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eight simple rules to get white shirts right: here\'s how you can pull off the trend this summer

by:QiMeng     2019-09-05
We all have a white shirt in our wardrobe.
While this is a trusted staple in smart office clothing, this sweltering summer offers an excellent opportunity
Think about how you wear it.
Who can take the hint better than actress Helen Millen, who wears her on the red carpet, or a trendy Megan Markle who likes to cram her jeans at will.
Last month, a relaxed Duchess of Sussex was spotted wearing an oversized shirt and cowboy while watching Prince Harry play polo in Coworth Park.
Don\'t make mistakes that think they\'re boring --
This season\'s stylish white shirt comes in a variety of elegant shapes with clever groove sleeves
The collar is even a dazzling ornament.
Each occasion has its own style --
And every shape.
There are also some new fabrics, such as stretch silk, which will feel cool in hot weather and elegant in the evening.
Classic, crisp, versatile, follow these simple rules and the white shirt will never go wrong. . .
If you\'re worried about your upper arm, instead of hiding them under long sleeves, try the less tight wide short sleeves.
The shirt buckled around the neck is better for the smaller bu, and the Open tie is better for the larger bu.
No woman is willing to do this --
But for a white shirt, casual fashion without creases and pull is important.
Balance the wide skirting of a wide skirt with a bold pattern?
Keep the other places simple with a no collar style. This V-
The neck option will stretch your body, slim your upper body and balance the bright midi-
The dress does not look picky
It won\'t beam around the waist.
Take it to a beach that\'s not as fragile as capetan, but oh-so-elegant —
White shirt with roll sleeves is the perfect beach set-up.
Choosing an oversized version means you can hide any lumps and bumps.
When will it be stuffed into this package?
The neckline of the stylish shirt is beautiful, and when it draws eyes down, it is perfect for a bigger depression.
Wear high matching-waisted skirt.
You can wear it.
Stylish shirts and trousers are the most popular stars and T-shirts of the season.
But they will mess up your waist and make you look bulky.
Balance your look and slim figure by choosing a cropped style or a style tied to the waist, especially if you are a pear
Larger shape of hips.
Learn from casual to formal work layering-
Just slide your favorite white shirt under the shift dress and the collar will stick out and the button on the top will be done.
Fake WAISTIf your clothes have curtains covering your waist-
Like this one.
Wear a casual white shirt and slim your middle.
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