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\'el chapo\' guzman facing life as lawyers offer extraordinary capitulation in \'trial of the century\'

by:QiMeng     2019-08-29
After 25 years of running
Mexico\'s most notorious drug lord has finally spent his day in court.
After thirty minutes, everything is over.
$14 billion man Joaquin \"El Chapo\" Guzman, a short fat 61-year-
On the last day of Barack Obama\'s presidency, the leader of the old cartel was sent to the United States and only one witness was summoned to defend him.
Even that witness, a FBI agent, who gave brief evidence about a cocaine supplier, testified to the prosecution, was reluctant.
Jeffrey lichmann, Guzman\'s lawyer, said in court: \"He has no intention of helping me . \"
On Monday, the jury will retire, considering their judgment on 10 trafficking, money laundering and gun charges at the end of the trial, and the prosecution said he presented evidence of an \"avalanche, it proved that he had escaped from a highly secure Mexican prison on more than one occasion.
The trial is always dramatic.
Even before the start of November, a lawyer who wanted to be Guzman held a press conference outside the court, a woman who claimed to be his longtime lawyer.
The missing sister appeared.
The question of what attitude the lawyer would take in such a case has caused debate.
Rumors abound about mysterious cartel leaders who can testify.
A member of the jury panicked in the waiting room and had to take an ambulance to the hospital.
Once it finally starts, it\'s more than delivered
In fact, people\'s interest is so great that at 2: 30 a. m. this week, at a temperature of minus 14 degrees Celsius, Brooklyn court lined up outside.
It opens the lid of the world\'s largest drug trafficking network, the Sinaloa cartel.
In fact, this is by far the largest drug trial in the United States.
Provide bombs after bombs every day-as a network in the United States says, it\'s a trial of \"murder, mistress and matching velvet.
That\'s because when one of Guzman\'s mistresses went to court and gave tearful testimony to the man she still thought was her honey, his wife, we --
The Born Beautiful Queen Emma Colonell appeared in court in a chestnut velvet suit worn the same day as her husband.
Guzman appeared in court videos wearing loose jeans, polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and baseball caps, and he wore fashionable suits every day.
On the first day of the trial, his shirt opened to the chest in a true scar-face style, as he walked into the room with a big swing.
Perhaps this seems appropriate: the first 1932 Scarface films were based on Al Capone\'s life-the last one to be declared Chicago\'s number one public enemy, before Guzman won the championship in 2013.
After a period of rest, he came back with it-guess it was his lawyer who told him that the expression was bad-and since then he began to listen intently, through his translation, shake hands with his team every day.
When he saw 29-year-
Old MS Cornel in Kardashiana-
Like the mother of his seven children. year-
The old twin daughter, he will wave to her.
Later, at the trial, the actor who played Guzman in the current Netflix series \"Marcos: Mexico\" appeared in court, Guzman-who famously wanted a film of his life believed to be, his meeting with Sean Payne to discuss the matter led to his arrest-he was pleased to wave to Alejandro Edda.
\"I didn\'t smile back.
I\'m just respecting him, \"said Edda.
\"I was shocked to some extent.
He looks nervous.
He said a lot in his eyes.
He\'s a little scary.
Some of the 56 witnesses called by the prosecution have also avoided eye contact.
Christian Rhodes is freaking out.
Looks like an expert who testified how he got the FBI into all of Guzman\'s communications.
He overheard a discussion about \"how Chapo\'s IT guy works for Americans\" and quickly fled his life-he has been hiding and electric since then
Others are more provocative.
There are \"Chupeta\", which is lollipops, a Colombian drug lord who has done so many plastic surgery to avoid being found that his face is no longer meaningful.
He acknowledged that there were 150 murders, a major source of cocaine from Guzman;
During the peak period, Chupeta\'s operation in Colombia was to send 12 to 14 aircraft to Mexico every night, and Guzman estimated to cost US $0. 64 billion.
In the United States, the senior lieutenant of Guzman Pedro Flores, faced with the impossible decision to choose between Guzman and the hostile cartel, accepted the nuclear option and went to the United States authorities to propose to act as an informant.
There is also the brother and son of Guzman\'s partner in the cartel, Ismael \"El Mayo\" Zambada, who is still on the run and is now the world\'s largest drug dealer.
Then the pilot said he saw his opponent buried alive.
A friend of the killer, who tells how Guzman ordered the killing in a soundproof room;
The secretary tells about the yacht, the Beach House and the private zoo, which has lions, tigers and crocodiles, and a small train to get guests through it.
His legal team knows that there is nothing they can do to counter the rogue witness line.
So they tried to take \"El Mayo\" as the real villain and show Guzman that he was just a low-level agent.
They also did their best to discredit the \"proven liar\" of the prosecution march, which Mr Lichtman called scum \".
Guzman himself spoke to Judge Brian Cogan only once through a translator at Monday\'s trial: \"I will not testify.
They gave me advice and I agreed.
\"If he is convicted as expected, he will face life imprisonment.
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