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fall menswear : knit pickings

by:QiMeng     2019-09-05
\"Ladies and gentlemen, please stand up and play the national anthem,\" This is not what you would like to hear at the beginning of the fashion show.
But obviously this week at the Plaza Hotel, Esquire magazine sponsored the autumn and winter show of 1991 American men\'s clothing collections, and the most important thing about the Gulf War was the journalists and retailers standing in front of the flag.
Although the two designers Robert Comstock and Ronaldus Shamask canceled their performance because of the Middle East conflict, nine designers performed runway displays in addition to the Esquire event.
This week\'s schedule is extremely heavy and has become the strongest fashion frontier for American men\'s wear designers so far.
While camouflage clothing has appeared on city streets, it has not been used as a fall fashion fabric.
Strategies to survive in tough retail environments include a gentler way of dressing.
The outline is not even as customized as in the past, the shoulders of suits and sports jackets are wide but tilted soft, and the body of the garment has little or no structure at all.
The fabric is light, soft and easy to move.
Knitting is a staple in almost all collections.
The most modern
The beautiful-looking clothes are slim knit trousers and often wear oversized sweaters.
Knitted sports jackets often look like a mixture of sweaters.
They are classic examples of the evolution of sportswear.
Also, there are suits made of knitted fabric, dressed up with a shirt and tie, or presented with a knitted polo shirt or a high collar ---
Two popular casual tops.
One of the more playful trends of the season is the use of bold, colorful plaids, usually mixed in the same outfit.
Isaac Mizrahi, who is fascinated by the plaid sports jacket and shirt jacket, has mixed vests and trousers in different proportions of plaids.
Bill Robinson\'s pumpkin or Prussian blue plaid sports jacket comes with a plaid shirt, a printed tie and a plaid scarf.
The colors range from the vibrant orange and purple in Richard mishain sports jacket, to the earth color in the Perry Ellis sports jacket and vest of the large patchwork, to the mahogany, Siye andrew Fezza cleverly mixed deep water duck and pine tree in a knit suit.
Fezza is a hit this season and many people think his collection is the best ever.
His soft silhouette, textured fabric, layering and superlative sense of color recall the strong statement from Italy in recent years.
The series looks comfortable and can be worn by all ages, body types and flavors.
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