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endometriosis is real and periods shouldn\'t be painful — despite what my first doctor told me

by:QiMeng     2019-09-20
I lay on the floor of the bathroom
My shirt was soaked with sweat and my body twitched due to dehydration.
The pain in my menstrual period paralyzed people.
Nausea causes vomiting and I can\'t see the aura of a migraine.
This has been the case since I entered puberty (
Unfortunately 11 years old)
But it\'s worse now.
When I feel optimistic, I think the only benefit of having two big brain tumors during puberty and early adulthood is that I have stopped menstruation for many years. Silver linings.
But once the tumor is removed, my menstruationand the pain —
Back soon.
I finally went to see a gynecologist.
He was highly recommended for endocrine studies.
This is the kind of professional I am looking for to be able to understand the hormonal imbalance caused by my tumor.
I told him that I was bleeding for a couple of weeks at a time and the pain was very serious and I thought I might have had an EMS.
He laughed at me.
So I lived in pain for another five years.
When I was 25 years old, I found an expert who took me seriously.
She went in and looked at it.
Through the keyhole surgery, she was able to see a distinct endometrial disease on the pelvic side wall and on my gut.
The procedure to remove it is complicated, resulting in the postoperative
Surgical Infection
I had antibiotics and painkillers in the hospital for a few weeks.
EMS is a strange disease.
It is a place where tissues similar to the endometrium grow in other parts of the body --
In my case, I have both organs and intestines.
This tissue bleed every month in the same way as the endometrium.
But, unlike the lining, it\'s hard for the body to get rid of it.
Monthly growth will continue to expand, leading to severe pain, inflammation and fertility problems.
About 700,000 Australian women
About ten percent of us. have it.
But there\'s usually ten years.
The diagnosis was delayed for a long time because the symptoms were changeable and because of lack of awareness.
Check how my first doctor reacted.
Even once a woman is diagnosed, the next step-
What should the pain do-
It is still being formulated.
Hormone therapy such as birth control pills can inhibit the menstrual cycle, thus slowing the growth of the endometrium, but will not solve potential problems.
There are other drugs that interfere with estrogen production.
It also slows down and even temporarily stops new damage.
But they also have some unpleasant potential. effects.
Although certain painkillers can eliminate pain, I have never found a pain killer that can completely eliminate it.
Exercise was also beneficial, but during my time I could barely walk to the bathroom, not to mention jogging nearby.
So the only thing left is surgery.
Even so, some doctors are hesitant about multiple laparoscopic surgeries because they sometimes increase the pain in women whose symptoms are rapidly recurring.
I am now 30 years old and one day I still find myself lying on the bathroom floor and holding a hot bag in my hand while vomiting pain medication doesn\'t help me much.
I had another surgery last month.
The doctor found that my fallopian tubes were covered with adhesion (scar tissue)
They only managed to get one person to work again.
The endometrium around my gut must also be removed.
The child is still an option for me, but the endometrium scar
A normal fallopian tube.
It will make things more difficult.
The \"month\" is the EMS publicity month, calling for more research, better treatment and education on how the disease affects women\'s lives.
I am writing this to do my part because I want other women with this disease to know that they are not alone.
I also hope that doctors will become better listeners.
They don\'t feel like someone has stabbed you repeatedly in your abdomen, and they don\'t let you lose your power for a few days at a time.
So if that\'s how you feel during your period, go see a doctor.
If they don\'t listen, find someone who will listen.
Trust your intuition. I wish I had.
Stephanie dalzer, a political reporter at the ABC house of parliament bureau, wrote the article in the hospital when she was treated for surgery for endometrial diseases.
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