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elementary school supply list: special education supplies

by:QiMeng     2019-10-03
Many people look forward to buying school supplies every year.
Even if you already have a backpack or a set of markers for the previous school year, you can still use it and it\'s exciting to get some new supplies.
Whether you are a teacher, a parent or a student, I believe you are familiar with the list of supplies that primary school teachers put together every year.
I strongly recommend that special education teachers list separately.
There are specific supplies in the classroom that you want, and materials that make it easier for students to transition because they don\'t need to carry that much back and forth.
As parents of special education students, consider sending some or all of these supplies with your students.
Kleenex: you will experience a lot of Kleenex in your special education room and therefore need your own supply.
I would suggest listing at least three boxes on the supply list.
You will most likely need more throughout the year, but this should get you through the first few months of the school year.
1 plastic folder with pockets at the bottom: for special education students, it is important to take a separate folder from the classroom as their paperwork and notes.
If there are two folders that take home too messy, teachers can consider making a routine so that students have time to collect their papers from the special education room and file them in their folders every day
Plastic pencil/pencil case: there is a box with basic supplies in the special education classroom, which will greatly reduce the time for students to run back and forth between the general education and special education classrooms.
Many general education teachers also ask for boxes.
They are very cheap during the school supply shopping season, so as parents, pick up two.
1 set of crayons (classic colors)
: Again, having duplicate materials will save teachers and students a lot of time and energy.
While some items may need to be marked or colored pencils, crayons will cover most of the work that students need to do.
Big key calculator: as a special education teacher, I learn calculator skills with all my students above grade 1.
Although I have also taught computing skills, using a calculator is a life skill that everyone needs to know.
Having a simple calculator with big keys will make the early calculator tasks less frustrating and overwhelming.
Glue sticks: When I modified the work for my students, I used a lot of glue sticks to cut and paste and also used a lot of other items for my classroom.
Usually I ask each student for three sticks at the beginning of the school year so they have one to use and I get two more sticks.
Again, you may need more throughout the year, but it will be a good start.
Scissors: make sure the students have the right size scissors in their hands.
A communication Notebook: I detail the importance of a communication notebook in this article.
A communication notebook can be any ordinary notebook.
Make sure the student\'s name has a clear label on the cover or inside the notebook so that it doesn\'t mix up with another student\'s notebook.
Change clothes completely: at some point in the school year, even older students may need to change clothes.
For example, a fourth-grade student may slip in a mud pit during recess, or sprinkle milk on his shirt at lunch.
For young students, it is helpful to have extra clothes in both the general and special education rooms.
Consider suitable clothing for seasonal use.
Shorts are perfect for the first month of school, but make sure the students also have pants.
If parents do not provide warmer clothes at the beginning of the year, please send a reminder later.
Clorax wipes: wipes are very helpful for quick hygiene throughout the classroom.
When teachers or assistants have some extra time during the day, they can wipe the surface.
Students can also assist in cleaning, especially in the classroom areas they often use, such as their tables.
One of the 75 wipes for each student is a large number of wipes for the school year.
Hand sanitizer: While hand sanitizer cannot replace the need for regular hand washing, it is very helpful to keep around so that you and your students can quickly disinfect all day as needed.
Paper: I taught the area of special education for four years and by the end of the school year almost always ran out of white Copy Paper.
It is very helpful to have some extra packages around, especially for completing the IEP paperwork.
It is also good to have students on hand to use as waste paper and any amount of art projects.
Also, I used a lot when revising student work.
What should I add to this list? Let me know!
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