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fashion for male models, direct from the catwalk

by:QiMeng     2019-10-11
There is always a lot of fashion advice for women, but what about men?
This article is dedicated to all the male models of initial budding who want to get fashion guidance for 2009 fall/winter. Smart dress -
2009 set Guide: this year, although we have left the \"skinny\" set, we have not said goodbye to the skinny --
Completely cut suit.
Classic and Modern meet in 2009
2010, the fusion of classic cut and modern male silhouette will be the ideal suit for men.
The British suit is the most classic, and the British suit is known for its slim military cut. (
This military theme will also appear in men\'s clothing in autumn and winter --
See \"casual wear \")
The most fashionable suit of 2009/2010 should follow three basic guidelines: o the slim trousers of such a slim vest with wide shoulders should also pay attention to the return of the double bed suit, and the above guidelines apply equally.
These new cuts are designed to highlight a good one.
Work physically so maybe it\'s time to go to the gym!
Casual clothing: a good example of a blend of elegance and modernity is military
The style jacket mentioned above is likely to be a must-have for this season --
Projects for men with fashion awareness.
Wear in bed with jeansback look.
You can also match jeans with a vintage T-shirt
Album artwork, tile printed shirt and deep V-neck, slim-
Suitable for sweaters or sweaters.
In the coming months, the hottest shades for men are black, white and purple.
Current hair trends Guide: whether you\'re smart or casual, there\'s a hair trend that\'s worth matching.
Men\'s hot styling this year seems to be divided into two main styles, including edges and smooth back.
The edges can be of various lengths, although the back and sides should be kept short and tidy.
You can wear your stripe texture and \"Unfinished\" or sweep to the side and in any case, a little layering and texture details can be achieved with wax and it looks great.
Smooth back style can be worn separately or not, can be tried anyway, try to separate the sides before you decide the most suitable style.
The product of this style must of course be Brylcreem, and if it is done right, it is suitable for people of all ages.
If you need guidance from a professional, George Clooney is wearing this stylish outfit.
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