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for pizza vendors, vegas expo is a slice of heaven

by:QiMeng     2019-10-07
My old friend Vinnie called me the other night.
He\'s coming to town, but not to gamble: the pizza guy-
Shop owner, sauce maker, cheese vendor
He plans to attend their annual trade show.
In exchange for my spare bedroom, he served my guide
However, this is one of the biggest events in the world of Pisa every year: Three-
This year\'s International Pizza fair will attract 8,000 enthusiastic participants.
Vinnie Mineo is the second.
In 1965, he opened Vince\'s first pizza shop in Buffalo, New York. Y.
They called it pizza pie.
For the next half of the time
Century, he ran six pizza shops in western New York and Phoenix, and finally put on an apron a few years ago.
Now, he wants to return to the field to a large extent.
He subscribed to Pizza Today magazine and was at Ariz Mesa\'s home every morning.
Search for his next pizza opportunity on the Internet, looking for lost souls who are tired of business, he is willing to sell at a low price.
I ate my first Vinnie\'s pizza 35 years ago and I will never forget thin crust, cheese and greasy spicy sausage!
According to Vinnie\'s data, the pizza show may provide some business clues.
But what he really wants is the sight and taste of the Expo.
Spicy Smell of salami and roasted peppers, white wheels of Parmesan cheese and all free samples.
He has always been his own boss, making pizza long before people like John\'s dad and Chuck E.
Cheese, rolled his first dough ball in a place where the pizza was like air: it supported life.
The 70-year-old arrived at the airport wearing an island-patterned shirt, sunglasses and long white hair in Baker\'s flour color.
When we went to the Las Vegas Convention Center, his enthusiasm was almost unstoppable.
\"You won\'t believe it,\" he said.
\"No matter where you are, people are trying to sell you slicer, sauces, ovens, a variety of cheese and toppings.
The whole world is pizza.
\"Closed to the public, Expo is the area of retention for those who bring you the world\'s most popular food: from manufacturers and suppliers to mothers owners --and-
Popular Pizza shops in America.
Inside, the showroom exploded like a big bang.
Even the carpet is pleasing to the eye-
The rich red color is the color of a delicious meat sauce. Each year, U. S.
Consumers spend $1 billion on pizza
A lot of dough if you want.
One out of every eight people eats pizza one day;
Men between the ages of 6 and 19 rose to 1 out of 4.
For pizza makers like Vinnie, the expo is like Christmas morning, full of surprises --
Only the fragrance of anchovy, delicious things include frying pan without risk, automatic
Pot and solid brick stove.
\"The brick stove is the best,\" Vinnie said . \"
\"Fast and green.
\"We check the ventilated pizza box with plastic padding to make sure the pie doesn\'t get wet;
Display of oil, yeast, spices and olives;
Shelves of meat, sauces and cheese;
An app that allows customers to track pizza delivery online.
People who sell vegetarian, organic and gluten foods
Free pizza and saucesgenetically-
Improved tomato seeds
Vinnie had pizza rackets on display in her eyes.
He prefers metal: \"It\'s easier to slide under the pizza.
He is looking for a sauce that is not too sweet.
Something a little kicking.
He likes to eat other people\'s pies. either deep-
The food is still thin. it doesn\'t matter.
He tasted a frozen pizza.
\"My uncle had the idea of frozen pizza in the 1950 s,\" he said while chewing.
\"He is ahead of his time.
If it weren\'t for his death, he would be the king.
\"We hold seminars for aspiring entrepreneurs on the topic\" so, you want to open a pizza shop \"and\" start with ordinary pizza\"
And how to avoid mistakes.
\"Panel discussion on\" healthcare and pizzeria \"and discussion on how to make the best classic Neapolitan pie (
Only tomatoes and mozzarella).
However, the most popular is the \"world pizza game\" where people take part in various activities such as rolling a circle of uncooked dough along their shoulder blades.
Have the fastest dough
The fastest pizza rolling contest
Box folding and box combining triathlon-folding, dough-
Throwing dough
Stretching skills.
Garrett Marin is waiting for dough nearby.
Stretch race.
He won the game last year.
Stretch 8-
The widest dough per ounce, just over 38 inch
Five minutes later.
He explained the rules.
You\'re out of a hole bigger than a dime.
The judges frowned on the trick of \"licking the stick\", in which the players stretched the dough with saliva.
Marin said that the three judges decided who won the first prize of $1,000. it is also important that there is the right to brag.
\"I never threw my dough away to use gravity in the stretch,\" said Marin . \" He runs a pizza restaurant in Fort Collins, Colorado.
\"I move the dough with my hands as much as I can.
\"We can see it everywhere. it\'s a pizza Brotherhood.
Everyone seems to know each other.
People passing by can speak Italian.
Many greetings include pec meat on the cheek.
We walked past signs of company names like Fontanini, Stella, and Mangia Inc.
Everyone likes the old one.
Rustic atmosphere.
John Correll, the salesperson, quipped: \"I said my real name was Correlli, but my family gave up the I.
\"Vinnie took my arm and he wanted me to meet his Buffalo pizza cronies.
I have seen many people in the past since my brotherin-
On 1980, Luo Neil Downey took me to the shop in Pooh.
Since elementary school, the two have always been the best friends, and Winnie always makes Neil and his family eat for free.
I remember diving into
Order for big Italian spicy sausage pizza and spicy wings, tell Pooh: \"My eyes are having sex with your wings when I eat your pizza.
I was thinking about pizza when I was eating chicken wings.
After Neil died last fall, we all returned to Buffalo for a funeral.
Vinnie sold the place to his nephew, but we went in and ate it for free-
For Neil\'s honor.
Buffalo is full of such characters.
For Vinnie, they are members of the pizza royal family, people like \"Joy the wing king\", Vinnie said, they run the biggest spread of the Expo --
Advertise his two Buffalo pizza shops and one frozen chicken wing.
Joe Todaro, 47, a Buffalo, hires young women in short skirts every year to distribute his slices and wings.
He said his family, wearing a white chef\'s jacket, started the pizza business in 1957.
Today, his La Nova company sells 500,000 pounds chicken wings a week.
I\'m a pizza eater.
\"It\'s in my blood,\" he said . \".
\"I like the energy here.
Every year, I hang out here and bring everything in.
\"The recipe for wing sauce is usually a family secret, but Todaro provides some tips: Butter is overrated and you can create any flavor.
He brought samples of steaming wings covered with raspberry sauce. \"Very good,
Buffalo said: \"very subtle
Chuck Mauro, pizza shop owner.
\"I look forward to sweetness.
\"And then the cheese King started-
Another Buffalo native, Frank Spina.
Spina and Winnie can be traced back decades.
Now 80 years old, Spina is still selling cheese.
He pulled me close like my grandfather.
\"Everyone loves the mozzarella cheese,\" he said, \"but I want you to try a little masukapone with your Italian cheese to make it sweeter.
\"Then we found the\" Queen of spicy sausage \", Valarie Rossman, a supplier who used to like to stop at Vinnie\'s Phoenix store.
\"You are always so good to your mother,\" she said, holding his arm.
Research shows that spicy Italian sausage and cheese are still the most popular pizza ingredients in the United States.
Rosman motioned for monitors including Italian salami, Genoa and linguica.
Asked why the Italian spicy sausage pizza was so delicious, she explained what was sometimes called a \"grease bomb.
\"Put the pizza in the oven and after a while, the spicy sausages curl up at the edges to form a small bowl of oil that provides the taste.
\"We left the casing on the salami so it would curl up,\" she said.
\"We have water in our mouths.
Vinnie has never had a chance to find his pizza, but it doesn\'t matter.
On the megaphone, Farrell Williams played \"Happy \".
\"Pooh is laughing.
Still, our stomach is full and our feet are tired.
Taste the food of the day in the world of Pisa with a quick choice: Cuban food for dinner. john. Glionna @ latimes.
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