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by:QiMeng     2019-09-11
Readers continue to cheat us with strange error messages provided by computers.
\"This should never happen! ” Jan-
Olav styrvold snorsk data machine told him after not bringing back some of the data he requested.
\"If this is the case,\" added the machine with no use, \"something is wrong.
Patrick Evans uses a system that runs a variant of the Pick operating system.
One day he went through the error message file and found a bunch of warnings that listed them in an increasingly serious order.
\"There is a problem with the disk system\" is a problem, followed by \"there is a problem with the index data\" and so on.
At the end of the list, however, is a message that makes us completely desperate.
It says: \"There is a problem with the universe.
\"It is equally disturbing that after the amisguided installer vandalized the Linux password file on the Oliver Moldenhauer machine, Oliver Moldenhauer received a message.
In the face of his command, the computer told him, \"Go away, you don\'t exist!
\"Antti Roppola regrets the delivery of the error message sent when the earlier version of AmigaOS crashed.
The screen turns black and then flashes the red letter \"Guru Meditation xxxxxxx. yyyyyyyy”—an in-
Obviously, the joke refers to the guru --
Just like the pose taken by a particular programmer when trying to solve a problem during the development of AmigaOS.
The new version has a boring \"software failure xxxxxxx.
Yyyyyyyy \"message.
Peter Hamer told us about the Unix model.
Match utility \"awk\" for its inspiration T-shirt.
This depicts an auk.
Like a Bird parachuting urgently from a narrow plane, the infamous useless message \"awk: parachuting near line 1\" was sent out \".
In the meantime, Les Hughes loves the error message on Unix mail program Elm so much that he uses it himself when developing an application for his students.
\"Terrible things are happening!
Emergency exit!
John Peterson told us that when he was in college, a student showed up from the computer room after Unix crashed and wanted to know what \"panic bread\" was \".
He explained that in Unix
The meaning of \"bread\" is \"B-read” (
Abbreviation of \"Binaryread).
On the other hand, David Pullin remembers a program called joss in early 1960 that had only one simple error message: \"Well?
Finally, Steve Fairhead reminds us that there is no monopoly error on computers and their operators.
The manual may also contain errors-
Like an introduction to the Pentium motherboard installation manual, the manual states: \"The information provided in this publication is carefully provided for reliability.
Similarly, Mike Forsythe tells us that as the operator of the past generation of IBM hosts, he used to have to unlock the hexadecimal error code sent out by the machine through three manuals.
On one occasion, however, his search made him see the message: \"This page is deliberately left blank.
There are many challenges for women in engineering, but few people think they are mistaken for men.
The American Journal of Electronic Engineers, IEEE Spectrum, recently interviewed several women who started their own businesses.
\"I was mistaken for a tall man --
The report says the woman is Pat.
She recalled that she was in the crowded lobby of a large corporate office building, calling an executive upstairs to persuade him to come down and see her products.
He finally said, \"Oh, OK, but how can I know you when I get there?
Pat was the only woman in the hall, but she never thought about telling him that.
What she told him was, \"I\'m wearing a suit.
\"There was a shock silence before the executive hung up the phone.
Pat realized that he thought she was a very strange person in a business dress --
But he went downstairs.
In the 1880 s, Thomas Edison looked around the world for the perfect material for the electric filament.
He found his holy grail in Japan.
A bamboo that, when turned into a charcoal line and fed with current, emits a white hot light.
But when the bamboo market finally falls, the lights
The manufacturer turns to metal wire.
Now, a Japanese electronics company claims to have found a new use for bamboo in the country: it improves the sound of Hifi amplifier.
According to a part of the Panasonic group process, the secret is to put a thin layer of bamboo between the aluminum foil cathode and the electrolytic capacitor anode.
This provides \"improved conductivity\" and \"interference that helps prevent speaker and ambient noise \".
When vibrated by a loud sound, the capacitor works like a microphone, but bamboo inhibits vibration.
The Japanese say this is \"an important step toward the true voice of nature \".
But this is not the first time the sound industry has \"discovered\" bamboo.
When engineers looked for the perfect material for the phonograph needle to play the 78 rpm shellac disc, they chose Japanese bamboo like Edison. What next?
The cd made of bamboo makes the sound more natural?
This is not a stupid manufacturer\'s warning to customers, unlike many of the situations we have focused on in the past.
Peter Mabey told us that Tesco\'s popular multi-layer printtiramisu packaging, which means \"pick me up\" in Italian, wisely warned customers: \"Don\'t turn it upside down.
\"The problem is that this useful reminder is printed on the lower side of the package.
Meanwhile, Mike Rogers told us that he bought a pack of runner beans in Norfolk last year and seems to be targeting the clairvoyager garden market exclusively.
The instructions include the following sentence: \"sow late, but at least 10 days after the last frost.
Finally, here is a strange message about another food.
BenWilletts found a sentence on the side of a pack of mini-crushed wheat: \"single ingredient: 100% whole wheat.
We cannot guarantee that this product is completely free.
\"The manufacturer may just shelter the wind and rain here.
Perhaps we should take this precaution ourselves.
If you read at the top of this page on future issues: \"We can\'t guarantee that this column is completely free of nuts, please don\'t be surprised.
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