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by:QiMeng     2019-09-14
If you think you\'re hanging out in a double room
Only noisy primary school students like the decker bus. think about it.
If you see a big, gray, purple bus on the street, climb up.
London\'s stylish bus, 30 minutes before the capital, arrived at the top floor full of clothesand-
The upcoming young designers are the latest
The most excitingway to shop.
It\'s a 38-year-old. year-
Bin Laden, old.
He has a showroom full of goods in Brick Lane with his sister Adele, a fashion designer.
They have set up showrooms to enhance the image of young London designers and already have a large number of celebrities.
Sophie Ellis Jesse Wallace
Regular guests of Bextor, Noel Gallagher, Jarvis Cook and Victoria Beckham.
\"People from all over the country and abroad are constantly calling and writing letters and want our clothes, so we set up an email first --
Barry explained: \"The ordering business, when we chat in the back seat of his bus, it shuttles through London traffic.
Still, the couple felt that they had not been exposed enough.
\"So I decided to take the bus and then we could travel around the country and give more viewers to our designers.
Within a few days, Barry bought the second one. hand double-
Decker redecorated it.
It is now equipped with surprisingly spacious fitting rooms, booming stereo, mirrors and clothes tracks, and hit the road for the first time last month.
Although the official release will be until August 20, this road --
The test was a great success.
\"The reaction was amazing,\" Barry said . \".
The only problem is the overzealous parking administrator.
At Soho Square, Covent Garden and Camden, the bus stops for two hours at a time, five times a week.
Buses also travel regularly to the suburbs, including Kingston, Greenwich, Barnett and Croydon.
A team of eccentric assistants stood on the sidewalk and distributed leaflets;
The girls slowed down, peeped inside, and walked forward carefully.
Not long before, they happily shuttled through colorful items. The best-
The designer who sells on the bus is Sonia Au-
Yeung, dress with folds and decals (£45)and tops (£30)
Always sold out.
Printed skirt of Quontum (£38)
Debbie little\'s yellow parachute
Top with silk straps (£59)and a hand-
Pleated mini skirt (£76)by Romeo Pires.
Trendy T-for men-
£ 24 shirt and custom ice-
The hockey shirt in red Mutha is 39.
There\'s even a super
Cute Baby series
Clothing with printed T-shirt
Shirt and baby dress for £ 16.
Liz Clark, 27, said: \"This is a great idea . \" She is a PR in Batsi and jumped on the boat during her lunch break.
\"The stuff here is really unusual, like going to the Portobello market without having to wait until the weekend.
\"For new designers, this is a great way for people to see their clothes.
Her friend Charlotte Harris is 25.
A one-year-old marketing assistant from Greenwich is looking at the print skirt of Quontum.
\"We saw the bus and were curious so we had to come in,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s just a good way to shop.
Bin Laden Showroom (020 7247 2431). Visit www.
London fashion bus
For more information about the bus itinerary.
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