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flying shirttails, the new pennants of rebellion

by:QiMeng     2019-08-28
2004 correction by Daniel Perez is a lazy guy, which means it\'s the best way.
Mr. , editor-in-chief of men\'s magazine details.
Peres is a living proof that leisure Friday has never really disappeared.
He is the kind of person who wears the Converse All Stars of his crumpled Helmut Lang suit, and he combs his hair on a postnap tousle that doesn\'t make any sense. Mr.
Peres did not claim to be a typical example, but at least to some extent he was a pioneer in the trend.
He hardly ever wears a shirt.
\"During the day, at night, all things are over,\" he said . \". \'\'O. K.
I might go to the funeral.
\"This may be remembered because in the summer, the new clothing sector in the workplace is finally broken ---
It is destined to encourage bosses and parents around the world.
Men have their shirts set, which is not only the fact of polo wholesale t shirts wholesale or square shirts --
Cut in tropical style, designed to wear outside the pants, but the wide skirt shirt with a tapered tail never wants to see the lights of the day.
On kha cloth or jeans or expensive dress pants, tail --
For a generation still looking for the middle zone between traditional coats, out look seems to be the default --and-
Tie uniform for workplace and Internet
An era replacement that is best suited for lawn trimming clothing.
Also, while retailers insist that the style is primarily aimed at young people, the trend is an advertisement for women\'s underwear that is forced to face, conceal and, where possible, it is used to call \"middle waist uplift \".
\"Employers may have delayed the casual Friday look a decade ago, fearing that sloppy dress is related to poor production, but the trend of casual is not easy to stop.
It may have been influenced by the refreshing Latin American guaya Bella, or by urban fashion teenagers --
In law firms or financial institutions, shirts that are not worn may not have entered the market yet.
But the style is good-
Deep-rooted in Hollywood\'s executive cadres-
Last month, on the stage of the Harry Potter film in New York, almost everyone showed the look. -
As well as influential fashion types.
At dujiabana, Gucci, the ad sitting in the front row, at the recent Milan men\'s wear show, Burberry and dozens of other speeches were a group of men, their profession is to guide American men how to think, what to eat, what to buy and what to wear. Besides Mr.
Peres, and Jim Nelson, editor-in-chief of GQ;
Nick Sullivan, fashion director of Mr. fashion
Bruce Paske, style director of the goods;
Joe Zee is the editor-in-chief of Fairchild als, an upscale shopping magazine from Fairchild Publications that will debut this fall.
They advertise a man and unwrap the tail of his shirt.
\"This is a non-fashionable fashion look\"Zee said.
\"All the Young Hollywood types, cool young heroes like Jack Gillenhaal, Orlando Bloom and Spike Jones, are wearing unzipped shirts.
It\'s one of those things that doesn\'t seem to work hard, though we know it\'s really well thought out.
In fact, designers are so considered to build the look in their collection.
Thomas Maier, creative designer at Bottega Veneta, said one morning: \"It\'s even cooler to take it out . \".
On his own $730 cotton chino cycling pants and tassel suede deer shoes
Maier is wearing an expensive cotton Bottega Veneta shirt with no tail.
\"It\'s like a man wearing shoes without socks,\" he said . \".
\"The way men wear casual clothes has changed the same way, not all of them are kept neatly inside.
It\'s a style that doesn\'t work in the conference room, but it looks cool anywhere else.
Michael McCo, director of men\'s fashion at Saks Fifth Avenue, said: \"Men in kha cloth, suits or jeans look boring or worse in a denim shirt.
They look like the late Tony Randall, Naty, but apparently another one.
\"It sounds contradictory because everyone is talking about dressing up again and young kids are wearing trailblazers,\" he said . \"
At present, McCo, the first autumn dress and jacket, is displayed in the window of Fifth Avenue, and all autumn clothes and jackets are displayed on unopened shirts.
\"There are a few things about relaxation and more casual things that men find interesting,\" he said . \".
\"It goes against the system and is a bit rebellious, but in polo it\'s very John watatos\'s way.
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For those who lack confidence, like Mr.
Varvatos offers a compromise in half the way
Tucker, the ubiquitous styling gimmick in male fashion magazines and any of the ruthless trendy nightclubs in the Manhattan meat packaging area. \'\'The half-
Mr Tucker said: \"Tucker is very safe. it looks like you did think about it . \"
Macko, his current uniform is a pair of trousers in a thin striped suit.
Shirts and Birkenstocks in red leather.
Gustavo Lange, a salesman at Saks, explained the style and he was neatly hiding in front in his own shirt and hanging loosely behind.
\"It\'s more like a statement,\" he said . \"
Rangel, refers to the custom of scrubbing a little shirt behind the buckle and drying the rest of the tail.
\"You have to learn how to show it in a clean way.
You don\'t want to wear an oversized shirt or it\'s a bit too much.
\"Too much, too old . \"
Details, though apparently not as old as a shirt that was completely stuffed.
\"Especially now that the campaign is heating up, the people who are neatly hiding in their suits and shirts look so obvious and cliché,\" he said . \".
They looked as if their parents had set up their clothes.
In a sense, they have.
On the road to adulthood, there are many concessions to the loss of a happy childhood life.
Wearing a shirt is early and crucial.
For decades, the clothing department has been playing the role of mom and dad.
The clipped shirt looks cleaner, experts say.
They are more efficient, and it should be noted that they do not allow a person to be taken for pizza.
That\'s before the point, of course.
Before Com boom and Jimmy Buffett, it became fashionable to wear shirts like big triangle sails in some areas.
The reason this shirt has long affected the dress code is not complicated.
The Tucked shirt is an important part of the suit\'s soft armor.
\"This suit is a streamlined and durable uniform that has survived for centuries,\" says art historian Anne Holland . \".
The core of the idea of streamlining is to eliminate the unnecessary loose ends, the length of the fabric hanging on the door handle, or for that matter, pikestaffs.
Freudians may see the connotation of sex when deciding to let the shirt hang up, but almost anyone will agree that, in a way, an unwound shirt is inside every man
That\'s why parents insist on sorting it out. at least some retailers want to see a phased return.
\"When you see a dress shirt with a low tail, I particularly dislike it,\" said Michael Basti, male fashion director of Bergdorf Goodman, 38. Mr.
Basti sees shirts as an important point in a gentleman\'s continuum, an evolution that begins with learning to tie laces, shaking hands confidently and looking into the eyes of others.
\"We are not frustrated with what is not hidden,\" he said . \".
\"I personally don\'t understand, but people under 30 seem to think it\'s cool.
\"Correction: On Friday, July 23, 2004, a picture on the fashion page on Tuesday describes the men wearing shirts at the workplace mistakenly identifying the men displayed with Detroit Piston Richard Hamilton.
The supplier, Getty Images, said the man was an actor, Tracy Morgan, but now the company says it doesn\'t know who he is.
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A version of this article appears on page A00001, national edition, July 20, 2004, with the title: Flying shirt, the new flag of rebellion.
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