you want to use for cloth or T-shirts.
Push it out like the printmaker ink, but if possible it will work faster and more deliberately.
Foam plastic board can be used (uncut)
Or the logo side of the takeaway-
The home container squeezes the ink of the moderators and rolls with brayer until smooth.
Once the ink covers brayer smoothly, scroll it carefully to the block.
Keep in mind that the ink is thick and sticky, causing the lightweight foam to stick to the brayer, so you have to roll it quickly and firmly.
Roll several directions to make sure the ink is uniform.
You can print it now. Step 5.
Prepare your paper.
You should put a few photocopies so you can print your work without leaving the workspace.
Unlike felt block printing or wood block printing, foam plastic does not print hundreds of copies, with little or no deterioration.
In the end, the foam plastic will bend or dent, which will be your design in March.
Before this happens, you should be able to create dozens of copies if you wish.
I like to create as much as possible for special handmade greeting cards and homemade book covers.
Because the foam plastic is very light, it is better to place the ink foam face down on the prepared paper.
Use a wooden spoon, a clean brayer or your hand to put the foam completely firmly on paper or cloth.
Once you decide that the paper has received all the ink it can receive, gently pull the plate down from the paper.
In the process of lifting, try not to bend the foam, otherwise it will be printed into a line after bending, marking the future printing. Re-
Once you print this paper you have to re-print
Print another copy on the plate with ink.
Do this every time for as many prints as possible.
The foam board can print up to 25 copies or more before starting to bend or showing signs of loose details.
If you don\'t want to make 25 copies, make at least 5 copies.
This gives you enough to save one and give away a few.
Try to make friends with friends and then exchange your friends with your friends.
Later, after the ink dries, you can add another color or additional design to the print.
If you want it to look like fine French designer paper, you can also add decorative text.
Like some of my students, creating block prints using multiple colors, you have to cut the block to be printed to make it completely different from the block.
Print out the first color in ink.
Then ink the missing part in a separate color and carefully place it on the paper in the design hole.
You have to do ink and print separately for each print.
It\'s more time consuming, but some kids find it challenging and creative. Step 6.
Finally, you are ready to sign your work.
If you are satisfied with your work, be sure to sign it.
Signature means you, the artist, approve the print you created.
Sign in the lower right corner with a pencil instead of a pen.
To prove that this is a limited edition, you want to put the number of prints on the left hand side.
This adds value to the work.
If you print 25 prints and you are signing the fifth print, please sign 5/25.
The first copy can be signed as a \"proofread\" and may not be given a number if you wish.
This means that you want to track each print on the block and arrange it in order.
This also means that you have to print all you want before you start signing so you know the final total.
You can name your work if you like it or fit it.
Place the title between the version number and the signature.
In the end, I found these interesting and exciting expressions for me and the children.
We like every minute.
This process takes time and preparation.
It\'s a bit confusing but I always find it interesting.
There are newspapers and disposable tablecloths around the work area, and the restaurant is kept to a minimum. Enjoy.
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