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fan club: why the football scarf is the fashion set\'s star player this season

by:QiMeng     2019-09-14
To be sure, football is not a typical high court. fashion field.
On Saturday\'s average match day, people are more likely to wear beer. and-burger-grease-
Polyester dyed in the name of tribal affiliation
The season of Balenciaga.
At least collectively.
But in the fashion world, a sports star has won a new fan club --
Football scarf.
In line with the fashion suit, the current interest in lad culture --see Burberry-check caps, JD-
Classic Reebok and Ralph Lauren polo shirt
Football scarves are becoming more and more common among people waiting in line for 4 flat white, just like on the terrace.
Of course, for fashion bags-
A team that is aesthetically competitive in their own league
This is not to show the world whether you are an Arsenal fan or a Chelsea fan, but whether you are a Gosa or a Stella (
Not McCartney from Artois. .
As a fashion proposal, the first batch of football scarves were launched by Vetements-
Consistent brands on the delivery agenda
Set the curve ball trend-
This includes an elevated version of the AW15 series, which reads \"Paris\" and \"football scarf\" in Russian.
Recently, the brand has also launched the latest trend created in partnership with Reebok, depicting a red and yellow face and a free hug font.
Between £ 421 and £ 790, the vetemers version is definitely not your average match --
But a signifier of the wearer\'s street --style stardom.
This summer, Stella McCartney, who made her first foray into men\'s wear, personally wore a football scarf with cherries or lemons on it and announced \"membership and non-membership\"
There are only members in the capital of the neighborhood, and football peers-
Scarf champion Gosha rubchinskin-
Designer of rear brand
Soviet sportswear in alt-sartorialists —
Check and brand acrylic scarves are also displayed (
More than 70 pounds stolen)
In addition to Adidas\'s Cyrillic football jersey.
Of course, not all of the recent football scarf changes are for fashion purposes, but for political purposes.
As the recent Labor conference has shown, \"Oh, Jeremy Corbyn \"--
Brand football scarves are everywhere among supporters.
In fact, it is this month that is so popular-
In the campaign store, they can only order in the background and deliver for up to 20 days.
If you can\'t wait that long
Or just keep your voting preferences private.
There are many good things.
Round in the street.
Start, Spaniard.
Based ba y Lola offers an extra tag
Long monochrome grid option.
At Uniqlo, the current collaboration with Northern Ireland designer Jonathan Anderson includes a range of brightly colored, unisex, oversized striped scarves made from the brand\'s grilled thermal tech fabric
Classic tassels
Tassel knitted scarves also play the leading role in ASOS\'s new season of look book, called fan scarves \".
For the picky type, Savile Rogue specializes in providing you with football scarves of various team colors --
From Spurs to Norfolk
Made of Scottish cashmere.
Or, if you\'re looking for something a little more retro, the city renovation company\'s urban renewal collection is a great place to buy classic vintage Adidas style. Result.
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