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Fashion designer Paresh Lamba — The man behind the label

by:QiMeng     2019-09-02
In a conversation with parresh Ramba, he tells about his twentiesyear-
The long journey to become one of the country\'s top men\'s wear designers has begun.
Long before parresh Ramba became a brand, and even before he began to become a menswear designer, parresh Ramba was already part of Delhi --
A boy who has a huge misconception about South India and her residents.
\"After the 80 s, all north Indians have only one impression of South India --
Madras is the equivalent of South India. all South Indians are madras. they only eat Idris and dosas and never wear pants.
\"This stereotype was very strong in his mind and he was shocked when he first went to the city.
Parrish\'s cousin is exploring the establishment of a shoe store in Bangalore, and one of his friends is on a honeymoon at Ooty (which was an unheard-of exotic destination at the time ), gave him enough to still be in the Paradise mode of the pensioner.
\"I just graduated from college and was still deciding what I wanted to do, so I spent a month in Bangalore working at my cousin shoe store in the high street, he recalls.
This month is a revelation, he said.
A man who goes beyond all the misconceptions that Ramba has made about the videnhyans.
\"My first shock was to realize that South Indians had eaten Africa. Vegetarian diet;
Incredibly good.
Vegetarian food is available here.
My second shock was that they drank a lot of wine!
He revealed frankly.
The discovery of the city has made Lamba find new places and new people.
\"People move from other places to Bangalore, which is not an expensive city.
\"I just like this place and the weather,\" he said . \".
Lamba also has an intuition: \"something from this place tells me it will take off. And the club-
In the merchant, he sees Bangalore as a better clothing market.
\"I know I don\'t want to design shoes all my life.
I want to design clothes for men.
\"It also prompted attention that the Bangladeshi men at the time were not the best --dressed.
\"The amazing beauty of Bangalore is almost always accompanied by a badly dressed man, which inspired me (and made me a male designer ).
\"These men don\'t know how to dress at all,\" he said . \".
Ramba\'s first adventure began at a tailor\'s home.
Not surprisingly, including some famous fashion designer friends
Some prominent people believe that it is a big mistake for him to open a shop in a place where \"people don\'t know how to wear shoes properly.
For Ramba, however, it\'s like looking at half a glass --
He was full and came out of a shoe shop.
\"I just see the whole situation as a situation with great potential.
I will go to the store to visit the customers and sew the clothes for them for free.
I will tell them that they can pay me if they are happy with my job, \"he recalls the hard days.
\"I will sit with my master and design the clothes.
I made a mistake, but slowly, over time, I built it up for 20 years. . . ” he says.
Of course, success means that Lamba has the ability to buy the shoe store and turn it into a landmark store on m g Road.
He may be one of the top male fashion designers, but Lamba is still very attentive and likes to interact with customers who walk into his store.
Special attention to each customer may also be words engraved on the walls of his shop.
Another of his credo is, \"No one is too small in your life.
So even though he might design costumes for the rich and celebrities, he assures, \"For me, every client is a celebrity and every client becomes just as important.
It\'s certainly not easy to be a brand.
It can make sure you don\'t have a rest, if any.
Or, as explained by the designer who made Yeddyurappa look neat and tidy when global investors meet, \"When I start working, people expect zero, so every time I give a speech
But today, when people walk into my store, they want me to offer 50%.
Today, even a small flaw in the suit I designed will make all my efforts to build the brand disappear.
As he said, \"it\'s about brands and not money for me.
If you create a brand, money comes with it.
For Ramba, as a designer, it is more \"going deep into the customer\'s mind and giving him something that he will feel most comfortable \".
As a veteran in the men\'s field, Ramba\'s ultimate goal is not to hang out among millions of people.
This is a neat \"100% satisfaction to my clients with my clothes.
\"For someone who has been working in the fashion industry for more than 20 years, Lamba continues to maintain a passion for fashion.
\"I have to have passion and focus on what I do.
As soon as the passion disappears, I will no longer design it . \"
A Parrish Ramba man: a man with my label will be very elegant.
I\'m not the kind of designer who will make men wear funny colors, bad futuristic designs or blurry clothes.
I believe to design clothes that people can think of to make a man look like a man --
A chivalrous and brave man.
No one has time now, and today people judge you according to what you look like.
So, pack yourself carefully.
The impression you give in the first five minutes may go far.
Choose clothes based on your body size and skin tone.
It makes no sense to imitate anyone.
I believe everyone is born with a style quotient and all you need to do is rediscover it.
From industry leaders to actors to politicians, it feels great to design for celebrities.
When I think every client of mine is a celebrity, design for someone who brings me fun;
It\'s more like adrenaline for the work I do.
I design formal lines, but I also like to wear casual clothes.
My favorite brands include Ralph Lauren, True Religion, George Armani and I just started wearing Paul and sharks.
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