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eight effective ways to live like a local when you travel

by:QiMeng     2019-09-04
There was a time when tourists wanted to be fed, pampered and moved from country to country collectively, but thought their holiday was a success because they \"escaped \".
\"The world is becoming more convenient now and travelers are getting to know more about their destinations.
They don\'t want to escape. they want to experience it.
The hottest trend to enter tourism: experiential tourism.
According to the latest American Express Consumer and savings tracking survey, 48% of respondents seek meaningful experiences while traveling.
They want to immerse themselves in the culture and heritage of their destination.
\"Experienced travelers want a real local experience compared to standard travel itineraries,\" said David Payne, vice president of travel at American Express.
\"These people invest in tourism and what they want to do is not just see the destination where they want to live like the locals.
\"Customers continue,\" a traveler wants to learn about local traditions and feel like they have a real insider experience when they come to a destination.
\"So I want to know, what is it that makes us spend our holidays like a local?
This is my eight most effective methods. . .
Live like a local-
Just yesterday, a friend told me that she had a recent trip.
She didn\'t tell me about the museum or mention her hotel.
She told me that she met a lovely couple with her husband who invited them home for cocktails.
\"It\'s great to see how the locals live,\" she said . \". Yes!
That\'s what we like. it feels like we\'re part of the community.
We belong there.
The locals linked us to other places. Home Exchange -
There\'s nothing like walking in the outdoor market in a quiet morning, collecting fresh eggs, vines --
Mature tomatoes, handmade cheese and hard crust bread, then take home your cache, cook it and enjoy a homemade breakfast on your terrace.
How can you do this during the holidays? Home exchange.
My family has changed home 13 times in 12 years.
Not only do you have a kitchen, but you also have a bedroom, a living room, and a bathroom!
Once you join a home exchange and pay an annual fee of about $100, you can arrange as many home exchanges as you can.
Your communication partner may live all over the country or around the world;
You live in their home when they live in your home.
You can even change your car and save on car rental!
For more information on home exchange, please visit my blog: www.
Expert in family exchange.
Cooking Class
\"Tell me what you ate, and I\'ll tell you what you are ,\"Savarin said.
I think he will advise you to have a cooking class for the next holiday.
This is a great event for families or for those traveling alone.
Eat whatever you prepare!
The food reveals the culture of a country, local farming and artisans who make local cuisine.
One of my favorite cooking schools is Sazon in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.
The chef showed us around the market, where we purchased the locally grown lunch ingredients, and then we helped him to make the martooth noodle soup, chili and Flan. Worship -
If you go to church at home, keep practicing while on vacation.
I am not referring to visiting the cathedral or taking photos of brilliant ceilings, I am referring to participating in the actual service with people nearby.
Even if the priest speaks a different language, you can simply sit down and absorb spiritual energy.
Before your next holiday, enter your religion online and the name of the city you will visit, as well as the choice of bingo church!
If you add \"speak English\", your holiday city may provide you with specific services.
Many churches in America. S.
Provide pancake breakfast or bake sales to raise money.
What a delicious way to meet the locals and enjoy a cheap meal or a banana bread! Recreation -
Entertainment means the recovery of spirit and strength after work.
Do you go to the beach by bike, jogging, fishing?
Anyway, you may never have enough time to enjoy it when you are at home.
Holiday time should include a lot of entertainment time.
A few years ago, my family completed a family exchange at Cape Cod.
The beautiful Victorian home overlooks a private freshwater lake.
Our family exchange partner told us to go to all the toys in the barn to help.
Toys include rafts, fishing poles, lanterns and several kayaks.
We are on the water almost every day.
Talk about snacks!
Dressed like a local.
I can also subtitle this and pretend it before you do it!
If you want to be a local, you \'d better look like a local.
Study the dress code of your destination.
Outside the United States. S.
Shorts are considered beach wear.
When you are wearing shorts and polo wholesale t shirts wholesale with logo on them, you look like a tourist;
Tourists carry money and expensive electronic equipment.
Pack non-branded shirts, trousers and/or skirts.
It\'s really a safety tip, not a fashion tip.
This is a useful article on how to dress like a native Spanish. Volunteer -
Voluntary travel, sometimes referred to as when travellers receive services --based vacation.
If volunteer work makes your heart sing, this is the perfect way to immerse yourself in a country.
You can join the local cause to help save sea otters, build homes or teach kids.
Not only will you meet the locals, but you will also change their lives.
I don\'t know anything about construction, but there was a weekend when my husband and I helped lay sidewalks at a primary school in Tijuana.
At lunch time, the volunteers sat in front of the small desk and four Mexican mothers provided us with delicious homemade meals.
I will always remember their kind faces.
Here is a great voluntourism article with a list of resources to help you get started: About.
Adventure Tours in the Park
On your next trip, pay attention to the people sitting in the park.
They\'re usually local. They talk. They laugh. They relax.
In all the noise
Keep in mind that this is probably one of your most important activities. Make time.
I hope these tips will help you live like a local and really experience your next holiday destination.
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