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everyone for tennis: fred perry celebrates 60 years as a sportswear icon

by:QiMeng     2019-09-07
In a year of unprecedented success in British sports, one should also celebrate the legacy of a great tennis man.
More than 60 years ago, Frederick John Perry of Stockport
He was born in the son of a cotton spinning worker and the first English player to win all four Grand Slam events, showing extraordinary foresight by naming a simple sweatshop
As a player, Perry wrapped medical gauze around his right wrist to protect his racket, wiping the sweat on his forehead when he won Wimbledon tennis for three consecutive years, from 1934 to 1936-the last British male to win sw19.
At the end of the 1940 s, Austrian football player Tibi Weigner proposed a counter-proposal to Perry.
Sweat to wear around the wrist;
Perry\'s later prototype was made with a towel and was barely light.
But, after some adjustments, Perry\'s first commercial venture was put into production in Leicester, and he and Wegner promoted the idea by giving top players free of charge and convincing them to wear these outfits in the tournament.
This simple sportswear has made Fred Perry a remarkable success, and this pair of sportswear continues to create a slim figure.
Fitted knitted cotton pique shirt in crisp white with the traditional dress code of the game.
As a pipe-sucking person, Perry initially planned to use the pipe as a sign of the company, but was quickly persuaded by Weigner who \"didn\'t expect the girls to go \".
On the contrary, Wegener suggested the laurel wreath, a symbol of victory, achievement and status in ancient Greece, decorating Perry\'s Davis Cup sweater and travel jacket.
Surprisingly, given Perry\'s history of conflict with the All-England Tennis Club, he was opposed as a staff member
First class upstart, his level of performance means that he has been labeled \"not one of us\" in a traditional exclusive competition allowing the wreath to be used as a logo. And so the now-
The iconic polo shirt was put into production in 1952.
Once again, the distribution strategy allowed Perry and vergener to distribute shirts to top players at the time, and they found that slim fit tailoring had been a welcome relief from the loose style they had previously worn.
Perry wrote shortly before his death in 1995: \"As a real person, I never worry about admitting that my name is more famous around the world than because I won the Wimbledon Open three times, it\'s because of Fred Perry\'s shirt and sportswear.
\"But how does his brand become such a permanent cool brand?
Although Perry and his business partners have proposed a marketing and distribution strategy that is clearly moving forward --
Think about it, it is the rise of the mod movement-followed by the rise of many sub-cultures it has produced over the last 50 years-that has left an indelible Foundation for Fred Perry\'s success.
\"The Birth of the Mod movement is where sportswear enters fashion and street wear,\" said Richard Martin, marketing director of the brand, which was acquired in 1995 by Japan\'s Hit Union.
\"The city street dress is about the cut of your suit, the length of your pants, the secret rebellion and grandeur of this communication-Fred Perry is part of it.
\"The finicky look-slim --cut, single-breasted three-
The shark skin or Ma Mao button set on Fred Perry\'s shirt-represents an era when people start looking forward rather than backward.
By 1960, the young British working class, without the pressure of conscription or financial support for the family, has the freedom and money to explore its own sense of fashion.
Thus, the Ministry of Defense Movement has found a foothold among the boys who show off to other boys.
The final Peacock
Ish\'s demand for more varieties of shirts led to the introduction of the color of the series, which was later implemented now-
Trademark double tip on shirt collar and cuffs.
This later became a big hit for football fans who can use the typical mod-
Attention to detail.
British director Don Letts produced a series of films for the brand\'s anniversary celebration, exploring the cultural scene and hierarchy of the past 60 years, track linear connections from 1950-year-old Teddy boy through mods, rock, punk, bald, rude boys, two Toners, soul boys, in late 1990, the new swing and swing to the British.
Watch the archive footage of the mods at the south end of the waterfront, with their buzz and Sta-
More recently, Damon albahn and the Gallagher brothers have been moping about wearing Fred Perry\'s sportswear in the new millennium, and the continued relevance of these costume references and their impact on current designers is evident.
A big part of Fred Perry\'s appeal is the nostalgia that clothing evokes.
However, the continued impact of the brand is also the result of a series of relationships that have come out of the norm and have been given precise consideration.
For many, the vague lead singer, Albarn, is more contemporary than anyone else.
Since the release of Blur\'s second album \"Modern life is rubbish\" in 1993, and Paul Spencer\'s promotional image \"British Image 1\", the musician is often seen wearing a Fred Perry polo shirt and Harrington jacket.
\"During the fuzzy 2009 party, we received a call from [Damon]
\"He asked for eight specific-style shirts, which he then wore from the Colchester electric shed to Hyde Park shows and Glastonbury,\" Martin revealed . \".
In these days, corporate sponsors do not consider their logo under any circumstances, no matter how inappropriate it may seem, this natural promotion is almost priceless.
In Fred Perry\'s case, this is actually the case because the brand refuses to pay people to wear its products-a policy that Perry himself started in the 1970 s.
Martin added that every different character of Albarn in Blur, Gorillaz, and Dr Dee was wearing shirts of different colors and Harrington jackets.
Another musician who joined the brand was the late Amy Winehouse.
\"She is a huge Perryhead,\" Martin said . \".
\"We talked to her management a few years ago about working together through her stylist.
She went through quite a bit of trouble at that stage-those black, Camden times-when she was in a better place we decided to pick it up.
A year later, we got a call from her manager.
When we met Amy, it was hard to get her past the pure Fred Perry product.
She would say, \"it\'s perfect. what should I do ? \"
The designer talked to her about her own retro style, blending the 1950 style
Details she likes.
\"She took the traditional male clothes and used a hat sleeve or a halfsheer fabric.
\"She always wears a collar, so we do that,\" Martin said . \".
When the singer died last year, the brand had to decide whether to continue the line and how to continue it.
After talking to the family and management of Winehouse, it was decided to continue the operation and the profit would be donated to the foundation in her name.
Designed by friends of Winehouse and clothing designer Amy Molyneaux of PPQ, the collection continues to sell well, especially in the Far East.
\"We have obviously built music legends that wear subcultures uniforms that we belong to,\" Martin said . \" Before getting a list of entries from the Fred Perry Hall of Fame, he said: \"Terry Hall, Paul Weiler, Ray Davis, Damon Alba-but there\'s going on, too, contemporary relevance to bands such as the double door Film Club.
\"Achieving the right balance between the past, the present, and the future on one axis, sports, music and fashion on the other axis, is a complex and remote part --
Strategy for the brand.
The proof of its success comes from the double
Year-on-year growth, quarter-on-quarter growth.
This is partly because, as the economy shrinks, retailers hedge their bets well --
Well-known classic brands usually have specific ideas and fan base to ensure sales.
Fred Perry is currently focusing on expansion in the Far East, South America and the Middle East.
Men\'s wear is the main focus of the brand, the largest share of turnover, although the classic 1952 cotton pique shirt is still the best seller, recent collaborations with designers such as Richard Nicoll and Raf Simons have helped to broaden the company\'s horizons.
This season, Nicol designed women\'s clothing for the brand for the last time.
The laurel wreath collection features classic 1960 s style with equestrian patterns and modern traditional fabrics as its theme.
His appointment in 2010
John Flynn, director of marketing, said, \"Richard\'s typical feminine, traditional male styling and silhouette style is perfect for us.
\"Simmons recently worked as creative director of Dior, designed the laurel wreath men\'s clothing collection between fall 2008 and spring 2011, and continued to play the role of spring 2013 with a route that has already been well received.
\"He\'s a highly conceptualized designer, but also understands what you have to think about in order to make sure the series is sold,\" Martin said . \".
\"His understanding of the British creative culture has influenced his collection since the 1990 generation, whether it\'s Peter Savile, Paul Weiler or the Joey Division, Fred Perry is one of them
When I first emailed him
About working with us.
It\'s about five minutes later.
Simmons of the project said: \"Cooperation is natural, probably because we share the same spirit and thoughts.
Quality is very important to me.
\"This is the latest addition to the brand\'s product line --
Up fits well with the founder\'s original career: Bradley Wiggins\'s bike shirt collection comes in Olympic color.
Modernism is an important part of the identity of an Olympic athlete, and the shirt with his name on it-quite sweet on the label sewn on his pekit-is the classic of that design era.
\"He doesn\'t want this to be a technical bike series,\" Martin explained . \".
\"We don\'t do that, so do others.
If you go back to the bike shirt in the block at the beginning of 1960
Part of London-colored merino wool
Wardrobe based on mod.
Earlier this year, halfway through Wiggins\'s winning Tour de France, the series sold out in a few weeks.
\"Bradley could have fallen in the first week, but he won, and a week later he won the gold medal in the time series,\" Martin said . \".
\"He is now on the road to go beyond his movement to become this wonderful cultural icon.
\"I remember my first Fred Perry shirt,\" Wiggins added . \" He loves the brand.
\"I bought it in 1989, the standard polo in blue, I bought it myself.
I looked at Quadrophenia and started to get into mod look-that was the first time I met Fred Perry.
For me, the look of the mod is always about the little face, and then, after that, apparently Paul Weiler and The Jam, the revival stuff.
People like Paul Weiler thank me for my shirt which is good for me.
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