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by:QiMeng     2019-10-08
Panasonic Europe headquarters released a press release on how the company is \"known for Panasonic and craft brands . . . . . . Announced about £ 2 million will be donated to help [the victims]earthquake]
Disaster in Japan.
Panasonic told us that it also \"has supplied more than 30 000 flashlights and batteries for free\"of-
Charging . . . . . . There are also 10 000 extra batteries and about 100 of the oil --fired heaters”.
Then, the announcement once again reminded people that Panasonic and technology are the brand name of Panasonic electric appliance industry, one of the world\'s largest manufacturers of consumer electronics, ranked 8 out of Fortune 500 [with]
There are 13 sales companies and 18 manufacturing companies in Europe . . . . . . Employing 500 employees and joint ventures with Siemens, Philips and Bosch \".
The Japanese people were shocked by the failure of building technology they trusted to withstand the earthquake and their poor response to emergency services.
They may also be a little surprised by the way one of their biggest companies has already obtained promotional capital from their subsequent adsquake charity.
A series of advertising around London announced a rather tasteless message & colon;
\"Christians are better lovers \".
The feedback wishes to raise an objection to this proposal.
Christians are the best savior of the soul. some people have shown great expertise in organizing church gatherings, but what about lovers? Surely not.
Their minds are too focused on higher things.
We believe that to be a good lover, you need to be involved in the present, you need to have the ability to focus on what we call debris, and to appreciate together the structure that binds them together and makes them work.
Therefore, we propose to launch another advertising campaign by one of the appropriate professional bodies & colon;
\"Engineers make lovers better \".
According to the New Scientist\'s pouch, despite the feedback warning in December 10, many people did not know anything about the change in mains voltage from 240 volts to 230 volts at the beginning of the year in the UK.
Some believe that it will be very important in the next few years, while others are equally convinced that it will not.
We can now report a turning point in this story.
This change is determined by the European standard HC 472.
S1 from CENELEC, European Committee of electrical engineering standards.
It coordinates the supply voltage across Europe at a voltage of 230 V, so that electrical equipment manufacturers do not have to make different models for different countries.
In terms of face value, this means that most parts of Europe should now pass the existing 220-
Volt electrical equipment that makes electrical fires and lights shine brighter, burn faster, and run at higher cost.
At the same time, the head of the UK should be 220 of their-
Volt appliances, so the fire runs cooler, the lights look darker and redder, run longer and cost less.
In fact, nothing really changed due to some fancy work by the standards committee.
When operating at a voltage of 240 V in the UK, national regulations allow voltage to vary from 225 V to 6 or 6 per cent. 6 volts to 254. 4 volts.
For example, when everyone is doing a Sunday lunch and the supply network is tight, this solves the load change.
Now the voltage in the UK is 230 V, and the supply may increase by 10 or 216 from 6% v.
2 volts to 253 volts.
Therefore, even if the rules change, the voltage of the UK wall socket remains the same. In 200-
So far, the tolerance of volt countries is ten per cent.
The nominal voltage has now risen to 230 V and the tolerance has been changed to or 10.
This also maintains the status quo there.
The next change is that tolerance for 230 volts across Europe will change to a common ± 10% in January 1, 2003.
At the same time, the new Pan
European devices designed and marked for use of 230 V will provide different power outputs in different countries as long as they continue to rely on tolerances to continue to use old voltages.
Therefore, pay attention to the labels on the electric fire and bulbs, which refer to the power in watts, and use a deletion phrase similar to \"when used at 230 V voltage.
Legal situation on EMC or TiVo
Magnetic Compatibility, much looser than the voltage.
Manufacturers now have only one year to comply with tough European regulations.
From January 1, 1996, almost all electrical equipment sold to the public must be designed and built so that it will neither cause interference nor be disturbed.
At present, when used near the receiver, it is very likely that the computer will destroy the TV screen or radio sound.
When used near other home devices, they also damage the data they store.
If this still happens after a year, manufacturers of offending equipment will face severe penalties.
Their products can be withdrawn from the market, and manufacturers are fined £ 5000 pounds and sentenced to three months\' imprisonment.
Philips\'s component department recently demonstrated feedback from some clip body cores that are clipped to wires and cables connecting computer devices and absorb interference from their usual radiation.
These gadgets are obviously sold very well.
The marketing manager said happily,
\"It seems very focused when the directors of the company suddenly realize that they can go to jail \".
In January 7, we promised not to punish any more examples of the subject fatalism, but this small choice is irresistible.
H. provided a productS.
Curtis, who selected it from Australian newspapers and the colon;
\"Swimwear company Jantzen is launching a new bust image --
Enhanced swimsuit for 95 years.
The joint venture was announced in a press release by Jay R, president of Jantzen. Titsworth.
Tim Birkhead told us that he recently attended the sperm science conference in Australia.
John Roger, Jim Cummins, Bill Breed and Karen Mate were present.
On the other hand, Alan Tyne raised an objection.
He wrote: \"If the author is attracted to the fields suitable for their last name, then how to explain Peter Coton, Dave shirt, Nigel Collar and Alan tai [myself]
Is it not a textile researcher, but a bird scientist?
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