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exclusive: ralph lauren\'s olympic opening ceremony uniforms are wearable mini-heaters

by:QiMeng     2019-09-01
Ralph Lauren brought new meaning to the idea of warming up for the Winter Olympics: his team used Olympic and Paralympic athlete uniforms embedded in wearable heating technology, which will actually warm up for them.
Because who knows how cold it will be at the Pyeongchang Olympics in South Korea?
10 degrees or even lower? No problem.
Usa today exclusive coverage of February, the United States Olympic athletes will wear patriotic costumes at the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium. 9: Red-white-and-
Blue down jacket with a button on a slender battery pack inside which athletes can press for instant and long term effects
The warm and lasting vibration of the roast.
Ralph\'s son, David Lauren, chief innovation officer at Ralph Lauren, proudly said it was the coolest heating system ever.
Chief equipment engineer in the United StatesS.
Since 2008, the Olympic committee.
\"This is the most technically advanced jacket ever produced,\" Lauren said . \".
\"Blankets for kids before, but they have wires.
This is a fabric heated with ink.
It is weightless, it is conductive, it is instant. Electronic
Printing ink, printed in the shape of the American flag with carbon and silver, and glued to the inside of the jacket, with flexibility and stretching.
Fur coat of waterrepellent.
Athletes can set the temperature (
There are three settings)
Mobile phone.
Under the high setting, the Heat can last for five hours, and the low setting can last for 11 hours, fully charging.
The heating button is large enough to be used with gloves, which is crucial as the opening ceremony uniform includes large brown suede lint adventure gloves with fring and hand beads.
\"We\'re using mobile technology, so it\'s actually wired, but there\'s no wires,\" Lauren said . \".
The heating system is embedded \"there is an American flag inside the jacket that only athletes can see, so the American flag heats the jacket --
This is a symbolic ode to our flag.
\"It\'s also a symbolic ode to Ralph Lauren\'s design philosophy, strong patriotism and love for the Olympics.
Besides coats and drillscowboy gloves (
Ralph Lauren has been influenced by the West. wear looks)
The opening ceremony uniform includes the moto-
A patriotic intasia
United States Navy wool ski cap knitted wool sweater
The theme is the classic navy band with a belt with red shoelaces and brown suede hiking boots.
By the way, the hat can be customized, Lauren said.
You can write the name of your favorite athlete on it, even your mother\'s name.
The Polo ralph Lauren American team series has limited editions at select ralph Lauren retail stores and ralph Lauren.
Com and team usashop.
Com, part of which is dedicated to the United StatesS. Olympic team.
Lauren said a variety of similar products with heating technology will be available in the fall.
Lauren said all uniforms were made in the United States, eliminating the controversy that uniforms were made in China at the 2012 London Summer Olympics.
As usual, David Lauren said that the goal of Ralph Lauren\'s Olympic uniform is to create a look that \"reflects the dna of the United States\" as a country that has always moved forward and has always been innovative, A strong sense of its heritage inspires the future.
So you will see retro.
\"The gloves inspired by the Southwest add to the eclectic look of the jacket, which is the cutting edge of modern times,\" Lauren said . \".
\"What you take is jeans, a staple food in the United States, and a symbol of American style around the world, and gives it the cutting edge of new fabrics and flexibility.
You\'re making a classic movie and making it modern, which is what Ralph Lauren means.
Lauren said that the heating technology was developed specifically for Ralph Lauren and grew from the success of the jacket. medal-
At the opening ceremony of 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Michael Phelps, a swimmer with a flag, wore the flag.
Lauren said the United States on the back lit up the lights and served as a \"lighthouse\" for the team \".
\"It received an overwhelming response and we received calls from celebrities and people from all over the country. up jacket —This is a social networking site.
\"Media phenomenon,\" Lauren said.
The goal this year is to combine symbolism with function.
\"Our goal is to make the US team feel comfortable and cited on the global stage where they can feel confident and secure and ready to compete,\" Lauren said . \".
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