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euro 2016 diary: morata\'s revenge, roadtrips and journo fights

by:QiMeng     2019-08-27
Gerrard Pique won the champion Spain\'s 2016 Euro on the fourth day at the expense of the Czech Republic, starting with a victory, and while Italy brought Belgium back to Earth after Ireland, it had to be satisfied with 1-
A draw with Sweden.
But we have learned more, like football is probably not the most popular sport in France this summer.
2016 Euro has a competitor in LYONMost and most people will think it won\'t be bigger and better than a big game in a football match --mad France.
But for a group of devotees keen on the Pei tank, a match next to Rhone on Monday morning is thought to be at least with Didier Deschamps trying to lift the third Henry de.
Paired with polo wholesale t shirts wholesale and straw hats, an announcement on a loud speaker, and the impossible accompaniment sponsored by Mercedes, a social event, let the first game of the European Championship be held later that evening at the Lyon stadium, a typical French match.
Allez Crystal column!
Morata\'s revenge on all the strikers who have been denied by the offside striker any striker will be recognized by Alvaro Morata on Sunday.
The Juventus player took the lead in Spain\'s first game against the Czech Republic, but his most striking contribution in a difficult game was to an assistant referee, Manuel Sokolniki.
It is true that he could have done not much to avoid wiping out the person on the touchline when trying to get his pass back without a foothold.
But at least sokolini did not cook a meal with it.
The first rule of the fight club is that you don\'t talk about the fight club. The violent scene that destroyed the trip to Marseille in Russia over the weekend was almost copied at the media opportunity of the team\'s croissey base-sur-Seine River on Monday
A Russian journalist asked another journalist to be quiet, but it would only add to the anger of his grumpy colleague, who started yelling at him as he threatened to head to his desk and seemed
Only the involvement of a third Russian journalist prevented the two from fighting boxing.
He managed to restrain his fellow citizens in a timely manner, led him out of the room, and foreign media groups looked at him in confusion.
The goodjonson family\'s away trip, when your country is never eligible for a big tournament like Iceland, you want to go there when your hero finally makes his debut.
That\'s what the goodjonson family thinks.
Alex Burd, the man they told us, \"it\'s a lifetime experience and it may never happen again . \".
\"It will be unforgettable when the national anthem rings.
\"The best way to reach St --Etienne?
It has more than 1500 miles, so one might think the plane is the logical answer.
But this is not the case with the goodjonson family.
Family car home tour is like this!
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