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everything he touches turns to tommy

by:QiMeng     2019-09-06
The empty corridor of the elmela free college is filled with the general feeling of American high school.
The aroma of fried fat from the cafeteria.
The mop of the administrator slaps the floor.
When the bell rings, the students explode from more than a dozen classrooms, and the corridors are packed with noise and fashion labels: CK, Nautica, Polo Hilfiger.
But Hilfiger is more than they are.
Indeed, so many students-
Black, white, Asian, Latino-
Wearing the Hilfiger tag, it is easy to imagine that the name of the school team has changed from Blue Devils to Hilfiger.
Carlos Flores, 17year-
The old Elmira senior in a Hilfiger shirt explains the charm: \"You can relax when you put on his clothes, because you know you\'re wearing something on TV,
Someone might say, \'Hey, that shirt is really ugly.
But you know it\'s Hilfiger, so everything is OK.
\"The Hilfiger trend of this school may have been exaggerated. Elmira, N. Y.
After all, it\'s Tommy\'s hometown.
But his clothes are in high school and shopping centers all over the country.
In less than five years, Tommy Hilfiger has become a brand and a pop celebrity
The home opponent is Denzel Washington.
He expanded his team and his appeal, including businessmen in suits, toddlers in overalls and women who tend to be classic.
Devotees can see Tommy interviewing on MTV.
They can find his sense of fashion in his new book, all Americans.
\"If that\'s not enough, they can make a pilgrimage to a Hilfiger supermarket in Beverly Hills, the first in the world and are scheduled to open in November. 16.
Although the opening of the Rodeo Drive store has signaled to some that Hilfiger is already yesterday\'s news among the City elite, he has seized the loyalty of an extensive intersection
Part of the American
These fans made Tommy Hilfiger $600. million-a-
They turned his company\'s stock into one of the hottest fashion issues in the market.
While many in the fashion world insist that Hilfiger is not a real designer, it\'s all true.
\"He\'s not a classic designer like [Isaac]
\"Mizrahi,\" said Mary Essex, head of fashion at Parsons School of Design in New York.
Many Parsons graduates work in Hilfiger\'s design department, but school students are more fascinated by his success than his design.
\"He\'s more of a follower and a retailer,\" she said . \"
\"His success was because he went out to play with Snoopy dogs.
\"Ambitious fashion students looking at profits will do a good job in studying how Hilfiger happened.
\"He\'s like a living textbook about how to do it,\" said Dean staddle, the only business course he offered for fashion designer Professor Parsons.
\"Fashion is a business environment, not an ivory tower.
A successful designer business is built on complex relationships with suppliers, retailers and consumers.
Tommy is very good at dealing with these relationships.
He is very good at selling himself.
\"Now Tommy will open a shop in the best place in the country --
Beverly Hills is a famous retail place.
On the Billboard above L for a long timeA.
Hilfiger planted a flagship store on Rodeo Drive, marking his entry into the streets.
Competition at such a high level
Neighbors with Hermes, Gucci and Fred Hyman. Inside the two-story, 20,000-square-
Hilfiger will provide his main accommodation-
Refreshing but colorful casual wear designed for men-
And a variety of departments.
Kind of like Tommy\'s department store, not like Sears.
The theme area will include a golf course, small leather goods and an exclusive rock collection \".
\"In addition to the department store\'s lunch counter or the ubiquitous cafe, it will also offer the Wolfgang Parker cafe.
\"The flagship store will be an opportunity to show what Tommy has done,\" said Hilfiger spokesman Catherine Fisher . \".
Hilfiger\'s success has benefited from two factors: the original power of marketing genius and money.
In the aggressive advertising blitz, the money is obvious ---
Nearly $20 million last year alone. -
This made Hilfiger a household name.
Genius can see in the middle-
From prep to hip hop, elderly white people embrace almost everything in youth culturehop.
In a career that rewards both celebrities and youth, Tommy first made contact with young rappers whose influence was expanded through music videos and television.
On 1994, he appeared in Snoopy dog in Saturday night scene.
Soon his clothes were adopted by other rap artists including Mobb Deep and Grand Puba.
In the end, the relationship between clothing and music became so tight that Hilfiger ended up in rap lyrics.
At first, it was hard to imagine Hilfiger--
A man with a slightly full body, with a line back, a huge tooth smile, a blue style --blazer basic--
Become so popular with young people in the city.
He mainly sells ordinary chino.
Like decorative eyelets or bright colors, a somewhat tortuous type of pants and classic shirts.
But Hilfiger\'s straight.
When the arrow style appeared, it seemed that the young man had prepared a neat alternative garbage.
\"People want to clean it up and look more stylish,\" Joanne Deluca recalls . \"
Author of a recently published book on youth culture, street trends.
\"When the artists started wearing Tommy\'s clothes on MTV, his clothes began to fly out of the store.
Hilfiger has also benefited from the relaxed dress code in the US workplace, which has led many men to start buying shirts and trousers that are reasonably structured but comfortable.
In September, even the blue
The fashionable sharks on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange experimented on a casual Friday.
Hilfiger, while attracting MTV for the first time, bypassed the traditional fashion path.
In the past, most designers
There are few finish lines that ordinary people can afford.
Later, they fulfilled their fame or fame by lending their names to clothes in the mass market.
Instead, Hilfiger uses music videos such as fashion runways to get straight into the homes of young trendsetters.
He plays as a popular player.
Convey the label to make sure his logo is big and bright.
Hilfiger also won market share through clever pricing.
His clothes are always cheaper than his main name.
Brand rivals Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.
If a Ralph Lauren button
The price of a Hilfiger is $50, and one is $40.
He was able to weaken them to a certain extent because his company was developed by an unusual partnership.
Usually, designers like Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren sign contracts with the factory to make clothing.
Hilfiger has never set up his own company.
Instead, in 1989, he established a direct alliance with Hong Kong garment manufacturer Silas Chou, creating Tommy Hilfiger
With this partnership, Hilfiger is supported by the amount of money he needs and he is getting the stability he wants.
Made High week ago
Quality casual wear, the kind sold by Gap or Limited.
However, he is worried about cheap factories
Labor countries may withdraw orders.
Zhou believes that if he has a label for a successful designer-
People who might drive sales-
If the brand takes off, he can keep his factory running or make a profit.
Fashion companies are starting to rely on star designers-
Klein, Lauren, Perry Ellis, Donna Karan-
Just like movie studios rely on star actors.
Like Harrison Ford\'s film, a pair of jeans with the correct designer\'s name is almost guaranteed success.
Arnold Cohen, financial adviser to many fashion companies, including Hilfiger, said: \"There is an urgent need for a peson, a name that the public can identify . \".
\"Silas Zhou is an unknown person, but he has money and he is a source of manufacturing,\" Cohen continued . \".
\"He needed a name and he found Tommy.
After leaving Elmera, Hilfiger is committed to becoming a fashion brand.
He designed a variety of jobs for established clothing companies until the middle
After the 80 s, he teamed up with businessman Mohan Mujani to launch the independent Tommy Hilfiger men\'s clothing collection.
On 1986, Murjani and Hilfiger placed a billboard in Times Square, announcing that a newcomer with the initials TH will dominate men\'s wear.
Unfortunately, Hilfiger and his partner are not able to meet their bold demands.
And billboards create a lot of talk (
A big part of it is the key to what is considered excessive self. promotion)
Sales of Hilfiger\'s product line are not high.
So in 1989, when the partnership ended, Hilfiger seized the opportunity to join the week.
The new company started more cautiously, hiring experienced executives from Lauren and Liz Clapham.
One of the early employees, Jay Margolis, current chairman of Esprit apparel, looks back at Hilfiger\'s recognition and utilization of media trends that are turning models and fashion designers into pop stars similar to rock artists.
\"In the late 1980 s and early 90 s, there was a complete designer, rock star,
One thing that makes people like [very important]super]
Margolis says his Esprit company competes with Hilfiger\'s women\'s clothing.
\"In order to promote people in the fashion industry and make them rock stars, incredible efforts have been made.
Margolis said: \"This hype works because ordinary people who don\'t sing or act like superstars can at least buy clothes worn by stars.
\"People don\'t feel safe.
They want a reason to buy things . \"
As a child in his 1960 s, Tommy Hilfiger has witnessed this hype with his own eyes, and he has spent hours researching the music and style that is popular at the charming cultural center far from northern New York.
Like millions of other young people, he worships rock stars, especially Mick Jagger, who is smiling and shaking.
\"He\'s the kind of kid who reads Rolling Stone covers,\" recalls Stanley Sterman, a childhood friend who lives in elmeira.
\"He likes rock music.
He spoke smoothly.
He has a big dream.
He wants everyone to know his name.
Although Hilfiger has the figure of Mick Jagger, he is not a talented actor or a musician.
He is too young to be an athlete.
He is an ordinary student.
But he was raised by a father, a living example of other qualities that could also be the way to become a celebrity: charm and style.
Richard \"Hippo\" Hilfiger, a manufacturer of trade watches, was so popular in Elmira that today, long after his death, he was kindly placed at the Chamber of Commerce and City Hall in the downtown shops.
\"Everyone loves hippos,\" said Thomas santuli, chief executive of the county based in Elmera.
\"The jewelry store he works for is not his, but many people think he owns it.
His personality was so lively that he brought people in.
Everyone knows and loves the hippo and I have to believe that now that he\'s gone, the store is not doing very well.
\"Dad is the best dresser in town and everyone likes him,\" added Tommy\'s sister, Betsy Hilfiger . \".
Tommy has always been a dressed man, and I think it was given to me by my father. \" (
In the Almanac of the 1970 elmela free college, Tommy Hilfiger is the only senior in a herringbone jacket. )
In fact, people familiar with him often call Tommy by his father\'s nickname.
\"Do you want to know why the hippo is so big?
Frank Carey, Elmira\'s classmate, said.
\"Do you want to know why he\'s so successful?
He suddenly jumped out of the chair and reached out.
\"Hi, this is Tommy Hilfiger,\" he said with a smile, firm eyes and a strong handshake.
\"Nice to meet you.
\"Hilfiger is also known for his determination to later thrive in a competitive industry.
\"The hippo succeeded because he did not accept the negative answer,\" said Bruce Chalmers, a childhood friend of Elmira.
\"Once, he wanted the football team to have the lowest level --
But he is too thin.
He put heavy objects in his trousers so that he could pass the medical examination.
He\'s on the team.
Chalmers and others consider Hilfiger to be Elmira\'s favorite son and consider him a charming man.
The national media unanimously agreed to paint Hilfiger as a good man in fashion.
Hilfiger\'s deep involvement in philanthropy supports this image.
Over the past five years, he and his wife Susan have presided over the fund.
Raise activities for the New York Fresh Air Fund, which sends urban children to the country for the summer.
One of his eight siblings was a sister with multiple hardening and Hilfiger was involved in raising money for MS research. He sponsored T-
Shirts sold during Sheryl Crow\'s recent tour and donated the money to breast cancer research.
In El Meira, Hilfiger has raised funds at the high school stadium and one for the next-Income families.
But Chalmers warns against thinking that Tommy Hilfiger is such a good person that he can easily be beaten commercially.
He recalled that he had tried a sale over the weekend and removed a truck of Hilfiger gear in less than 48 hours.
Chalmers began talking to Hilfiger about opening a store.
\"I think he might also be willing to help others,\" Chalmers said . \".
\"But before I knew it, Tommy\'s sister called me and said I wouldn\'t go to the store, and she was opening a store in elmella.
I think it\'s okay that they want to leave it to themselves.
But Tommy can at least tell me in person.
We haven\'t spoken for four years.
A spokesman for Hilfiger provided a different version.
Chalmers, who lacks the financial resources to run a store, wants to offer other brands in the Hilfiger store, which runs counter to Hilfiger\'s retail philosophy, she said.
Last year, Tommy hilfigegoutlets of Elmira, who escaped from Bruce Chalmers, earned $435,000 in revenue.
* In some of his interviews (
He declined to interview the article)
Hilfiger described himself as a skinny, dyslexic child who became a class clown to cover up his embarrassment over poor grades.
He acknowledged the young acid travel, the early obsession with rock music, and the affinity for the culture of protest at the time.
\"We just hate everything about this institution,\" he recently told Playboy . \".
We feel terrible.
\"It could be bad at the time, but Hilfiger models are so often surrounded today by Old Glory that his ads often trigger political campaigns.
All origins of Hilfiger-
American style can be seen in and around Elmira.
The country is dotted with windy red Valley warehouses and rolling grain fields.
The center of El mai la is dominated by elegant court squares.
On both sides of the street is Victorian. era homes.
Mark Twain spent 20 summers in El Meira, the city\'s two small leagues named after Haq Finn and Tom Sawyer.
Elmira also gave Tommy Hilfiger a new start in business management.
At 1969, Hilfiger is the fifth.
High school students who can\'t find Bell
Jeans from local shops.
He opened a small shop with two friends, mainly selling Bell-
Bottom and head store items-
Roll paper, pipes, etc.
After class, the shop owner opened at 3: 00.
It is called \"people\'s place\" and is a family business that is more aggressive than anything else.
For stocking, Hilfiger will carry 300 miles of cash to New York, load his car with jeans and drive home.
In 1972, when the flood was raging over Elmira, he quickly rented space on the high ground and opened the only clothing store for a period of time. By the mid-
In his 70 s, he has seven similar stores in the north of New York, earning a decent amount of money and collecting a Porsche, a Mercedes and a Jaguar.
But with other retailers offering similar clothing, the economy in northern New York has fallen into deep recession, and people\'s lives went bankrupt in 1977.
Hilfiger went to New York and did a series of work in the fashion industry.
After the bankruptcy, Hilfiger and his wife went to India to make clothing for a manufacturer and met them when she was hired to work in a people\'s shop.
Casual pants and shirts were sold in the name of Tommy Hill and later they found it to be a trademark for others.
After returning to New York, both found work designed for Jordache until Hilfiger met Murjani in 1984.
* Today, the 10-year-old rag merchant had to wait for the school bell before opening the door, earning as much as $13 million a year, including stock options.
He has houses in Connecticut, Nantucket and music, where he is a neighbor of Mick Jagger.
The boy, who once couldn\'t get closer to rock fame than the seats at the concert, played with David Bowie and owned a series of guitars that were a gift for the famous band.
Ironically, Tommy Hilfiger came to Rodeo Drive, and his popularity among the masses marked his decline as an innovator of this style --
The leader who defines future fashion trends.
\"This is a rebound.
\"Progressive young people hate being used as billboards for the names of some big companies,\" said author DeLuca . \".
\"If you see it in El Meira, then it has disappeared in the urban environment. He\'s [Hilfiger]played out.
People like to cheer for losers. he is definitely no longer a loser.
\"So far, the shift has not weakened Wall Street\'s enthusiasm for Hilfiger\'s stock, which has been around $50 for most of the year, well above $7.
50 prices for the first public offering in 1992.
Stadel, Parsons business expert, said that if Hilfiger is careful in the next stage of his brand development, then the high price can be maintained, which will include the expansion of his product line and more overseas sales.
\"At this stage, designers go out and license people to sell all kinds of things, sheets, watches, towels, and you can name them by their name,\" Stadel said . \".
\"The key is to maintain your quality level by maintaining a high level of engagement so that the image is not eroded.
Pierre Cardan has more than 200 licenses, all of which are paid royalties for the Cardan items they sell.
Maintain quality for all of them.
Other designers have not done this and they have suffered.
\"Hilfiger is developing new production lines and starting global expansion to consolidate its financial position.
Tommy went to Europe in September and opened a small store in London.
Hilfiger children\'s wear and women\'s wear are already on sale, and household items are not far away.
All of this growth is reflected in Hilfiger\'s Manhattan headquarters, where the design team is frantically working and is reviewing deals with new manufacturers.
\"In order to continue their success, they need to have very talented people at all levels,\" added Cohen, a fashion business expert . \".
\"They need to have a clear understanding of who they are and who the customer is.
The days of making many changes are over.
People want to get basic things from Tommy.
They can make some minor changes to traditional clothing, but that\'s all.
\"With a firm attitude, Tommy Hilfiger can move on like Elvis.
\"Perry Ellis has been dead for a long time, but clothes are still sold,\" Cohen said.
\"Hilfiger\'s customers, at least those of Elmira Liberty College, agree that the image is no longer hot once the eyes of the public are gone, and what matters is clothing.
\"It\'s not a way of life for me, it\'s clothes,\" said Gavin Reynolds, 16. year-
Old African American students
\"I am happy for him and happy for all his success,\" added Johnny fummore, a fellow student at Renault and a child of immigrants from Laos.
\"But I don\'t want to be like Tommy, or like that.
Give me the clothes.
I will wear them if they are good.
\"If he could be with Johnny, Gavin, and millions of other people, Hilfiger would maintain the empire created by this reputation.
But there is no denying that Tommy Hilfiger is becoming part of an institution he once hated.
\"There will be another sexy person, a new big name, and it will happen soon,\" Cohen said . \".
\"I know because I work with the team that is going to achieve this, just like Tommy.
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