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ethiopia crash: grief-stricken families have no remains to bury

by:QiMeng     2019-09-27
HEJERE in Ethiopia
Too much to bear.
She feared that she had no relatives, no bodies, and no bodies to bury.
She picked up a handful of dirt and threw it on her face, overcoming the difficulties.
On Thursday, more families arrived at the site of a plane crash that killed 157 people.
When they come, they hope to bring some traces of home to their loved ones.
When they learned that nothing was left, some people knelt down sadly.
Others are rushing forward, crying or shaking in the arms of their loved ones.
Mourning and frustration are intertwined.
For some people, their faith determines that they have to bury something.
\"The big family, many people, and the whole state of Israel are waiting for these remains, and we will not leave Ethiopia until we find them to be buried,\" said Mohi Beaton of Israel, he lost his brother, Simon Daniel REM Beaton.
\"Because if not, they will not go missing for the rest of their lives, and we cannot do so in our religion.
Some Muslim families are troubled.
A body must be buried as soon as possible.
All gathered at the dusty crash site in rural areas outside the capital of Adis Abeba.
The dead were from 35 countries.
Some families, including the flight\'s senior pilot Capt.
Yared Getachew came here with a big picture of the deceased.
One of the victims was a great pride in wearing a graduate student\'s hat and gown.
Other arrivals are wearing black T-shirts
Shirt with commemorative photos.
They hold incense and the flame burns in the wind.
A man took a torn file showing a picture of a deceased man.
In the background, searchers carrying large and transparent plastic bags continue to move slowly in the ruins to find more.
Some relatives at the scene expressed frustration that the authorities did not share the information they needed urgently.
An airline spokesman said Wednesday that some bodies had been found and were waiting in the refrigerator for forensic DNA work required for identification.
On Thursday, it was no longer clear how long the work would take, once estimated to be five days or more.
The Israeli consul in Ethiopia, Opher Dach, suggested sending the remains to a British laboratory.
The airline has been overwhelmed by various demands, announcing that it will no longer accept questions from journalists and will post any progress on social media and its website.
Even at the airline briefing for the family in Yadis Abba, some tearful relatives rushed out and asked for more.
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