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feminine feel at fashion week

by:QiMeng     2019-09-05
Women\'s best choice for spring fashion success?
Or that dress.
But the 2008 spring fashions presented at the opening of New York Fashion Week on Wednesday are looser and more feminine than the ladies, polished fall fashions in the store today.
Gwen Stefani\'s L. A. M. B.
The collection offers modern dresses and sexy sheaths.
BCBG Max Azria shows pure and gorgeous costumes, while Abaete turns to \"in his 40 s\"
In the collection on display at Bryant Park, there are inspired sheaths and half-body people.
New York Fashion Week lasts for 8 days, preview spring-
There are 60 fashion editors, retail buyers and stylists.
Highlights of the season will include Ralph Lauren celebrating his 40-year fashion career in black
Have dinner on Saturday night.
Trend News Google cloud service disruption missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters disruption Harris dress has been a strong trend in the past three fashion cycles, but from a short start, the change of the four sides of spring became the shirt of autumn.
Looks like the state of next season--
At least in the early days. -
It is a loose sheath that slides over the hourglass shape without sticking to it.
For men, Nautica showed shorter hemlines, while Perry Ellis tried different textures such as bamboo fibers.
Photo: Perry Ellis casually. A. M. B.
Gwen Stefani\'s L. A. M. B.
The collection was the most stylish collection at that time.
From vintage mod dress to wearableyet-
Sexy tight dress, all shot on the black runwayand-
White video background for models wearing bulky high heels.
The color palette is almost entirely black and white.
There are a few pieces of clothing that are customized. -
Especially double.
She calls it the chest coat of the Abingdon Road coat and a matching pair of shorts.
Stefani may be able to do the job on stage, but no matter how cute it looks on the runway, it will be difficult for ordinary women to wear it.
Overall, however, Stefani, along with stylist Andrea Lieberman, provided several photos that were consistent with her young and trendy customers (including a soldier)
Inspired jacket with a plaid pleated dress and a thousand-bird bead dress with a pleated cloak jacket.
MARCHESA Marchesa is a label that quickly becomes a big player on the red carpet.
It goes to drama with its latest collection.
\"This is a goddess costume,\" said Candy Pratts Price, executive editor of fashion.
When she saw a black laceand-
Tulle slipdress with embroidery, ivory backing pad and ribbon details at the Imperial waist.
A shoulder-less gown made of tulle and covered with gold embroidery is equally impressive, maintaining a delicate look under a large amount of metal.
Pratts Price also noticed a group of Indians.
Decorated with inspired costumes with gold decal details.
Many colors seem to come from spices in the area, including lemon grass and saffron.
One of the most notable dresses, however, is a magenta shoulder-less dress that imitates an unfolded flower with uneven petals.
Among the star fans of Keren Craig and Georgina Champman, the dress is sure to be amazing, but one has to wonder how people in this dress can sit.
Other outfits seem to attract tougher girls than Marchesa\'s typical customers, especially in some form --
Fitted short skirt with mirror beads and strategically placed cutouts.
Welcome to TAHARI\'s softer side.
On Wednesday, Eli tahaari chose to show his spring series in a white space ---
Decorated with green leaves and ethereal dresses--
Instead of the bustling Bryant Park tent nearby.
Tahari label is known for its custom products, especially its good
Pants suitable for women will definitely be available next season, but the designer says it\'s time to highlight the long and smooth look.
\"It\'s a lot of fun,\" he said, adding that inspiration comes from traveling around the globe, but not a specific place: \"choose anywhere in your imagination. \"Floral-
Printed coffee shops and deconstructed hunting jackets feature loose floors for mannequins --
Skim skirt-
They may be too casual to be called dresses-
Color in the desert.
Men\'s wear is also part of the series, and its inspiration is also influenced by sports.
The aim, he says, is to offer a versatile style from city views to weekend trips.
In the preview of the bcbg max azria spring collection, a delicate dress floated down the runway.
The best part is that a lot of people can wear it.
Femininity Comes from fabrics, mostly transparent hard yarn and tulle, with only occasional pink blush in a subtle dusty palette.
Because some clothes are worn by themselves, husband.
Max and Lubov Azria\'s wife design team layered them, usually with a silk belt under the wrap skirt or under the paneled skirt.
One of the best looks is the first.
They call it windbreaker. -
But most people might consider gravel.
Colorful organza clothing-
The dress is worn on a thin gauze skirt, and the waist is clipped with a leather belt.
Other great costumes are
A white vest on an ivory tight dress, with pleat details on the ivory belt, and a seafoam-
Color silk matte stitching dress with light gray dress with lace hem.
BCBG\'s young fans in the entertainment industry have come to the tent at Bryant Park, where Azria will also show off his iconic premium collection on Friday.
Ashley Simpson, Sophia Bush and Ciara and tennis star Martina Hingis are all in the front row.
\"It\'s all very beautiful,\" Hingis said after the show . \". \"The satin --
Really good.
\"There may be some very sexy things to be covered up.
According to designer Laura potsky, the appearance of the Abaete show was inspired by the 1940 screen siren, specifically Gene Tierney.
Like Poretzky was destroyed, who was married at the same time at night, legendary fashion designer Oleg Cassidy, and her friends ---
Including Rita Haworth and Jean Harlow. -
Go to Miami, where they drink cocktails and soak up the decor.
Architecture of the times.
One of the attractive looks offered next spring is the sling --
Neck striped dress in pink and navy color with similar color cloth patch near hem and sandand-peach-
Colorful tight dress embracing hourglass figure.
Women investing in a wide range
Looking for autumn legs will keep these pants at least for another season.
Another trend that may continue is flat shoes.
Poretzky has reached an agreement with Payless to create affordable shoes;
The most suitable food for Spring is called Hayworth, with folds and round peeps on it --toe front.
Y & KEI Designers Hanii Y and Gene Kei want their spring Y & Kei series to transform the ideal of 1960 into something more modern and sexy.
\"This is a re-interpretation of beauty. . .
Peace, love and freedom, \"Kei, a Korean, said in a speech at the lower level of the New York Public Library through a translator.
The model turns around each other in a dim room, wearing a shirt with dramatic details ---
There are dozens of silver fabric scallops on one piece and a tassel shawl on the other.
This is the most effective look in evening dress, with a black chiffon shirt and a crepe jacket, with black sequins and caviar --
Short-sleeved dress with beads is the most special suit.
A pure black chiffon coat with cream
The colorful dress with decorative art patterns on the chest is also suitable for the designer\'s \"urban hippie\" muse.
Men wearing Perry Ellis may need a fabric tutorial when they go to buy spring clothing.
Instead of introducing any breakthrough design shift on the runway, designer John Crocco tried different textures and fabrics. A bamboo-
Bright yellow fiber practical shirt with stretch cotton thin striped trousers--
The model is also wearing a high-collar shirt made of wool, cashmere and silk, tied to the waist. A see-
Through, basically a colorless jacket made of Poly
A polo shirt mixed with Pima and Mombasa cotton.
The series has a resort atmosphere that is a bit off the label of the department store\'s suit area.
Some of the best looking specialty linen cargo pants with a rope strap with a cotton canopy
Striped shirt or loose sweater.
Nautica launched a potential debate at New York Fashion Week on Wednesday morning: will nepotism become a related issue for men next spring?
Many crunchy chinos are worn above the ankle and shorts are worn in the middle
Shorter thighs than Bermuda but longer than sports shorts
Even a classic three
The hem of a navy pinstriped suit is shorter than a regular suit.
But what really catches the eye is that the linen striped collar shirt under this handsome dress crosses a warm one --
Casual Look and Business Weather
Appropriate refinement.
However, there are few people wearing fashionable clothes.
Swimsuit in collection in Occupy leading status-
Brand name is Nautica, after all-
And most of them hit the knee like the surfboard shorts that surfers wear.
But overall, there are more European sailors than surfers.
The colors are American, with red, white and blue, and persistent organic contaminants in yellow and silver, but the stripes that fit T-
The shirts, colorful scarves and the squares in the pockets are beautiful.
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